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Installing a water filtration line for Ms. Thuy in Binh Duong

15/01/2020 0 Comment

After signing the contract of DC2019BD 081 VACA1500 with Ms Thuy for supplying 1500 liter - VACA 1500 water filtration line, on 11 May 2019, Viet An has carried out the installation and handing over the product to Ms Thuy so that she could conduct production and business activities of bottled pure water in Binh Duong.

Install and hand over the water filtration line to Ms Thuy - Binh Duong

Binh Duong is a province in the Southeast region about 30 km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City in the direction of National Road 13. Among 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam, Binh Duong is the 7th most populous province in the country and 5th in the key economic region of the South. With flat terrain, diverse river systems, abundant natural resources and favorable climate, Binh Duong has developed an increasingly strong economic, cultural and social development.

However, the rapid development of the economy has led to heavy environmental pollution here. Wastewater from untreated workshop and factories is discharged directly into the natural environment, causing harm to people's health. Especially the source of wastewater from factories, domestic wastewater is not strictly treated, leading to a significant reduction of clean water sources.

The special feature of the water filtration line VACA1500 Ms. Thuy selected

+ VACA1500 water filtration line is the best water filtration product line available today. Manufactured directly in the United States with a system of components imported from the United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands, Korea ... with high durability. RO water filtration technology applied in the line of pure water filtration in VACA1500 bottles can filter many different types of water into pure water that meets the 6-1-2010 / BYT standard of pure water of the Ministry of Health and FDA standard of the United States. The production and assembly process of VACA1500 filter line always ensures ISO 9001: 2015.

+ With the ability to filter water-smart, ultra-pure water after being processed through VACA1500 filter system will drink directly.

+ The ability to filter water at high speed, 1500 liters of pure water per hour is many times higher than other conventional water filtration products.

+ Products are registered trademark USApec, VA at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department No. 250969 and 250970.

+ The closed, automatic water filtration process always ensures the stability of the filtered water quality as well as the taste of the filtered water.

+ Is genuine water filtration products of high quality so the time to use the pure water filtration system VACA1500 can be up to 15 years.

With a very good after-sales after-sales policy, always accompanying the production and business establishments during the use process which is different from other units that only sell after finishing. Viet An has a 1-year warranty policy for customers who buy and install VACA1500 pure water production line, long-term maintenance, and especially the free shipping and installation policy nationwide. Warranty procedures, maintenance of Viet An place is extremely simple, just contact the hotline 19006013 will be arranged workers warranty, maintenance at your home.

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1500 liter system with advanced and specialized production lines

The 1500 liter water filtration line can handle tap water, bore well water, rainwater ... into completely pure water. Viet An uses RO reverse osmosis technology, the filter size is 0.0001 µm, only for the "ultra-pure" water component to "go through", so the pure water content has only H2O without anyone impurity. We are committed to providing Ms Thuy with absolute safety when bottling water through a 1500 liter pure water filtration system.

The system is simple, easy to operate, highly efficient and labour-saving. The system consists of complete stages from the initial raw water treatment to the completely pure water, filling and bottling automatically. In addition, the electrical system is stable and safe for users, with intelligent control circuits, showing the status of operation and alerts when something goes wrong, so Mr Khoa can be completely assured during the operation system.

The water filtration material in the VACA1500 line is very important in the water filtration process because the flocculation filter material layer oxidizes well for subsequent filtration steps.

Specialized treatment materials in the 1500 liter water filtration line include:

+ Quartz sand of all sizes has the effect of filtering sediment or dissolved suspension.

+ Activated carbon capable of absorbing heavy metals, deodorizing fishy odor in water, handling stench, pigments, odors and organic dissolved in water.

+ Manganese sand is an amorphous filter material layer that has good Fe and Mn treatment.

The process of installing, handing over the 1500 liter water filtration line to Ms Thuy

Based on the content of the contract that Thuy has signed with Viet An, the Company will carry the product to the installation address in Binh Duong.

The technical team of Viet An Company will carry out the installation, commissioning and handover to Ms Thuy.

When operating the line, the technician team of the Company will give detailed instructions on how to program and operate the machine for her, at the same time, instructions on how to clean the machine, the time for machine maintenance and handing over the warranty card.

After completing the installation and handing over the water filtration line system to Ms Thuy, Viet An also provided advice and assistance to related issues such as obtaining permission, designing labels, checking water samples, etc. , her business has officially been able to operate.

The choice of the 1500 liter water filtration system in Binh Duong is the best, effective, quality, bringing high profits and saving costs for Ms Thuy. If you are in need of business investment in producing ice cubes, bottled drinking water, please contact at 0949.41.41.41 for advice and support.

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