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Exporting the ice making machine contract to Mr. Thanh

08/02/2020 0 Comment

With the special feature that VA700 320KG / 24h ice cube making machine will help users get high quality ice, but the production cost is low. Currently, health and environment issues are the most concerned topic. When the water used to produce ice has not been carefully filtered. Therefore, the quality of ice cubes cannot be guaranteed food safety.

Viet An installed VA700 ice making machine for Mr. Thanh

Why did Mr Thanh choose ice making machine model VA700 (320kg) of Viet An?

After the process of understanding and wondering among many brands of ice making machine, Mr Thanh has recently decided to sign a contract for MĐ2019BD 076 VA700 with Viet An Company. The reason he shared is that the device is imported from the United States with many outstanding advantages that other lines do not have.

- With the outstanding advantages of a structure as well as operating method, certainly, there is hardly any device that surpasses ice machine model VA700 (320kg)

- Is a high-quality product, the most modern technology and new appearance on the market. However, it has prevailed over similar products and is widely used by reasonable prices and good quality. Fast ice making process, large ice storage compartment, always meets the needs he needs.

- Being proactive in the water source for making ice to ensure more quality ice. The machine has an intelligent water filtration system, which helps to eliminate the deposits and impurities in the water source before cooling.

- Refrigerants R22 and R404a are very safe for health because they do not contain CFC, which helps to cool quickly, saving electricity, time and labor.

- Machine operating, closed, automatic without the intervention of human hands should ensure the finished product is very pure, clean and free of bacteria or impurities.

Viet An offers for Mr Thanh when buying ice making machine VA700 - 320KG / 24h as follows:

  1. Discounts up to 15% of the product value (listed on the website) when you buy more than 1 device.
  2. Support transport services to take place and install operating instructions for Mr Thanh.
  3. Mr Thanh can exchange the device in 7 days - whenever, the machine has a problem due to the manufacturer.
  4. With Viet An, there will be 2 forms of payment, namely: Payment in cash (before or after receiving the device) and transfer payment (via Tay Ho branch system, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development).
  5. Professional customer service, attractive remuneration, and many accompanying gifts, will definitely make you satisfied when cooperating with us.

Our company always operates with the motto that the customer is king, all products made - are aimed at user satisfaction.

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Mr Thanh should note a few problems of installing ice making machine VA700 as follows:

Source of water: Mr Thanh needs to use a source of water near groundwater, can use water that has passed many filters to improve the quality and purity of the ice cubes, making the ice clearer.

The distance around the place where the machine is placed: It should be placed near water sources to reduce the pressure on the pump system. In addition, the machine also needs to have certain distance restrictions with surrounding surfaces, especially behind the machine, so leave it open.

Avoid placing the device in rough areas and high temperatures, which will greatly affect the process of ice making and storing ice cubes.

Maintenance: Mr Thanh should pay attention to the warranty period, maintenance of the machine, and especially read the user manual for the equipment.

Instructions on using ice making machine VA700 for Mr Thanh

With a compact design, it takes only a few minutes to complete the installation. The only thing that needs to be noted is that the installation location must be convenient for getting ice water.

All stages of the machine installation and technical inspection are fully responsible by Viet An. We will show you how to operate the machine.

VA700 control system is compact and simple. After the installation is complete and has clean water inlet, Mr Thanh just press the start button and wait, after only 15-25 minutes the machine has produced the first batch of ice.

First with the best quality pure ice. The control panel on the body is easy to use, with the indicator light to help you easily monitor the working status of the machine.

The ice made from VA700 ice machine has just long melt and is very pure, does not deposit and leaves cloudy will help increase the quality of beverages and create a reputation for food businesses, while protecting health for users. This is the best advantage to help protect the health of his family and relatives for Mr Thanh.

With the special highlights above, Mr Thanh certainly understands somewhat more about the ice making machine VA700 - 320KG / 24h. Thank you for choosing Viet An for cooperation and development.

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