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Exporting 750 liter water filtration line to Mr. Tan - Lao Cai

08/01/2020 0 Comment

Viet An is one of the leading companies in supplying pure water filtration lines. With nearly 20 years in the water treatment industry in Vietnam - Viet An is committed to bringing satisfaction to every customer. There have been big companies using Viet An product line such as Samsung, Diana, Vinamilk. Thanks to the application of the most advanced RO water filtration technology, our water purifier products are guaranteed to meet the standard output water: colourless, odourless, 100% pure, but still full of essential minerals for the body.

Hệ thống lọc nước ro 750 lít

RO water filtration system 750 liters

According to the signed contract No 078/2019, on May 21, 2019, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company proceeded to export VACC750 - 750-liter water filtration line to Mr Tan in Lao Cai.

Structure of 750-liter water filtration line

The line can be easily combined with bottling machines to form a complete system for the business and production of bottled, bottled pure water of businesses.

VACC750 is a filter device and water filter core to ensure compliance with standards of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

The line is designed with modern structure and components but it is easy for maintenance and replacement when it is damaged.

Machine size 3 x 0.5 x 1.7 m (L x W x H) is not too big, not too cumbersome to transport.

Maintenance and cleaning process of pure water purification line of composite valve 750 liters / h is easy without spending too much time and manpower.

The price of this water purifier is extremely attractive and is the choice for many customers.

To avoid the phenomenon of overloading or fire, on each water filtration line that Viet An provided, meters and automatic disconnection devices were designed. Ensuring safety for equipment as well as factories and people.

VAMCRTH General filling machine accessory comes with a 750-liter water filtration line

VAMCRTH bottle filling machine with a capacity of 60 bottles/hour and 150 bottles/hour is one of the specialized equipment used for bottling pure water, carbonated water.

Máy chiết rót tổng hợp

General filling machine

Principle of operation of the system: firstly pure water will be led from the tank to the stainless steel pump, the pump system will create pressure of about 4kg / cm2 to rinse the tank cover for a while, this clean tank cover will then be placed on conveyor at the extraction site, the water tank will be transferred to the filling unit when the filling is filled, the water bottle will be manually capped and labelled then taken to the place of consumption, the bottle filling only the replacement of the extraction head. With the bottle filling head, it can be extracted immediately. For bottle filling machine, customers only need to replace the top of the bottle with the top of the bottle. The principle of operation is not changed.

Viet An instructed Mr Tan to use the 750 liter pure water filtration line

After the water filter system has been completely installed, Mr Tan should open the faucet continuously to fill the tank and use the machine for about 3 hours to see the efficiency of water filtration as well as flush through the filter columns. before proceeding to produce purified water continuously.

Mr. Tan should carefully read the user manual as well as the notices that our installation technician notices. If you have any questions please call 0949 41 41 41 for assistance.

Note: It is necessary to check the power source to see if it is suitable and stable. The device should be placed in a dry, ventilated place and keep a safe distance from other equipment in the factory, avoiding direct sunlight.

Mr Tan should pay attention to the maintenance schedule to replace the filter core and maintain the equipment on time. Ensure water quality as well as equipment performance.

When choosing to use mechanical valve filtration line, Mr Tan needs to actively monitor the water flow to conduct the cleaning of the filter column - just adjust the 3-valve valve installed on the top of each filter column, this operation is very simple. Simple, easy and anyone can proceed. This will ensure the quality of filtered water of the system is always stable and ensure the hygienic safety standards for bottled drinking water, bottling of his facility.

The process of installing, handing over the 750-liter water filtration system to Mr Tan

The process of installing, handing over VACC750 line to Mr Tan of Viet An is an important stage so we always arrange highly skilled technicians.

The installation and handover steps are as follows:

After signing the contract and preparing everything necessary, Viet An staff will transfer machinery and equipment to a Tan's address, and conduct a quick and effective installation so that the Company can soon come in manufacturing.

After installation, Viet An staff will give detailed instructions for the person in charge of this system to understand the production process and promptly reflect the problems encountered when operating the water purification line.

Rinse the entire 750-liter water filtration system has just installed to test the machine as well as test run ice machine. After that, Viet An will hand it over to Mr Tan directly.

After the process of installation, handover is completed - Our company also carries out maintenance and maintenance of the machine so that the water production process is safe and reaches the highest efficiency.

After completing the installation and delivery of the water filtration system to a Tan, Viet An also supports the company on related issues such as licensing, label design, testing of water samples, etc. Thank you for trusting and choosing to accompany Viet An. I wish your facilities more and more developed.

Customers wishing to purchase water filtration lines or bottle filling machines, automatically or semi-automatically, please contact Viet An for advice and support via hotline:

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