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Pure Water Jar Bottling Line‎

13/01/2020 0 Comment

The demand for bottled water is now increasing, the purpose of using it more. Income from bottled water filtration system is quite good. Therefore, the opening of water filter facilities is indispensable in the market today. Besides, the supplier that installs the bottled water filtration line also opens up whether or not professional. So, choosing and investing in bottled water filtration line is not easy.

dây chuyền sản xuất nước tinh khiết
dây chuyền sản xuất nước tinh khiết

Bottled water filtration line

VA, vinaro, USApec pure bottled water production line is one of the products assembled at Viet An factory with the most modern technology of the United States.

The production process of VA water filtration line is under ISO 9001: 2015. The most stringent and elite international standards today. Thanks to the application of "superior RO water purification technology". VA pure water production line is capable of eliminating toxins in water, ensuring water meets food safety standards 6-1: 2010 / BYT of the Ministry of Health on bottled drinking water, bottled water, contribute to protecting human health.

The special feature of Viet An bottled water filtration line

The only water filtration line in Vietnam assembled under international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Assembled from famous imported components from (USA, Italy, Korea ...) at the factory of thousands of m2 of Viet An.

Is the best industrial water filtration line in Vietnam.

The pump system is imported from Italy. Ensure the entire filtration line operates smoothly, low noise, high stability.

The filtered material system is selected and imported from England, India, Ha Nam, Hungary

Autoval filter system, mechanical valve and imported from the USA. Helps operate the fully automatic system, revert the automatic catrion and wash the filter automatically.

Water quality always meets HACCP 29000, TCVN 6-1: 2010 / BYT and water has a stable sweetness.

Electrical system with automatic shut-off circuit, safe upstream pump protection circuit, whole system protection circuit when power is off.

System of accurate and quality measuring devices.

The treatment process of bottled water filtration line

You are in need of investing in a bottled water filtration line to start a pure drinking water business. You need to know the operating procedure of the system for the production process to be stable and the quality of the output water always guaranteed. Therefore, we would like to share information about the treatment process of bottled water production line being applied very popular today.

Before installing the bottled water filtration system, you need to complete some basic and mandatory requirements such as: Checking the quality of the inlet water source to ensure that, the factory is appropriate, knowing the treatment process. of the system with information, certification of labels, product quality before distribution to the market, ...

  1. Primary filter to remove iron, manganese of bottling water filtration line

The water at the start of the RO pure water filtration system will be flowed through the primary filter with strong oxidizing filtering materials to convert Fe2 to Fe3, and precipitate them and discharge them along the wastewater way. This stage will also handle the manganese and odor of H2S in the water source before moving on to the next treatment process.

  1. Soften water, demineralize the bottled water filtration line

After the water is treated through the primary filter, they will continue to be transferred through the filter column by synthetic material with ion exchange function. Specifically, it will filter positive ions in water such as Fe2 +, Fe3 +, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, ... and negative ions such as Cl-, NO2- or NO3-, ... Then, the water will be forwarded through further processing according to the purification line of purified water.

  1. The coarse filter, deodorizing the discolouration of the bottled water filtration line

In this part, water will remove the residue and impurities that have not been processed before by the previous processes. This includes residues or materials that break down the links generated in the previous process if any.

In general, these stages of treatment in addition to filtering out dirty, toxic components in the water, it is also a premise and helps to increase safety, protection and longevity for the main parts of the line. pure water production behind. In particular, the most important and decisive factor for the quality and quality of the treated water source is the RO reverse osmosis membrane system.

RO reverse osmosis membrane of bottled water filtration line

After going through the pre-treatment stages, the water will be transferred to the pure reverse osmosis RO water purification system. In here, high-pressure water is pumped into the reverse osmosis membrane system. The water molecules that pass through the membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 micrometres are pure water with a portion of beneficial minerals.

The remaining water containing impurities, heavy metal ions, sediments, suspended components, ... they will be removed and flow out along the sewage line. Water after going through the reverse osmosis membrane is pure water, no bacteria, viruses and impurities will be stored in closed tanks waiting for bottling.

  1. Ultra-disinfection by ultraviolet rays of water filtration lines closed

During storage of pure water, it is likely that the water will be bacterially reinfected from the air, so before pouring and bottling, this water will be sterilized by ultraviolet (UV) to ensure drainage. kill bacteria completely. Dead bacteria in the water are also removed by a 0.2 µm filter system to remove bacteria.

  1. Bottling, labelling for products

At this time, the water has reached the standards of pure drinking water immediately of the Ministry of Health and will be transferred to the pouring, bottling and labelling for the product. Depending on the production scale and regional market, you can choose the filling system with the most suitable capacity.

It is necessary to carefully research the market before deciding to invest in a line of bottled and labelled water filtration lines. So that the entire system can meet the needs of the market. But it should be noted, the systems when investing should ensure the ability to upgrade quickly and easily in case the needs of the market require greater.

For more specific advice on water filtration systems and the implementation process of bottled pure water filtration line. Along with that is the relevant legal procedures, the publication of products, you can consult and contact directly with Viet An Company, which specializes in providing systems, services, solutions in the water treatment field. Viet An is always ready to listen and share ideas and feelings of customers with the desire to bring the best solution, bringing competitive advantages in the production of pure water to customers.

Hopefully, the information on the bottled water filtration line that we have just presented will be useful to you.

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