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How much does an 8-tons ice cube machine cost?

19/06/2019 0 Comment

In the ice making line, the 8-tons ice maker has many outstanding features than other lines in the market. If the customer is looking to buy the machine, please refer to the following article, we will share some experiences to buy the machine with the right price as well as the prestigious address to help customers make the best choices.


Ice making machine 8 tons of Viet An

The 8-ton ice cube maker is a large-capacity machine with an output of 8 tons per day, helping businesses to meet the market's demands during the hot summer.



Where address buys the most reputable and quality 8-tons ice making machine?

8-ton ice cubes making machine is offered by many units on the market. However, most of these machines are imported from China, of unknown origin and without quality assurance. Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company is proud to be a long-standing unit specializing in providing pure ice making machines with a small capacity from 1 to 100 tons of genuine goods, and a long-term warranty. Come to Viet An to get the pure ice maker you desire.

With 20 years of experience in the import and export industry, we have provided thousands of ice making machine products with different types and different capacities. Serving all subjects from households, cafes, restaurants, hotels, to large and small companies at home and abroad ... Accompanying is the maintenance of machines as well as care services good customers, making the company create a prestigious position in the ice cubes making machine market, becoming the top choice of many customers facility. Ice cubes and pure ice cubes through practical use and evaluation, many customers have trusted using our products from Viet An to serve more needs in life.

The price of an ice making machine is 8 tons

Today in the market, 8-ton ice cubes making machine with many different types and models, so their prices also have different differences. This makes it difficult for customers to choose because if one does not understand the machine technology, it is difficult to compare the pros and cons of the models. So we recommend customers to choose reputable establishments, many years of experience plus reference through customers who have used the company's machines.

Understanding the worries of consumers, Viet An Company always appreciates customers' benefits, bringing the best benefits to customers when you choose Viet An, you will get the technical team. enthusiastic counsellor, caring, answer all questions quickly. In addition, we also committed to the price of 8-tons ice making machine in Viet An which is cheaper than the market. Because we are always focused on the quality of products that say no to counterfeit and poor quality products.

Customers can refer to the 8-tons ice making machine price at Pure ice making machine.

Ice cube maker 8 tons and highlights

It is undeniable that the 8-ton ice making machine of Viet An has a higher quality than other models in the market, this is clearly shown through the characteristics and construction of ice making machine.

  • Cabinet made of 304 stainless steel
  • The machine has a fast, safe and clean production of ice cubes.
  • Stable performance, imported compressor.
  • Very standard, no-sound silencer system affects the surrounding environment.
  • The system for producing pure ice cubes is cooled by wind
  • Intelligent automatic control system.
  • Water is cleaned with modern sterilization technology.
  • Heat treatment ensures the heat transfer performance of the best pure ice cube making machine.
  • Anti-corrosion, easy to clean
  • Diverse capacity was suitable for all subjects from 1 to 100 tons/day.
  • The pure ice cubes making machine, industrial ice cube making machine using the latest technology of America to save 30% of power consumption compared to previous models.

When buying an 8-tons ice making machine of Viet An, you will receive the following incentives:

- Free shipping package of 8 ton ice cube making machine to anywhere in Vietnam. Besides, our company also supports shipping products to ASIAN countries, if you have demand (in this case, please pay more for the company)

- For every 8-tons ice making machine, the warranty period that Viet An commits will be 1 year - during this time any problems arising from the equipment will be repaired by the company by free.

- Besides, we also support the use of the machine, so as to maximize the capacity of the 8-tons ice making machine

Here is some preliminary information about pure ice making machine all other information - please contact the hotline directly: 0949.41.1.41, to be Viet An experts advice more carefully. Viet An would like to have the opportunity to cooperate with customers on 8 ton ice making machine products in particular and other products of Viet An in general! Thank you and see you again.

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