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Maintenance of ice making machine 5-ton for Mr Le in Quang Ninh

12/07/2019 0 Comment

When using 5-ton ice cubes, maintenance and repair of common technical errors is a routine work to stabilize the output ice quality, ensuring hygiene according to the regulations of Ministry of Health and keeping the trust with customers.

Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company with a strong point of being a manufacturer, importer, distributor of products with good prices and a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians. Viet An always strives to bring customers the best service.

On 11 March 2019, after finishing maintenance of VA5T ice making machine, Viet An delivered to Mr Le - Quang Ninh according to the signed contract No. 256/2015.

máy làm đá viên 5 tấn
 Ice cube making machine 5 ton

Why did Mr Le select 5-ton ice making machine?

Mr Le selected Viet An's ice machine because Viet An's ice-making machine is designed according to American technology and imported and assembled in Vietnam. With a compact and industrial design, it makes the installation of the machine simple and safe for production. The new German technology compressor saves electricity with small noise, less affecting people around.

5-ton ice-making machine takes pure water to make ice, so it is very safe for ice products, ice product is clean ice and meets food safety standard 6-1-2010 / BYT. The machine is designed with a simple technique, high durability, low maintenance and maintenance costs, power saving.

The ice-making machine of Viet An is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, adapted to the climatic conditions of Vietnam, making it not corroded because of oxidation. With the system of components, epoxy coating, 2 layers of anti-rust helps ice machine to withstand the harsh weather of Vietnam.

Advantages of 5-ton ice making machine of Viet An

The machine uses 304 stainless steel material so it has a long lifespan up to at least 15 years. You do not fear the phenomenon of corrosion by oxidation or rust from the weather effect. Therefore it suitable use in the harsh weather in Vietnam.

Cooling methods reach international standards. Using R22 refrigerant is imported directly to ensure safety for the health of people using finished ice products in daily life and eating.

Extremely good silencer system, 5 ton Viet An ice cube machine has small noise, it is less affected and does not disturb people around.

The design of the machine is compact, industrial but still has high aesthetic and usability. Making the installation process of ice making machine become more simple. Machine suitable for continuous use without worrying about damage.

The automatic electrical system makes it easy to operate, automatically disconnects when an incident occurs or adjusts the time to make the width of the most suitable ice cubes.

The pure RO water purification system makes the quality of the filter become hygienic.

Operation principle of VA5T ice-making machine - 5 tons

Principle of operation of 5-ton ice cubes making machine: Steam is sucked to the compressor in the form of low-pressure steam, which is compressed by the compressor to high temperature and high pressure. Through the oil separator to separate the oil dust from the vapour to the condenser and then exchange heat and release heat to the water to lower the temperature and pressure and condense into liquid form. The liquid in the liquid is passed through the heat recovery device and reduces the ambient temperature and heat of the vapor after passing through the evaporator. The liquid solvent is fed into a high-pressure container, the flow of the fluid through the pressure reducing system to the evaporation pressure. The solvent onto the evaporator receives the heat of the ice and evaporates.

Products of pure ice making machine with a capacity of 5 tons / 24h made by Viet An Company when putting into operation with high stability, persistence and continuous. Components that make up the ice-making machine are imported from famous countries in the world such as Germany, Korea, Japan, ... During the production process, they are regularly inspected with strict quality inspection until they are shipped. Along with the pure water filtration line and cold storage system to preserve finished ice products of ice cubes when leaving the factory to achieve high standards of food safety and hygiene system. It does not contain substances harmful to consumers' health should be highly appreciated by users.

After finishing maintenance of 5-ton ice making machine, Viet An is committed to bringing Mr Le the best product. Viet An sincerely thanks!

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