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Supplying ice-making machine 3 ton for Mr Thang in Quang Tri

15/07/2019 0 Comment

Along with the greenhouse effect, global warming can be felt very clearly. We live in the hottest days in history. Temperatures reach 39, 40 degrees, even people bring pans to the street fried chicken eggs. Saying that only to find that the demand for human refreshments has been increasingly enhanced, that is the reason for the soft drinks being used daily from clean ice-making machines.

On March 13, 2019, Mr Nguyen Van Thang in Quang Tri signed a contract to buy 3-ton ice-making machine - VA3T with Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company

máy làm đá viên 3 tấn
Ice cube making machine 3 ton

The reason Mr Thang chose Viet An ice making machine 3 tons

Mr Thang said: “Viet An's ice machine can make ice cubes products that are fast, clean and hygienic and safe at the request of the Ministry of Health.

Specifically, pure ice making machine is manufactured by Viet An Company with good quality and clear origin of components constituting the machine, meeting the required quality criteria such as Heavy metal criteria, ice finished products reached 22 criteria and many criteria for bacteria and microorganisms. So I can be completely assured of quality as well as consulting, care, warranty or machine maintenance services in the process of getting to know the purchase.

The main parts of Viet An ice making machine such as ice cutter, ice mould, ice supply tank, load bucket and cold mortar in the system are all made of stainless steel 304. Absolutely no rust in the time easy to use and ease clean, save electricity costs and reduce costs.

The production process of ice cube making machine 3-ton is completely automatic, self-contained and ensures food hygiene and safety. The devices that make up the machine are carefully selected by the company. Therefore, ensuring good quality. In addition, Viet An ice making machine makes it very stable, high performance, easy to install or operate. I also do not need to worry about the process of working later. Because there is almost no error.

In addition, Mr Thang said: "In the market today there are many types of ice-making machines, from many brands ranging from popular to high-end, with diversified designs, the same quality is not fixed - making I can hardly choose. All will be resolved, when I find the Viet An ice making machine - this is a perfect choice for me as well as other business owners ……

The ice cubes are produced by Viet An ice making machine 3 tons, good quality, 4 times more soluble than poor-quality ice and do not leave cloudy dirt when dissolved. The ice is completely pure due to being produced completely automatically, closed, without human hand intervention so I can be assured of the quality of the ice.

Electricity saving is a common trend in manufacturing industrial equipment. The economical use of electricity not only benefits investors in the long term but also increases the life of the equipment, contributing to improving national interests. Understanding that, Viet An has applied modern technology and launched a new generation of ice-making machines to save maximum power consumption.

Compact and modern design, it does not take up installation space and is suitable for many different uses. The machine is used with American technology with components and accessories imported from many countries around the world.

Viet An always put the interests of customers first, we always focus on product quality and service quality. Therefore, in nearly 20 years of construction and growth, Viet An company has received many noble awards”.

The ice production process of ice cube machine 3 ton

Step 1: Pump water into the container, which located below the ice mortar.

Step 2: Use the water pump system to transfer the water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir, followed by the water passing through the condensing system or evaporative condensing device (the duty of this condensing system is to transfer water from a liquid into vapour

Step 3: Lead this steam into the ice tubes inside the ice mortar (located below the upper water reservoir and the condenser).

Step 4: The compressor will start to operate, combined with the refrigerant in the 3-ton ice cube making machine- VA3T to transfer cold air into the ice tube (the temperature is now about minus 20 degrees Celsius), steam in the tube will gradually crystallize into  ice form and stick to the inside of the tube wall.

Step 5: After a period of 45 minutes, the ice cubes have been formed, the compressor system will reverse to pump hot air into the ice mortar, helping the ice cubes to be separated with the tube.

Step 6: After ice cubes out the tube, the cutting knife system will be placed under the ice mortar, cutting ice into cubes with available sizes.

So to ensure the health of people in Quang Tri, Mr. Thang is a smart consumer. Please contact Viet An Company for the best ice cube making machine 3-ton. Viet An is committed to providing you with quality ice-making machines and suits health standards

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