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Exporting a 1000 liter / h VACA1000 water filtration line to Hanoi for Ms. Huong

23/12/2019 0 Comment

The need to consult and install the 1000 liter water filtration line has been increasing day by day. When the demand for bottled water is increasing, this is an opportunity for Ms Huong to decide to invest in bottled and jar pure water in Hanoi - the most populous place today to serve the demand for drinking water for people here as well as tourists.

Water filter line VACA1000 - Viet An

When she had an idea to build a bottled and jar water production establishment, Ms Huong started to research the market and learn about reputable suppliers. Through online information as well as being introduced, she went to Viet An for advice on the system of bottled and bottled water filtration lines with appropriate capacity. Recently, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has exported a 1000 liter - VACA 1000 water filtration line to Ms Huong according to contract 1029/2019.

With nearly 20 years of construction and growth, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is now the leading company in Vietnam in supplying water filtration lines, filling machines, bottle blowing machines, jar blowing machine and producing ice making machines ... largest in Vietnam. Viet An's equipment ensures the quality of the competent authorities and ensures the safety according to the standards of the Ministry of Health.

Viet An's products have been well received by many domestic and foreign customers. We always take the interests of our customers first. Along with good products is a high remuneration regime that has made the strength and Viet An brand.

The prestigious awards of Viet An such as Gold Medal of high quality Vietnamese goods in 2009, Golden Lotus Cup of high quality goods in 2009 and many other awards ...

Giải thưởng
Typical awards Viet An achieved

The reason why Ms Huong chose the VACA1000 pure water filtration line of Viet An

Quality of ISO 9001: 2015: Filter line, pure water production VACA1000 is manufactured in the United States, all filter materials are imported from USA, UK, Netherlands, Korea, Japan. The process of the closed cycle, automatic water filtration, the quality of the finished water meets the standards of 6-1-2010 / BYT of the Ministry of Health and the FDA standard of US. This is the No. 1 qualified water filter product in Vietnam qualified for export to Asean countries and the world.

The most reasonable price: Viet An is currently supplying 1,000 liter / h pure water filtration line to the market with the price of 109 million VND. This price is the cheapest price for a genuine product, can handle 1000 liters of dirty water into purified water per hour. Products are exclusively distributed USApec, VA  brand in Vietnam by Viet An so that when Ms Huong buys products directly in Viet An will be entitled to 10-15% lower than buying products in other units.

Smart water filtration: The process of filtration and water treatment takes place completely automatically with the intelligent control panel that automatically disconnects when something goes wrong. Automatic valve system, self-adjusting flushing filter column to ensure the stability of sweetness of the water. The finished water can be drunk directly without any additional steps. The quality of the finished water meets the 6-1-2010 / BYT standards of the Department of Health and the FDA standard of US.

VACA1000 pure water production line using RO water purification technology can filter many kinds of water from well water, underground water, tap water, pond water ... into pure water.

Easy to transport and install: Designed with modern industrial design, compact, so even though it is industrial water filtration line, the volume of VACA1000 water filtration line is not too heavy so easy to transport. Besides, VACA1000 has a compact design so it does not take up a lot of installation area. VACA1000 water purifier products use automatic valve composite filter column, so it's easy to clean and preserve.

Energy-saving: As a product manufactured in the US with the application of maximum power-saving technology, when owning a VACA1000 water purifier product, Ms Huong can save up to 40% of the electricity consumption cost compared to those of the Water filtration products using the old technology. This has contributed to creating favourable conditions for new production facilities to lower production costs so that they can compete with other production units and still gain high profits.

Accessories come with water filtration line for Ms Huong

Máy chiết rót bình bán tự động VAMCB 60
VAMCB60 semi-automatic bottle filling machine

The semi-automatic bottle filling machine VAMCB60 is designed quite compact, does not make the manufacturer take up too much area, modern design with 304 stainless steel material for the machine to look more beautiful and firm, time to use longer. In addition, Viet An also imports and distributes many types of bottling and automatic bottling machines with a capacity of 100 to 900 bottles/hour and 2000 to 20,000 bottles/hour.

VAMCB60 semi-automatic bottle filling machine

Operation procedure: first pure RO water will be led from the tank to the stainless steel pump, the pump system will create pressure of about 4kg / cm2 to rinse the tank cover for a while, this clean tank cover will then be put on the conveyor. At the extraction site, the water tank will be transferred to the filling unit, when the filling is filled the water bottle will be manually capped and labeled then taken to the market.

VAMCC250 semi-automatic bottle filling machine

The details of the VAMCC250 semi-automatic bottle filling system are made entirely from iNox, the filling system is imported directly from European countries to increase the filling capacity with 3 times the usual efficiency. , each head has a valve to regulate the water supply so it will ensure that the bottles are extracted at the same level of water, with this product, each worker will extract 2500 to 3000 bottles of water per day.

Máy chiết rót chai bán tự động VAMCC 250
VAMCC 250 semi-automatic bottle filling machine

Operation process:

  • Firstly, pure water will be led from the tank to the iNox pump,
  • then the pump system will apply pressure of about 4kg / cm2 to rinse 24 bottles of bottles with pure RO water at the same time,
  • When the bottle is clean, the worker will then put the bottle in 2 trays, each containing 12 bottles.
  • The bottle is transferred to the filling unit, where the bottle will be filled with a pre-set amount of liquid, the machine will extract with high accuracy, no phenomenon of overflowing or bubbling.
  • When filled with water bottles, workers will be manually capping and labeling then packing and sending to places of sale.

VABS-1 unscrewing washing machine

The device is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, not naturally corroded, does not oxidize, is not affected by water, so it looks better, and is easy to clean. Using a gas source to pressure the bottle and rinse the bottle with strong water pressure combined with a dense, long brush will impact on all points on the surface of the bottle and in the bottle to ensure the bottle after rinsing will be clean.

Rinsing process

Workers will press the control button for a cap withdrawal head to operate. Under the action of the unscrewing cylinder, the cap is pulled down by air pressure and enters the recovery tank.

At one end of the bottle wash, the water pump starts to operate, the water enters the machine and the brush will move clockwise. Under the action of the brush, the bottle also moves in the direction of the clockwise rotation. In the process of movement, the outer broom, the bottom broom, the beside broom to scrub the outside and inside the bottle at the same time so that will ensure high efficiency in the process of bottle rinsing in a comprehensive way. The bottle will be scrubbed every corner and rinsed with treated water. The rinsing time is very fast but the cleanliness reaches 99.9%.

The bottle after being unscrewed and rinsed inside and outside the bottle body with clean water before being taken to the next stage in the manufacturing process.

Warranty for Ms Huong when installing Viet An products

Coming to Viet An, you will receive free shipping and installation support.

Currently, all products provided by Viet An are warranted within the period specified in the warranty card. Usually, there will be a 12 month warranty period.

Conditions to apply warranty:

 + Product information on the warranty card clearly full, intact not torn, crushed, erased.

 + Apply warranty and replace components if the machine fails due to the manufacturer.

The combination of filling machine and water filtration line helps bottled pure water bottled 100% to ensure the "food hygiene and safety" standard of the Ministry of Health.

With a team of skilled technicians, Viet An is committed to bringing Ms Huong the best product and will transfer all technology to her when the equipment is installed. Thank you for trusting and accompanying Viet An.

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá Exporting a 1000 liter / h VACA1000 water filtration line to Hanoi for Ms. Huong


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