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Family ice making machine

14/06/2019 0 Comment

The demand for using your family's ice is high, do you look for family ice making machine? Through this article, Viet An will give some experience to choose an ice making machine to help you choose ice making machine with reasonable price and best capacity.

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Family ice making machine

When your family has this ice making machine, you can fully take the initiative in ice cubes. Besides, you can be assured of 100% pure ice quality, ensuring your family's health.

Notes when choosing family ice making machine

  1. Calculate demand

First, to determine the purchase of a family ice making machine, you need to consider your family's needs. Usually, the ice machine price will be proportional to the capacity of the machine, so you need to consider the actual demand that will be used to consider choosing the right machine.

  1. Choose an easy-to-clean ice making machine

In the production of ice cubes, the hygiene stage plays a very important role, directly affecting the quality and safety of the ice. This work must take place regularly so when buying you must -pay attention to the design of the machine, so choose to buy a simple design machine, so that it can be easily removed and cleaned the ice tray and water tank of the machine.

  1. Select a reputable brand to buy an ice making machine

You have to spend an amount of money to invest in buying a machine so you need to learn and consult carefully before sending your full trust in a brand of ice cube maker. The experience applied by many people is to choose brands that have a good reputation, have good sales and reasonable prices, and provide a clear warranty and after-sales service. The most beneficial for consumers.

  1. Observe carefully the information on ice machine.

This is extremely important you need to choose the size, as well as the specifications, have exactly what the manufacturer has posted and introduced online or not?

  1. Accessories, warranty policy, after sales service

Some models in the market will not have a storage compartment when ice making will lead to the situation that you will have to spend more to buy more ice containers outside.

The raw filter is quite important in ice making machine, not only equipped with a crude filter with unique technology to help minimize impurities, it helps purify cloudiness, heavy metals, bacteria, ... help ice cubes are pure.

An important part that you need to care about is the warranty and after-sales policy after you purchase the device. Time, conditions, and services after the warranty is something you need to care about.

Notes when using ice cubes making machine

  • Keep the water pressure to a minimum of 20 PSI for smooth operation.
  • Pay attention to the smart display signals so that if there is an incident, it will be ready to handle, not to prolong, causing the cost of repair later.
  • Calculate to the machine in well-ventilated areas.
  • Select carefully the type of water to produce ice cubes to speed up the ice making process as well as improve the quality of the finished ice.
  • Regularly cleaning ice cubes making machine to improve the operation and life of the machine.
  • Always keep the device at -18 degrees Celsius or below.
  • Periodically every 12-18 months, clean the capacitor coil once. Do not leave the wire dirty or stick to other objects, so that the coil does not escape the heat, resulting in electricity consumption and the stone production process is not as expected.
  • Check and turn off the power of ice cubes during maintenance to avoid the risk of unsafe.

Methods for cleaning ice cubes

  • To start the process, first, disconnect the power supply to the machine, then carefully remove the ice trays, the ice filter, open the inside compartments to make the machine airy.
  • Clean the parts and details of the machine with a clean towel that absorbs the ice cleaning solution, which is sold quite a lot today.
  • Make use of lemons to help ice cubes have a natural, pleasant scent.
  • Finally, wipe the device thoroughly, especially important details.
  • Note, you need to have personal protective equipment and masks in this

The process to ensure safety and hygiene.

Viet An provides family ice making machines with a variety of capacities

Your job is to just identify the elements on the rest so let Viet An help you. We would like to introduce to our customers the various models of Viet An ice making machine with a variety of types and capacity suitable for all customers' needs. We are committed to high-quality products - 100% genuine, say no to counterfeit goods, fake goods, poor quality goods.

With 20 years of experience in the field of importing and manufacturing machinery, ensuring Viet An will satisfy all the most demanding guests

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