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Exporting the 10000 liter / h water filtration line to Mr. Duong

06/01/2020 0 Comment

With the desire to bring clean and safe drinking water to users, Mr. Duong decided to sign a contract to buy a 10,000-liter water filtration line of Viet An to open a bottled pure water production and trading establishment. Bottles help improve consumers' health as well as earn more profits.


Although on the market of pure water production line today there are many lines of smart water filters being launched, Viet An water filtration line is still the product favored by Mr Duong. On May 23, 2019, Viet An conducted a contract to export a 10,000 liter water filtration line under the contract of 1017/2019.



Pour filter sand into composite column to prepare for Mr Duong

Introducing Mr Duong's selection of VACA10000 water filtration lines

Pure water filter line 10000 liters of auto valve composite filter column VACA10000 applying the latest RO water filtration technology in 2018 is the No. 1 water filtration product in Vietnam. Viet An's line of specialized purification and treatment of industrial pure water always receives the trust, appreciation and appreciation of many investors, companies, factories, enterprises and production facilities. business. Products are manufactured on state-of-the-art technology lines in the United States and are quality controlled according to ISO9001: 2015.

So what is composite filter column?

Composite filter columns are made up of glass fiber, basalt fiber, organic fiber, carbon fiber, Bor fiber, Silicon Carbide fiber, metal thread, short fiber and dispersed particles, fabric core. Composite filter column has been tested and certified by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) and is safe for human health. Therefore, this material is used in most of the industrial water filtration lines today. The type of composite filter column is also many people choose to use because its price is quite cheap, cheaper than the filter column made of stainless steel.

Advantages of composite water filter columns:

  • Low price
  • Durable
  • Able to resist corrosion of nature
  • Heat resistance
  • Light-weight
  • Safety for human health
  • The surface of the filter column is slippery and easy to clean

The water filtration process of pure water filtration line 10000 liters / h

  • Prefilter system, also known as a raw filtration system, upstream filter with the effect of filtering sediment, organic impurities, turbid water, ... This is an important filtration stage contributing to anti-clogging for the side equipment after
  • Iron and manganese removal system: Water passes through auto valve composite filter column containing Mn sand, quartz sand will remove positive ions (Cation): Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Fe3 +, Fe2 +, ... And negative ions (Anions) such as: Cl-, NO3-, NO2-,… Then treated water through this system will continue to process.
  • Decontamination, deodorizing and discolorating filter system: Water after removing heavy metals will be transferred to auto valve composite filter column containing genuine imported activated carbon, which will remove color, removing odor, and toxins in water.
  • Limestone removal system and water softening system: Water that has removed metal, detoxified, color, odor continues to be transferred to limestone removal and water softening system. The auto valve composite water purifier column contains water softener, salt suction valve and cationic particles to soften water, remove limestone and magnesium in water.
  • Safe water filtration system: Water after metal removal, odor removal, toxin removal, limestone and magnesium removal continues to be transferred to a safe system with stainless steel filter containing 40 cores to protect the RO filter at the next filtration stage.
  • RO filtration system: This is considered the heart of the entire filtration line. The water after the safe filter will be pumped to a RO system, there are 3 membranes containing 3 RO membranes with an eye size of only 0.0001micron so they only have water molecules passing through. The rest contains impurities, residues, viruses, bacteria will be eliminated. More specifically, the water filtration line uses an automatic valve composite filter column provided by Viet An, which is able to retain the minerals needed by the body to ensure that the finished water is pure water that is most beneficial to health.

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Why should you choose the prestigious water filtration line in Viet An

The psychology of many consumers is the desire for cheap goods, thinking that cheap water filtration lines will help save costs while still having pure water to produce and use. This is a wrong though, because when you choose the product of cheap industrial water filter will leave serious harm to the user. The quality of the outlet water of this low-cost product line will not be up to the standard. Filter materials, filter components are also poor quality products, so their use time is short and fast, maintenance must affect production and business activities.

The water after filtering through these poor quality systems is not only not good for health but can also be dangerous to human health. Meanwhile, the capacity of 10000 liters is a very large capacity, if you use poor quality goods, it will create poor quality water and consumers will boycott your products.

Viet An is the No. 1 brand in Vietnam in providing pure industrial water filtration lines that apply RO technology for water treatment. All water filtration products that Viet An provides to the market are committed to being genuine. On each line, there is a label affixed, in the product configuration, the source of the product is clearly labelled so that customers can look it up.

Mr Duong installs a filter line, producing pure water of 10000 liters / h of Viet An that will enjoy a 12-month warranty and lifetime maintenance. The maintenance time of the line as well as the replacement of water filtration materials is specifically guided by Viet An in the user manual when handling the product to customers.

Installation process:

+ Advice

+ Surveying and designing: After consulting, Viet An will send a technical department to Mr Duong's house to conduct field surveys, advise on the location to install the 10,000-liter water filtration line so that it is most suitable.

+ Installation: When completing the above stages, Viet An has carried materials and equipment to the area and installed water filtration lines as agreed in the signed contract. Installation and transport costs are completely free for Mr Duong.

When he finished handing the 10000-liter water filter to Mr Duong, we were very happy and excited. Viet An would like to wish your pure drinking water production establishment further development and success. Thank you for being with Viet An.

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