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Pure ice making machine

05/06/2019 0 Comment

Currently, the problem of dirty ice is rampant in the market, which has a big impact on consumers' health. So, finding a pure ice maker in an enterprise is an essential need. On the market today, there are many types of making machines, producing pure ice from brands ranging from good to bad, from popular to high-end, diversified to help consumers choose freely. depending on their intended use. However, you should pay attention to careful selection so that your machine can work better and more durable.


impressive points of pure ice making machine

Advanced technology:

Viet An provides USApec, Mini and VA pure industrial ice cubes making machine. Produced according to international standard ISO 9001: 2015 (latest). Made of iNox SUS 404 material, anti-rust. The longevity of making machine over 15 years. Applying the latest US technology saves 45% of power consumption.

The system is programmed automatically with a capacity of 60kg to 100 tons. Quality 99.99% clean ice meets FDA standards of the United States. And meets standard 6-1 / 2010 / BYT in Vietnam.


Máy làm nước đá tinh khiết

Produced from top components:

Pure ice making machine is a device made of many different components. And every quality piece makes success for that machine. Viet An pure ice making machine is a testament to high quality. This machine is made up of high-tech components, achieving many quality standards from the United States.

Time of producing pure ice water is fast:

Ice making speed is an important indicator of an ice making machine. Due to the application of advanced production technology, Viet An ice making machine always operates at the most optimal capacity. Viet An's pure ice making machine has the ability to quickly cool, thanks to a system that helps to fully automatic cooling.

Besides, it also has a smart controller, capable of automatically switching off when there is an electrical problem, so you will never have to worry about a malfunctioning device. In addition, the refrigerant used is also safe, highly effective and not harmful to the ozone layer. Therefore, the amount of stone produced will be 5 times longer than normal processing ice.

Energy saving:

Managers or business owners are often afraid to choose to order industrial ice machines for fear that their electricity consumption is too high. However, that is not really a right thought. The components of Viet An pure ice making machine meet European standards, including energy saving targets. At the same time, the machine also applies modern techniques. Therefore, business establishments can even save energy and cost when using this model of an ice making machine.

ice quality is excellent and safety:

Viet An pure ice making machine has a smart operation mechanism, the ice making machine process is closed cycle restricts dust and pathogenic bacteria to ensure the health of users. Ice water is put into production with high purity, ensuring food safety and hygiene. Producers, as well as consumers, can be assured of the quality of the ice produced from this device.

Compact size:

An industrial machine often occupies a lot of factory area. But Viet An pure ice making machine has a relatively small size, suitable for many positions in your factory.

Ice size

- Large ice cubes: 47 x 80 mm. Often use beer, soft drinks ...

- The ice cubes of medium size: 38 x 40 mm usually use iced tea, drink wine ...

- Small-medium ice: 34 x 40 mm. Usually use iced tea, drink ...

- Small ice: 19 x 20 mm usually use coffee, juice, mix water ...

Some notes when buying pure ice making machine

The pure ice making machine is manufactured by Viet An Company with good quality and clear origin of components made up of the machine. Satisfy the required quality criteria such as 40 criteria of heavy metals, ice products reaching 22 criteria and in which there are 6 criteria for bacteria and microorganisms. You can be completely assured of quality as well as consulting, care, warranty or machine maintenance services in the process of learning to purchase.

Currently, in the market of ice making machines, producing ice cubes with many types and many fake goods, customers pay attention to only deal directly with specific and transparent branch addresses to be able to Buy genuine goods. There are also many ice production facilities in the form of manual ice, depending on the nature of industrial production every day, the facilities will be equipped with different types of ice cubes. Ice cubes production prices range from one to several hundred million (prices also depend on machine capacity and quality). Come to Viet An we guarantee you will be satisfied with the pure ice making machine.

Although the demand for pure ice making machines is increasing, it is not that any ice cube maker has a good quality pure ice machine, creating ice cubes meeting food hygiene and safety standards. The ice maker does not originate in the market today, which is relatively high, causing buyers to be overwhelmed by the offers and inexperience in how to choose a quality machine with a warranty, maintenance attached. And also because there are so many manufacturers, many people buy pure ice making machines without knowing which firm to choose.

So to ensure the health of family members or the quality and price of the product, be a wise consumer. Please contact our Viet An company for the best pure ice making machine. We guarantee, are committed to providing you with quality pure ice machine and health standards. Your trust is a pleasure for us.

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