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Refrigerant solvent for ice cubes making machine

31/05/2019 0 Comment

The refrigerant for ice making machine, also called refrigerant gas, is the first gas used on air-conditioners, with easy-to-maintain advantages when you want to pump more gas, non-toxic, non-explosive and the price is relatively cheap so the gas is quite popular.


gas lạnh

Today, all kinds of gas refrigeration are very diverse in types and quality. These refrigerants are used for refrigeration equipment corresponding to their performance. It could be cooling, chilled, or even freezing ice into water, corresponding to air conditioners, refrigerators, and ice machines.

Not only used in the production of household refrigeration appliances, but they also contribute positively to the operation of industrial machines, especially pure ice cubes. In this article, we will learn more about air-conditioner types, to better understand the key element in this refrigeration industry.

But what you need to know about refrigerants for ice cubes making machine, so WHAT IS REFRIGERATION SOLVENT?

Refrigerant is a circulating substance in the refrigeration system that absorbs the heat of the cold chamber by evaporating at low temperature and low temperature and discharging heat to the environment at high pressure and high temperature.

Information you need to know about refrigerant solvent (cold gas)

- Identify and classify cold gas by cold gas symbol.

- Understanding the basic properties of cold gas.

- Read graphs as well as saturated temperature pressure tables.

- Understanding and read the cycle node parameters of the cold cycle shown on the Moliere graph (pressure graph - enthalpy).

- Analyze the different properties of cold gas, mention the disadvantages as well as their applications to the system.

- Understand the process of using, preserving and recovering cold gas

- Understand the cold gas safety rules.

Requirements for the refrigerant solvent to use for ice making machine

- Non-toxic to living organisms

- It does not cause fire or explosion. It does not cause rust of machine-building materials

- Easy to detect leaks

- Easily detect leak location

- Low freezing temperature, much lower than the required boiling temperature.

- It must be chemically stable and not easy to decompose

- Suitable for lubricating oil to easily lubricate moving parts.

- The lower the compression ratio (Л is the ratio of condensate pressure to evaporation pressure) as low as possible to achieve high compressor efficiency

- Environmentally friendly, non-destructive to the environment.

Types of refrigerants for ice cubes

R22 Gas is the first gas used on refrigeration systems of pure ice cubes, with easy-to-maintain advantages when you want to pump more gas, non-toxic, non-flammable as well as relatively cheap prices. This gas is quite popular. They are also known as HCFC or Chlorodifluoromethane. The most obvious feature of R22 is that they are gas, colourless, and have a slight fragrance.


With ice cubes making machines, people often use condensation condensers by water, air, or a combination of both methods to increase cooling efficiency. If using condenser is a water-cooled, the condenser pressure is 1.19MPa (12kg / cm2) with a condenser heat of about 30 degrees C. If using condenser is air, the condensing pressure is 1.6MPa ( nearly equal to 16.5 kg / cm2) at the condenser temperature of 42 degrees C.

Other characteristics of R22 are as follows:

- R22 dissolves the complex problems that arise in lubrication parts, in the thermal range (-40) to (-20) degrees Celsius, the insoluble oil makes them cling to the steam system while lacking oil in the compressor.

- R22 does not dissolve water, thus reducing the risk of moisture blocking, they also help to remove dirty sand in locations such as condensers and compressors.

- When they are in the air, they do not conduct electricity but can conduct electricity when liquefied. Therefore, absolutely do not let them get into the compression engine.

- Non-toxic, however, it can cause suffocation if there is a high concentration in the air

- No effect on food quality, especially colour

- Affecting the ozone layer is small so it will be used in small quantities.

R410A Gas According to Kyoto Decree signed in December 1997, developed countries must minimize the greenhouse effect to protect the environment, therefore, R410A Gas was invented to replace R22 gas.

Gas 410A

R410A Gas has the same chemical composition as R22 but it has higher volatility, and when the environment is low, it will cause a lack of oxygen, so your room must be well ventilated or it will be very dangerous It is dangerous to have gas leaks. The reason is that R410A gas is the perfect replacement for R22 gas for the following reasons:

R410 gas cooled 1.6 times higher than R22

  Cooling capacity is 1.6 times higher than R22 gas

  If compared to the type of gas used R22, the refrigeration system uses R410A gas for deeper cold, more energy saving.

  The gas R410A contributes to environmental protection because it does not cause ozone leakage.

However, R410A type gas also has some disadvantages of "picky" users such as:

  Ice making machine using R410A gas is difficult to maintain, gas pump is more than R22 type (when pumping R410A gas, it is necessary to completely withdraw the remaining gas in the tank - and for R22 gas, it can be pumped in addition) No need to remove old gas out.

  Refrigeration system using R410A gas has a higher price than R22 refrigeration system at the same time, the cost of gas and new gas pump is often very high and when gas pump must use a variety of specialized equipment.

Gas R32 has the most advantages today

gas R32

About this new type of R32 gas, it has outstanding advantages as follows:

Electricity saving: With cooling capacity greater than that of R410A, R32 gas (more than 1.6 times - R410A, more than 6.1 times R32), it is recommended to use R32 gas-cooled refrigeration system to save energy. due to fast and powerful cooling time.

Safety: R32 Gas meets GWP emission standard (550) many times lower than R410A (1980) gas, which helps reduce emissions up to 75%, meeting the requirements of environmental protection, against the Increasing heat leads to the greenhouse effect.

Easy to adapt: ​​Although it is different in formulas, R32 gas with the same pressure as R410A gas is very popular so it can be used with installation equipment, only need to replace gas charging meter and gas charging line.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the common refrigerant types for ice making machines.

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