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Latest ice production system 2019

12/12/2019 0 Comment

Selecting the latest water production system 2019 suitable ice is not a simple thing because there are many different methods. Investors only succeed when they choose the right path for their business. With many years of experience in the field of refrigeration, Viet An Company will help you know and remember the important things after coming up with the idea to establish the perfect ice production system.

máy làm đá viên 5 tấn mới 100%
Ice water production system

Essentials before entering ice production

Identify markets and product types

There are many types of ice with different shape sizes such as: tube ice, ice cube, flake ice... You must identify the target you want to aim to determine the type of ice that you produce and supply to the market to buy suitable industrial ice making machines. Or you can choose the type of ice to expand the scope of business. And depending on your local knowledge and conditions of production, you can also customize it to fit a specific market or respond to competition by selecting commercially available ice to put into production.

Investment evaluation analysis

In choosing an ice production system, you need to consider many issues such as initial cost, machine maintenance, the skill of the technician, etc.

In terms of economy: You need to consider carefully the total cost of production and operation, arising for the whole system from workshops, licenses, water filtration lines, ice machines, etc. Attention to the quality of equipment and machinery should choose energy-saving machines to be able to save long-term costs. And depending on your financial ability to choose a quality machine that suits your budget.

Important considerations

Depending on the needs of use and local environmental conditions where you produce that determine the daily production of ice to choose the type of ice machine that produces the right capacity.

Install cold storage to store ice. This cold storage should be located near major roads to facilitate transportation.

You can build workshops in high places, have a thermometer and hygrometer, avoid rain, regularly clean the workshop to avoid humidity.

Choosing which units provide the best quality ice production system?

In Vietnam market, there are many companies supplying ice production system. But not all companies provide buyers with good quality products, high durability, stable operation. Causing buyers to wonder how to get reputable products with quality warranty and maintenance together with genuine goods. Come to Viet An to get the ice production system you want.

We provide completely for customers the most complete system:

  • Water filtration line
Dây chuyền lọc nước điện giải ion kiềm 2000 lít/h VAIAD2000
Water filtration line
  • The system of intelligent RO pure water filtration line operates fully automatically, thereby saving labor.
  • Application of modern water filtration technology RO, Nano.
  • Production standard: ISO 9010: 2015.
  • The exclusive filtration line has been registered with the trademark VA No. 250969 at the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department
  • Imported components, high quality materials over 20 years.
  • An indispensable product in the production of ice cubes, bottled pure water, jar pure water
  • Various capacities from 150l to 70,000l.
  • Filter lines have a compact design, suitable for the characteristics of the water resources of each region and each domain
  • Able to remove up to 90% of impurities, toxins in the water.
  • The water after being processed through the filtration line system is pure water meeting the 6-1: 2010 / BYT standard of the Ministry of Health.
  • Intelligent control system, automatically disconnects when something goes wrong
  • Quality ice making machine

Viet An supplies pure ice cubes and industrial USApec, VA. Manufactured according to international standards ISO 9001: 2015 (latest). Made of iNox 304 material, anti-rust. The shelf life of the ice making machine is over 15 years. Applying the latest US technology saves 45% of power consumption. The system of the ice cube making machine is automatically programmed with various capacities from 60kg to 100 tons. The quality of 99.99% clean ice meets FDA standards of US and 6-1 / 2010 / BYT in Vietnam. Viet An sells directly through its nationwide store system (Free installation, shipping).

Especially, ice making machine of Viet An in 2019 is applied completely new technology. Some of the 100% new technologies only available in Viet An are:

  • New 100% compressor: reserved for Viet An ice machine only. Extremely strict quality testing. Currently, on the Vietnamese market, only ice making machines of Viet An have a new 100% compressors.
  • Liquid and Air separation system: Thanks to the only air separation system only available by Viet An ice making machine. Viet An's air separation system has the ability to remove fluid and return it to the air way. Prevent the compressor from becoming liquid infected. Helping the compressor not defective and the service life of the compressor is much higher.
  • Condenser: This product is directly imported by Viet An, committed to always have the best price. Condenser in pure ice making machine is responsible for condensing superheated gas after compressor into refrigerant liquid state. The operation of a condenser has a decisive effect on the pressure and temperature of the condenser and thus affects the efficiency and safety of the entire refrigeration system in the ice making machine.
  • Cooling towers have the function of transferring excess heat of water to help cool quickly and save energy. The good cooling system helps ice machine operate stably and durable.
  • iNox pump system: made of 304 stainless steel, imported exclusively by Viet An. Currently, only Viet An ice machine uses iNox 304 pump.
  • Automatic electrical system: Ice making machine has an automatic electrical system to help the machine operate the entire process of ice making, automatically disconnect when there is an electrical problem, automatically adjusts ice making time to get satisfied hollow ice.
  • Imported stop valve system, not the processing valve line in Vietnam as other units usually do.
  • Cold storage system
kho lạnh máy đá
Cold storage ice making machine

Viet An provides the best quality cold storage system, at an affordable price. Using Viet An cold storage with many outstanding advantages:

  • Preserving ice and pure ice without melting for a long time.
  • The quick and efficient cooling system saves energy.
  • Ability to operate continuously and persistently.
  • Fully automatic control system.

Cold storage is created by assembling insulation panels, using compressor assemblies, blower cooling fans and some other specialized components.

  • Technical support, warranty, quick maintenance

When purchasing any product of Viet An Company, customers will experience the most attentive care, enthusiastic and highly-qualified consultant team.

Many gifts come, high discount when buying ice production system.

Flexible payment methods, suitable for each customer 's conditions such as direct cash payment, bank transfer payment.

All technological processes, equipment and how to operate the product will be instructed in detail and carefully by technical staff, ensuring customers will quickly grasp and use the equipment effectively.

1-year warranty and long-term maintenance. Quick warranty time, support convenient warranty service. Free shipping to 63 provinces (except islands).

For advice and detailed quotes for the latest ice production system 2019, please contact 0949.41.41.41 and 0943 41 41 41. Or visit our branch system in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Buon Me Thuot. Viet An is pleased to serve you!

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