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Export IVA3T 3 ton ice making machine to Phu Tho for Mr. An

04/12/2019 0 Comment

If you are a clean ice business, wishing to expand your business - look for products of industrial ice making machines of Viet An Joint Stock Company. We are now the No. 1 unit in the production and manufacturing of industrial ice making machines in Vietnam. The product has now received the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.


3-ton ice block making machine - Industrial IVA3T exported to Mr An

Seeing great potential from the clean ice business. Mr An contacted Viet An after consulting and supporting him decided to choose Viet An as a cooperation and development unit with IVA3T - 3 ton ice machine product.

The production process of ice cube machine of 3 tons Viet An ice making machine

Not only Mr An, but many customers come to Viet An who are interested in the production process of an industrial ice making machine, understanding the process of creating ice will help you operate the machine more easily.

Filtered water (customers should choose water sources as prescribed such as well water, underground water ...). Pump water into the reservoir, located below the ice mortar.

Using a water pump system made from iNox, to transfer water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir, followed by passing water through the condenser system or condensing device with the task of overheating gas condensate. after compressor into liquid state refrigerant.

Direct this solvent into the ice pipes inside the millstone (below the reservoir above and the condenser).

The compressor will start operating, in combination with the refrigerant R22 in the iNox IVA3T ice cube making machine - to transfer the cold air into the ice tube (the temperature is now about minus 20 degrees Celsius), the steam in the pipe will The crystallization gradually turns into ice form and sticks to the inside of the tube wall.

After a period of 40 minutes to 45 minutes, ice cubes have been formed, the compressor system will reverse to pump hot air into the mortar, helping to separate a thin layer of rock to let the stone fall from the pipe.

After the stone leaves the tube, it will be cut by the knife system below the ice mortar, cut the ice into pieces with pre-set size.

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Good features of the product 3 tons of ice cubes making machine of Viet An

The compressor is 100% new - is considered as the heart of the industrial ice machine system used in the ice making machine system specially designed for ice cube machines by Viet An, this is a type of air compressor. Currently, on the Vietnamese market, only the ice making machine of Viet An has a 100% new compressor (all other units use old compressors - mean used compressors). Our new compressor has been rigorously tested for quality.

Unique aqueous separation system is only available in 3-ton IVA3T ice making machines 100% New. Because the operation of the compressor is related to oil and gas to ensure that the compressor is not liquid infected, Viet An has applied this system. When the compressor operates, the gas that is ejected is hot air and the air drawn in is cold air. Therefore, the inlet gas must not be contaminated with liquid (water or oil). With this part, the pipe of the ice making machine will be designed more neatly and the operation cycle will be faster. Make sure the compressor will achieve the longest service life, avoiding any damage.

The latest condenser - is an equally important device. This whole process is of great importance in the entire operation of the ice making machine. They have a decisive influence on condensation pressure and temperature. They also directly affect the efficiency and safety of the ice machine's ice making machine.

The pumping system for Viet An ice machine is made of 304 stainless steel, imported exclusively from Viet An. Currently, only Viet An 3-ton ice cube making machine can use iNox 304 pump because this is our own product for ice making machine.

The automated electrical system, very easy to use - even for customers who have never had experience in refrigeration, only need support instructions will operate smoothly.

Because this is a product line designed with INOX 304, you can be assured of the use time - on average, this device can work well with a time of up to 20 years.

The price of 3-ton ice cube making machine is extremely preferential - you can refer to Viet An ice cube machine compared to other products with the same capacity sold in the market for the best choice.

By combining well with a cooling tower, ice making time is greatly shortened.

The solvents for making ice are both R22 / R404A - these substances are completely safe for users.

Imported, high-quality valve block system, with exclusive components designed for Viet An ice making machine.

When installing and using the 3-ton ice machine, Mr An should note:

- Power source: Because this is an ice making machine with a capacity of 3 tons/hour, Mr An should pay attention to the voltage level suitable for the equipment that needs to install a 3-phase-380V power source, moderate thickness and installation method set the electric network properly.

- Regarding water sources: Should use clean water, tap water, underground water ... In addition, in the process of bringing water from outside to inside the machine, the water pipes after using for a while will be easy. With water deposition and a lot of dirt, the water source will be dirty and greasy, so Mr An needs to clean the filter according to our prescribed time, as well as other components such as condensers, cooling towers, compressor ... etc. He also needs to prepare a water tank according to the technical instructions to ice water for the industrial ice making machine.

- Ground: Mr An carefully researches the location of the 3-ton ice machine installation, choosing cool and flat places. If you leave the device in a humid place, where there is direct sunlight, this will reduce the productivity and quality of ice cubes.

 - Should periodically check the maintenance, cleaning or replacement of components if necessary, preventing the growth of microorganisms from damaging the machine.

Certainly, not only Mr An but also many customers who have chosen Viet An are completely satisfied and confident in the quality of the 3-ton ice cube making machine as well as the warranty, maintenance, after-sales regime. that we offer. Thank you for being with Viet An.

Customers wishing to buy 3-ton ice cube making machines can go to our branches in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Buon Ma Thuot or contact the hotline directly: 0949 41 41 41 - 0943 41 41 41. Viet An is pleased to serve.

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