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Glass bottle capping machine

04/07/2019 0 Comment

Today in order to improve production output the application of industrial machinery is absolutely necessary. Through this article, Viet An would like to introduce to customers a new technology glass bottle capping machine. The machine is used for swirling and capping plastic bottles, aluminum bottles, glass bottles, vodka bottle caps, bottle caps of pure water ...


Máy đóng nắp chai thủy tinh

Glass bottle capping machine is one of the devices that apply the most advanced and modern technology today. Therefore, it possesses many outstanding advantages so it is very popular.

Along with the development of modern technology, there are many new inventions launched to meet the needs of consumers in daily life, in production ... In particular, the machine is rated as one of the breakthroughs in the technology field. It contributes to reducing time and effort in the beverage, food and cosmetic industries to produce the market.

Glass bottle capping machines

Currently, Viet An is providing 2 lines of glass bottle capping machines which are automatic and semi-automatic machines (hand-held and semi-automatic machines fixed).


The automatic glass bottle capping machine is a perfect accomplishment, certainly safe operation and easy maintenance of equipment. Therefore, it is widely used in automatic lines of closing types of liquids such as alcohol, beverages, pharmaceutical industry ... it is one of the initiatives on bottle capping machines possessing the most outstanding advantages.

Equipment is applied to large and medium-sized production lines. The application of automated equipment will help businesses bring high productivity as well as build a professional production line. Automatic glass bottle capping machine can operate independently or in combination with other equipment to improve production efficiency.

Automatic glass bottle capping device has the following main characteristics:

  • Automatic operation machines bring productivity and quality
  • Operation machine saves power
  • 100% stainless steel material is shiny, helps increase longevity, easy to clean
  • Compact design saves installation area
  • The machine operates smoothly and endlessly.
  • Automatic operation saves labour costs

Semi-automatic machine:

Process: Semi-automatic operation, just need 1 worker to control the machine, hold the bottle to put in the rack of the machine. bottle screwing machine leads corkscrew to the head of the button screw. After closing the lid, the rack is lowered, the worker picks up the bottle and puts it in another bottle. The operation is carried out in continuous circulation for the whole process.


máy đóng nắp chai thủy tinh bán tự động

Semi-automatic glass bottle capping machine (hand-held or fixed) is a device for small and medium production units.

The use of bottling equipment will assist producers to save production time and bring higher productivity.

Semi-automatic glass bottle capping device is designed to be simple, compact, easy to operate, with a cheap price so it is easy to recover capital.

It is recommended to use a semi-automatic glass bottle capping machine with other manual semi-automatic devices to achieve high efficiency such as:

  • Filling Machine
  • Date stamping machine
  • Shrink film machine

Advantages of glass bottle capping machine

The machine is an indispensable device of business establishments or beverage factories. The machine completely replaces the method of screwing the bottle cap by the previous manual twist method. Because, with manual methods, the product does not guarantee tightness and thus does not guarantee safe hygiene for beverage products.

For automatic machines

  • The machine is controlled by a PLC screen with a common display, the amount of water on the tank can automatically adjust. The filling and capping process will automatically stop when there is no bottle.
  • Thanks to the glass bottle capping machine, large and small businesses improve their productivity, saving labor costs.
  • The machine is designed with 304 stainless steel material with durability up to 20 years, making it easy to clean and clean.
  • Run fully automatically, save fuel
  • For cosmetic, food industry ...
  • Saving production investment costs
  • Increase production profits

For manual machines

  • Material stainless steel 304 durable
  • Specialized machine for fastening cap of plastic bottles and glass bottles. Tighten, beautiful. The machine has 2 types of plastic bottles and glass bottles to replace each time the cap is tightened
  • The low bottle capping machine is suitable for capping PET bottles and glass bottles
  • Simple, gentle operation
  • The finished product is completely closed
  • Compact design, easy to move
  • Semi-automatic glass bottle capping machine with low investment, quick recovery, quick replacement, high capping efficiency.

Experience in selecting glass bottle capping machine is highly effective

- Prestigious address: still an important factor. At present, there are too many suppliers of glass bottle capping machines in the market that are not guaranteed, with high prices. But when you choose a reputable unit you will be completely assured of product quality and price.

- Determining the size of the company: With automatic bottling equipment, it applies to units with large and medium production scale. And the automatic bottle capping machine applies to small production units.

- Specifications: When buying glass bottle capping machine, customers need to pay attention to machine specifications such as power consumption, machine capacity, machine material, place of production, ... to choose the best equipment, save production costs for your business.

Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in Vietnam to supply filling machines, bottle capping machines, bottle shrinkers ... with ISO 9001-2015 standard when you Coming to Viet An, you will feel secure in terms of quality, price as well as excellent after-sales incentives. For more information about glass bottle capping machine, please contact hotline: 0949 41 41 41. Viet An sincerely thank you!

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