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Experience choosing to buy ice cubes making the machine

30/05/2019 0 Comment

Hi everyone today, we will give you some experience to choose the best ice cube making machine for you. In order to have the best choice for business as well as for your family

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Ice cubes are a source of essential demand that has never been "hot" on the market today, especially in the hot summer when the demand for using ice reaches a high threshold. With the situation of the earth getting hotter, the use of ice to cool off is an essential need, but buying outside the market is not assured of the quality of hygiene. To ensure the health needs, you need to buy ice cubes machine to serve yourself, your family, or you can sell it to the market that ensures a clean-safe element for public health. Through the article below, Viet An will share with you useful experiences in buying ice cubes making machine.

7 gold experiences choose to buy ice cubes making machine suitable for business units

  1. Price

Usually, when buying any product, the first thing we need to pay attention to is the price that matches the current budget of the business? To solve this problem, you should thoroughly understand the market, preferably up to the company or factory to avoid buying intermediaries that lose money for the referral. Should buy from reputable and reputable brands for a long time because they will have listed prices

  1. Product quality

Product quality is always the decisive factor, so choose to buy ice making machine of famous brands in the market. Often they have clear origins. It is best to choose the ice making machine with ISO quality certification. Check counterfeit anti-counterfeit stamps for distribution or certification of genuine distribution agents.

Before buying, you should also consult the shipping and installation policy. Along with the warranty, maintenance, promotion mode of suppliers.

  1. Demand for use

Usually, the ice machine price will be proportional to the capacity of the machine, so you need to consider the actual demand that will be used to consider choosing the right machine. If you are a small coffee shop owner or coffee shop, you should choose a mini ice machine line of 30 - 80 kg a day. As for restaurants and hotels, depending on the scale, select ice making machines with a capacity of 100kg / day to 900kg / day.

In case you use ice machine for business purposes, distributing ice cubes or preserving food, frozen storage, you should choose an ice making machine with a capacity of 1 ton or more.

  1. Power saving

Modern ice making machine must have a smart, energy-saving design system. Because electrical equipment often consumes a lot of electricity. The high cost of electricity needs to choose a machine with new technology, saving electricity. It helps your business reduce significant payments for electricity bills.

Good ice making machine does not mean that its price must be high. You can choose a machine that fits your business conditions

  1. Easy to use and operate, no noise

The ice making machine must ensure that when running the machine will not generate noise. Operation of the machine must be simple. Anyone can use the machine to make ice. Just select the function key on the display and the rest of the work will take care of itself.

  1. The material of machine structure made of stainless material

Ice cubes need to be produced with high-grade 304 iNox materials that are easy to clean, clean and free from rust and corrosion over time.

  1. Avoid buying fake and poor quality goods

Today in the market of fake and counterfeit goods, when using the poor quality products, the products will be of poor quality and power consumption, the output is not achieved as expected, to avoid this. You must pay close attention when choosing an ice machine. Customers should go directly to the place to buy the product or contact the prestigious establishment for the best advice.

When using tablet ice machines to increase the life of the machine we need to pay attention

  • Regularly clean ice machine to improve the operation and life of the machine.
  • Always keep the device at -18 degrees Celsius or below
  • Periodically every 12-18 months, clean the capacitor coil once. Do not leave the wire dirty or stick to other objects, so that the coil does not escape the heat, resulting in electricity consumption and the stone production process is not as expected.
  • Check and turn off the power of ice cubes during maintenance and maintenance to avoid the risk of unsafe ice.
  • Keep the water pressure to a minimum of 20 PSI for smooth operation.
  • Pay attention to the smart display signals so that if there is an incident, it will be ready to handle, not to prolong, causing the cost of repair later.
  • Calculate put machine in well-ventilated areas.
  • Select carefully the type of water to produce ice cubes to speed up the ice making process as well as improve the quality of finished ice

Viet An ice cube maker is a prestigious brand for 20 years in the Vietnamese market

When customers come to Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company, they will be ensured full of necessary factors to own an ice machine with full-durable-nice-quality features.

Viet An ice maker has outstanding advantages such as:

  • Stainless steel cabinet.
  • The machine has a speed that makes it fast, safe and clean.
  • Stable performance, famous imported compressor.
  • The noise of low purity ice cubes and strong cold ice.
  • Air-cooled system.
  • Automatic control system.
  • Water is cleaned by sterilization technology to help pure ice cubes.
  • The machine has a structure made of stainless steel. And heat treatment ensures the best heat transfer performance.
  • Anti-corrosion, easy to clean ice cubes.
  • USApec saves maximum power compared to other conventional machines

In addition, we also have an extremely good warranty and after-sales service. Long-term maintenance

Coming to us is coming with faith and prestige. To be able to find out more details about any ice making machine products, you can contact us directly: 0949 41 41 41.

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