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Export ice making machine in Nam Dinh

20/01/2020 0 Comment

Viet An ice making machine is the type of machine that currently dominates the market. This is a specialized machine used to produce pure ice, industrial ice, with many different sizes, serving many purposes of the user. With the advantages of ice cube machine is to produce pure ice cubes of high quality, modern technology, fast production speed, convenient to use and especially energy-saving, ...

Ice making machine - Viet An

Viet An ice making machine - Perfect choice of Mr Son

After learning about ice cube making machine, seeing the huge profits from the ice business, Mr Son decided to come to Viet An for advice and support, where technical staff had consulted and support him to choose the capacity that best suits the business model as well as the investment capital he has. Mr. Son has decided to sign a contract MĐ2019ND 095 IVA2T with Viet An General  Joint Stock Company, on May 9, 2019 Viet An has proceeded to export IVA2-ton ice machine to Mr. Son to Nam Dinh's address in accordance with the contract signed.



Viet An proceeded to export IVA2T ice making machine for Mr Son - Nam Dinh under the Contract No. 095/2019

The durable structure of Viet An ice machine


The main equipment includes:

  • Compressor
  • Condenser (heat exchanger and heat exchanger to water with additional cooling water pumping system and cooling tower)
  • Throttle system
  • Evaporation system

The auxiliary equipment:

  • The oil separator operates on the principle of changing the direction and speed of the fluid flow! Based on the density of the medium and the oil dust.
  • High-pressure container: for high-pressure liquid. The task of releasing the heat exchanger surface of condenser and providing sufficient amount of solvent for the throttle system.
  • Liquid separator
  • Heat recovery tanks: Exchange of upstream heat between the refrigerant from the evaporator enters the heat recovery tank with the liquid in the spiral tube.

Principle of operation:

Operating process of ice cube machine according to the cycle: Water - water treatment system - container - ice making machine - cold storage.

  1. From available water sources or well water after being treated up to the standards, it will be pumped into stainless steel tanks.
  2. After that, the water will automatically feed into the container as ice, then flow into the ice tube. The block has an internal structure consisting of many tubes of a size required. At this time, some chilled and frozen water adheres to the surface of the pipe wall. The excess water is collected by a bucket of water below and continues to be pumped upwards. The cooling mechanism of ice cube maker is the direct cooling mechanism by refrigerant. The refrigerant is immersed in the millstone, boils outside the ice pipes, and evaporates to cool the ice machine.
  3. When the ice is fully frozen, the machine will switch to defrost. Defrosting mechanism by sending hot gas into the millstone, the temperature in the mortar will rise, melting a thin layer and ice separating from the pipe wall.

Why use Viet An's ice making machine?

Each line of pure ice making machine has different advantages and disadvantages. Mr Son loves and chooses Viet An ice making machine because of the great advantages that other brands do not. With :

  1. Modern technology

Speaking of modern machinery technology, we often think of products made from the US, Europe or Japan. Therefore, Viet An has imported advanced components from these countries. Therefore, the quality and performance of the machine are always guaranteed.

Besides, Viet An ice making machine is integrated with coarse filter with unique technology. It helps to eliminate maximum impurities before being refrigerated. At the same time, the machine saves 45% more electricity than other models on the market.

  1. Luxurious design, eye-catching design

In addition to the quality of components, Viet An ice making machine has a high aesthetic. Compact design, using stainless steel material, shiny. Thus, the device always keeps the luxury. Inox also makes cleaning easy. Increasing resistance to impact, ensuring aesthetics and durability.

  1. Warranty, best maintenance


All Viet An's pure ice machine products are warranted for 12 months and life-long maintenance. Very few suppliers have such a long-term maintenance policy. In addition to the policy of operation, the maintenance regime of Viet An is especially satisfied by customers. Free maintenance and maintenance with a team of highly qualified technicians. Warranty period, quick maintenance.

Viet An's pure ice making machines are ice machines with good cooling system, making ice quickly. The machine is used in combination with an advanced water filtration line that is safe, time-saving, power-saving and manpower-free, pure ice quality. The smart operating mechanism of the ice machine with a closed process limits dirt and pathogenic bacteria, ensuring consumer health. Choosing ice making machine of Viet An is your choice of quality and reputation.

Thank Mr Son for being wise when choosing Viet An as a companion, we are committed to providing you and all customers with the perfect services - ice cube machine products with the best quality.

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