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Exporting ice cube making machine 5-ton IVA5T to Mr. Hai in Quang Binh

09/07/2019 0 Comment

When the demand for ice and ice making machines of 5 tons increases sharply, exceeding the supply threshold of Quang Binh province, even though the ice production facilities have operated at full capacity, they still cannot provide enough restaurants, hotels, drink shops, ... and clean ice prices will often be pushed up 2 to 3 times higher than normal. That is the reason that Mr Hai decided to invest in opening an ice production facility in Quang Binh.

On March 5, 2019, Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company exported IVA5T ice making machine - 5 tons under Contract No. 201/2018 to Mr Hai.

máy làm đá viên 5 tấn

Ice cube making machine 5-ton

Ice making machine 5 tons of Viet An which Mr Hai selected

“The consumption of ice cubes is increasing so many companies sell clean ice machines with unsecured quality, however, the power consumption of these products is always higher than branded products. "USApec - VA". This results in a significant increase in production costs by millions in a short time. If you do not believe, then you can verify the above information, by calling directly to the ice production facilities and asking for details about power consumption, thereby giving yourself a comparison 1 way the most objective ”- Mr Hai shared.

Structure of 5 ton IVA5T ice making machine

The main equipment includes compressors - condensers (heat exchangers and waste heat discharge to the water with an additional cooling water pump and cooling tower).

Throttle system and evaporation system.

Auxiliary devices: Oil separators operate according to the principle of changing the direction and speed of the fluid flow. Based on the density of the substance and oil dust.

High-pressure container: to store high pressure liquid solvent. The task of releasing the condenser heat exchanger surface and providing sufficient amount of solvent for the throttle system - Liquid separator - Heat recovery: Heat exchange upstream between the refrigerant air from the evaporator enters heat recovery with the liquid in the spiral tube.

Viet An instructed Mr Hai to install the ice maker properly

Power source: Input power must be good and suitable, the plug must be sure made from an insulating material, good insulation.

About water sources: Anh Hai should use tap water to make ice or groundwater when the water source is used for pure ice making machine to ensure and safety for users' health.

Location of machine installation: Where it is important to place a 5-ton ice cube making machine, it is very important to install the machine in un humid places, the temperature is not too high, avoid is direct sunlight as well as the places where it is narrow, rugged area - it will affect product performance.

Mr. Hai should periodically check the maintenance, cleaning and cleaning of parts of the machine, replacing the components of the equipment according to the time prescribed by the manufacturer.

Process of operating machines to produce 5 tons of ice cubes making machine:

 + Simple operation, the buttons on the control system of the clean ice maker are easy to implement, because there are the comments lines below.

 + Mr Hai can adjust the porosity of the ice cubes by customizing the ice making time (with ice cubes, the cooling time will be 45 to 50 minutes / 1 batch, with mid hollow ice cubes, the working time ice is only 35 minutes/batch)

Export, transport and install IVA5T for Mr Hai - Quang Binh

After exporting 5-ton ice making machine - IVA5T, Viet An Company will transfer machine to Mr Hai's production facility in Quang Binh. In here, Viet An's technical staff will install the machine for him, when the installation is completed, the technical team of Viet An will run the test and then hand over the machine. In addition, the technique of Viet An will instruct Mr Hai how to operate the machine in the best way, and also reminds him of the time to conduct maintenance machine.

With a team of skilled technicians, Viet An is committed to bringing Mr Hai the best product and transferring the entire technology to him when he has completed the IVA5T Viet An 5-ton ice making machine. Thank Mr Hai for trusting and choosing Viet An's products!

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