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Ice cubes business, opportunities and challenges

30/05/2019 0 Comment

Many units are wondering how to invest in the production of ice cubes. Through this article, we would like to send to our customers what you need to know about the production of ice cubes, which is an opportunity or a challenge.

Đá viên

How does the ice cubes business create opportunities and challenges?


In Vietnam, the field of ice production and trading is quite new while the demand for ice cubes is increasing rapidly.

  • Firstly, the market for producing and supplying ice cubes is still limited and does not guarantee product quality. Therefore, the production of ice cubes will be a high-income and stable business if your production facility is truly reputable.
  • Secondly, if your ice cubes production base has a foundation and reputation, expanding the market to neighbouring provinces is a very feasible thing.
  • Producing ice cubes with a large scale model helps manufacturers have more distributors and agents to help increase revenue.
  • Greater demand for clean ice cubes is one reason you are never afraid your ice cubes are unmarketable.
  • Ice cubes business model brings high economic profit. Produced primarily by machines, it saves human force so you don't spend too much money on hiring workers.
  • Science - technology thrives develop. That helps businesses can choose the technology of ice making machine with the most appropriate capacity, most effectively contributing to improving competitiveness in the market.


Along with the above opportunities, the ice cubes business faces many challenges, but for businesses, if these challenges are overcome, the business will ensure a stable business model, business goes up develope.

The secret to buying quality and cheap ice cubes making machine creates opportunities for ice cubes business

In order to achieve the above benefits and many other benefits, the selection of quality ice making machines plays an important role, directly affecting the business performance of its members. So, how to choose a good ice making machine and quality assurance?

  • First, before investing a large amount of money in the purchase of equipment to serve the ice cubes business, you should learn and consider what is a reputable, quality and favoured ice making machine in the market today.
  • Second, you should compare prices between ice making machine brands to optimize the cost of purchasing the machine to the lowest possible.
  • Thirdly, you should pay attention to the warranty regime of the company providing ice machine as well as the accompanying services such as transportation, installation, repair, ...
  • The ice making machine must work well, the productivity must be in accordance with the regulations of that type of machine.
  • Products must ensure quality, power saving,...
  • Any business entering into production will appear difficulties, first of all, there are more competitors, more competitive forces, competitive tools and edge tricks diverse and more complex paintings.
  • The market challenges are more severe. Due to the rapid increase in production, supply tends to exceed demand. Therefore, the market's demands, especially quality, are increasingly tight and strict. But quality is not enough today. Along with good quality, customers also require products to achieve low cost, reasonable prices, perfect service, exact delivery deadlines, distribution channels to benefit ...
  • This financial challenge is one of the highlights for many businesses, especially small businesses essential needs but the investment capital of enterprises is not much, limiting part of the production process.

Viet An ice making machine makes new opportunities for every business

Viet An industrial ice making machine has a capacity from 1 ton to 100 ton to serve all production scales from small to large. An outstanding advantage of Viet An ice making machine is that it is manufactured by stainless steel to ensure hygiene and consumer health. In addition, Viet An products bring high productivity but save electricity to the extent possible.

Today, with the development of science and technology, customer evaluations of ice cubes making machines are made available online. Viet An ice making machine has always won positive reviews and support from customers whole in the country.

Understanding the demand from consumers, Viet An always puts consumers' benefits and health first and takes it to build the image for the company. Viet An always gives warranty and maintenance policies for ice cubes making machine to ensure the interests of buyers. Along with that, the service attitude of all employees is very friendly, listening to customers and answering questions promptly.

If you have any questions about the ice business field or ice making machine, please contact 0949 41 41 41 for the best advice.

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