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Exporting 3-ton ice making machine for Mr Kien

16/12/2019 0 Comment

Viet An is considered a leading company in importing, supplying and manufacturing all kinds of pure ice machine in Vietnam with the cost of less than VND 200 / kg of ice produced. It can be said that, with a modern, safe and efficient production process, Viet An's ice cube making machine helps Kien's ice facility save significant costs as well as provide guaranteed ice cubes most quality.


After visiting Viet An's factory in Quang Minh Industrial Zone - Me Linh - Hanoi, Mr. Kien decided to buy 3-ton ice machine. With completely new technology, this product will surely bring Kien stable income and his facility will quickly develop.

IVA3T - 3 ton pure ice making machine and ice machine is designed according to the latest US technology 2019. Produced by Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company in Vietnam. With an industrial design very compact, handy makes the installation simpler for customers, and safe for manufacturers. New compressor 100% German technology, save energy, small noise, less affecting people around.

Ice machine 3 tons completely new technology

IVA3T ice machine - 3 tons of 100% new iNox is a line of pure ice machine manufactured and manufactured by Viet An Joint Stock Company with many beautiful and compact forms and models. Special combination of advanced European equipment and technology and the initiative of the smart minds of skilled professionals and engineers to improve the criteria of quality, appropriate models and Especially, the investment budget is suitable with the finance and climate conditions of Vietnam, so the machine will reach the optimal capacity compared to the imported machines.

In 2019, Viet An ice making machine has made new breakthroughs in application technology as well as solving long-term problems to save costs for businesses, many customers wonder the price of Viet An machine in the market is higher than some other units, this will be mentioned in detail through the following advantages:

  • Compressors (also known as lock machines) are 100% new German technology

100% new compressor - strict quality control. The compressor is considered as the heart of the ice-making machine system used in the ice maker machine system specially designed for ice-making machines by Viet An. Currently, on the Vietnamese market, only the ice maker of Viet An has a 100% new compressor (all other units use beach compressors - ie used compressors). Our new compressor has been rigorously tested for quality. It is manufactured on fully automatic CMC system, cutting, stamping, and automatic molding. It is then transferred to the high-pressure testing section of the compressor. This unit uses the best high-pressure testing technology in the world imported from Germany. To check each compressor with absolute accuracy, there is no small error.

  • Completely new fluid separation system and gas technology

Unique aqueous separation system is only available in 3-ton IVA3T ice making machines. It is 100% New. Because the operation of the compressor is related to oil and gas to ensure that the compressor is not liquid infected, Viet An has applied this system. When the compressor operates, the gas that is ejected is hot air and the air drawn in is cold air. Therefore, the inlet gas must not be contaminated with liquid (water or oil). With this part, the pipe of the ice making machine will be designed more neatly and the operation cycle will be faster. Ensuring the compressor will achieve the longest service life, avoiding breakdowns and importantly thanks to this component, customers will reduce ice making time - reducing electricity costs in the long run will help customers save. tens or even hundreds from year to year.

  • 100% new condenser

The task of this device is to condense gaseous gas blocks in compressors and convert them into liquid media. This whole process is of great importance in the entire operation of the ice machine. They have a decisive influence on condensation pressure and temperature. They also directly affect the efficiency and safety of the ice machine's ice machine.

  • Cooling tower

When an industrial ice cube maker operates, heating is inevitable, so cooling towers are used, the function of which is to transfer the excess heat of water into the atmosphere. The cooling tower mechanism relies on evaporation of water into the air to eliminate heat or relies on heat exchange with air to reduce the temperature.

The combination of compressors, condensers, separating systems, cooling towers is closely related and extremely important for ice machines, in order for ice machines to function best, these devices also need to achieve the highest quality - and Viet An is the unit that meets customers' strict requirements. That is why our prices are a little higher, but in return we have the trust of our customers and the quality of our products is the clearest evidence.

See more: pure water filtration line.

To ensure pure clean ice, Mr Kien should pay attention to the following procedures:

Source of input water: This is the most important step in the process of making ice because clean water creates new clean ice. In order to have transparent and long-lasting ice products, we need to provide pure water for 3 ton ice machine.

During production, attention must be paid to the temperature and quality of the ice cubes. During production, regular attention should be paid to the temperature and transparency of the product to make appropriate adjustments, sometimes people should check the quality of ice cubes after being made.

Packaging must comply with hygiene and safety rules: Packing employees need to adhere to hygienic safety such as wearing protective clothing, masks, etc. Having isolated packaging room and good cold room temperature to prevent the product from melting when not yet distributed.

Power source: Mr. Kien needs to prepare 3-phase power source (380V) so that IVA3T ice machine can work best.

With the IVA3T model, Mr Kien will quickly dominate the local ice market by the capacity, quality and durability of the machine, not only that, in a short time, Mr. Kien will pay back the investment and revenue. quick reply from IVA3T ice making machine.

Certainly with this 3-ton ice cube maker, Mr. Kien will soon dominate the market and consumer confidence, not only that in a short time he will recover the initial capital and profit from the ice machine.

In addition, when Mr. Kien buys IVA3T ice-making machine, he will enjoy many promotions, with many attractive gifts, hoping his ice-making unit will grow more and more. Thank you for choosing to trust and cooperate with Viet An.

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