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Exporting bottle filling machine in Hai Phong

08/02/2020 0 Comment

As one of the most modern filling machines on the market, the VAQGF300 bottle filling machine provided by Viet An Company applies advanced production technology, automatically rinses, rinses the bottle with pure RO water and fills water and automatic bottling, ensuring to meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety of the Ministry of Health.

VAQGF bottle filling machine is exported to Father Vang- Hai Phong

Dubbed the red phoenix flower city, Hai Phong is an important port city, an industrial center, the largest seaport in the North of Vietnam, and also an economic, cultural, medical and educational center, science, commerce and technology of the Northern Coastal Region. This is the 3rd largest city in Vietnam. Seeing many benefits from the business of pure bottled water, recently on April 9, 2019, Father Vang decided to sign a contract for filling and bottling VAQGF 300 - 1011/19 VAQGF300 with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

Introduction of VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine

In addition, Viet An also distributes a wide range of automatic bottling and filling machines with capacities from 100 to 900 bottles/hour and 2000 to 18000 bottles/hour. Pure ice making machine, water filtration line, ... etc.

VAQGF 300, the number 300 corresponds to a capacity of 300 bottles of 20 liters/hour. VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine is manufactured according to the modern technology of the United States and is assembled in USA, Taiwan, Shanghai according to ISO9001 standards and directly distributed by Viet An.

The device is quite compact design, does not make the manufacturer take up too much area, modern design with 304 stainless steel material to look more beautiful and firmer, have longer use time.

The filling process ensures food hygiene and safety for bottled water. The entire components of the machine are made of 304 stainless steel. The filling machine VAQGF 300 automatically disconnects when something goes wrong. Machine runs smoothly, less noise

Automatic stages of the VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine

Automatic bottle cap removal: Empty bottles that have been collected by the manufacturer will be taken to a cap dispenser, where a cap will be removed from the jar. Average every hour the machine will draw 300 cap bottles.

Automatic outside brushing machine: The bottles that have been withdrawn will be transferred to the system inside and outside the brushing, where the jars will be scrubbed with clean water. Average with 1 automatic brushing head have 300 bottles will be washed out every hour.

Automatic tank loading machine: The automatic tank loader machine with 2 loading heads will load the scoured tank cover inside and outside to the location of rinsing with pure ozone water to ensure sterilization and remove the dirt still in the jar shells.

Automatic rinsing, filling, capping (3 in 1): After passing through the automatic loading machine, the jars will be transferred to the automatic rinsing, filling, capping system. Here, the jar will be rinsed inside, apart again with pure water that has been treated through RO membrane filter, ensuring 100% of the bottles meeting food safety and hygiene standards. The jar is then transferred to a water filling machine. With two filling heads per hour, the machine will extract 300 jars of water / h. The filled water jars will be capping automatically and transferred to the next stage.

Automatic bottle cap loading machine: The water tank cap is automatically loaded onto the lid position and closes the lid, the worker just stands at the bottom and pour the jar cap bag into the charging bucket, this system will pull up the lid automatically.

light inspection: After being capped, the jars filled with water will be conveyed to the light inspection. In here, each jar of water will be passed through the light inspection, the normal water jars will be transferred to stage 5. The unusual jars will be alerted by the warning machine to keep workers moving outside.

Shrinking membrane whole body jar: Going through 8 stages, the jar continues to be moved to stage 9 to shrink the whole body membrane. The shrinkage process is fully automated. And on average, 300 jars will have a full-body membrane for workers to move to other parts and provide to the market.

Benefits when Father Vang buys VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine of Viet An

Highly qualified technical experts will analyze and install the appropriate system for VAQGF 300 Bottle Filling Machine to help Father exploit the machine's maximum productivity.

Coming to Viet An, Father Vang will be consulted and designed the ground, advice on the filling machine production process as well as legal documents to help save the most cost.

In addition, Viet An supports you to design and print bottle labels to support connection with suppliers of plastic bottles, shrink film ..., supporting the implementation of food safety registration papers such as consulting and sharing business strategies to help Father.

All this will be advised in detail by Viet An customers when you buy and install the VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine.

Viet An company is increasingly improving prices as well as upgrading modern machines, the warranty, the fastest maintenance for machinery in general and VAQGF 300 bottle filling machine in particular, thanks to Father Vang has always believed and accompanied Viet An. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities to cooperate with Father in the future.

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