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Technology makes the latest plastic bottles in 2019

13/12/2019 0 Comment

Today, the technology of producing pure water gives us convenience in daily life because it has met the needs of life when everywhere we can buy for ourselves a bottle of water to quench thirst. Surely everyone knows plastic bottles while using bottled water or soft drinks. But few know the latest exciting bottle-making technology in 2019 from bottle preforms. Let's learn about plastic or PET bottles with Viet An and the process of producing plastic and PET bottles.

What is PET plastic bottle?

Polyethylene terephthalate (called PET, PETE or PETP or PET-P) is thermoplastic, belongs to polyester resin and is used in fibre synthesis, plastic beverage containers, plastic bottles, food containers and types of liquids, Can be injection moulding to shape. And in an industry often combined with fibreglass. PET is one of the materials used in the production of manual yarn.

PET was discovered in 1941 by the Calico Printer ’Association of Manchester city. PET bottles were put into production in 1973.

Currently, there are many plastic bottle manufacturing facilities across the country with different processes. Customers should choose a unit that uses the standard manufacturing process to make their plastic bottles safest. Viet An is the leading company in the field of supplying PET bottle blowing machines - we affirm our professional production process with modern and high quality machines.

About the prestigious plastic bottle blowing dispensing unit - Viet An

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company was formerly known as Viet An General Trading Company. Equitized in August 2009. It is the largest company in Vietnam in importing, manufacturing and distributing water purification lines, filling equipment, ice-making machines and many kinds of industrial equipment other.

Viet An products are applied the most advanced modern technology from the United States and many countries with modern technology in the world. Viet An's products are meticulous to every detail and meet ISO9001-2015 standards according to International standards.

Nearly 20 years of building and growing Viet An has won many prestigious awards such as the Gold Medal for high-quality Vietnamese goods in 2009, Golden Lotus Cup for high-quality goods in 2009 and many other prestigious awards ...

Come to us, customers will experience a more specialized professional service with the latest bottle blowing machine technology, which has not been applied by any unit, with an affordable price. maintenance, professional after-sales service to satisfy all the most demanding customers.

The process of producing PET plastic bottles follows the latest technology

Blowing bottle consists of 2 main stages: heating softens the embryo and blows the bottle in the mold

Máy thổi chai
Blowing machine

Bottle embryos will be run through a special heating system to become more flexible preparing for the blowing stage.

PET bottle embryos after being heated will be transferred to a heater and attached to the clamp of the mold. The mold is tightly closed. At this time, compressed air is injected to increase the pressure inside the mold, the bottle embryos will be blown to the shape of the mold.

Blow pressure is calculated carefully, after blowing will have a period of holding pressure. The purpose of this stage is for the bottle embryos to be completely shaped and cooled (with a water-cooled machine). Unlike conventional Piston compressing systems, the compressed air used for blowing bottles is created by special screw air compressor system and is dried to eliminate strange smells and germs in the air.

The ending is the pressure release process, the mold will be detached, the product itself falls off and pushes outward.

Products will be checked, packed and stored. Transferring to bottling bottled water stage.

Therefore, high quality bottled drinking water always uses Pet plastic bottles from reputable suppliers equipped with a systematic and standard system for food production to ensure high quality for pure drinking water after when carefully filtered. Some cases of water bottles have a bad smell or are partly caused by this cause of cross-contamination from sources of Pet bottles that are not manufactured as standard.

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Ancillary equipment of bottle blowing machine - create quality plastic bottles

High pressure air compressor

Máy nén khí áp cao

Photo of high-pressure air compressor

The high-pressure compressor of the bottle blowing system is responsible for creating high-pressure airflow, providing high pressure air to blow out extremely beautiful bottle shells.

Air tank for high-pressure air compressor

Bình Khí
Photo of air tank

Air tank: The air tank of the bottle blower works to balance the air, helping the air flow from high pressure air compressor to the blowing machine evenly. So the finished bottle will not be defective.

Air filter

phin lọc khí
Photo of Air Filter

Air filter: The air filter of VAPET1200 bottle blowing machine is installed behind the air bottle (also called air bottle). The air filter filters the air and cleans the air before it enters the air drying machine.

Air drying machine

máy làm khô không khí
Photo of Air Drying Machine

Air drying machine: In the bottle blowing system, the air drying machine has the effect of drying the air before blowing in the bottle. This will limit the errors of blown out bottles.

Cooling Tower


Tháp giải nhiệt
Photo of Cooling Tower

Cooling tower: in the bottle blowing system, the cooling tower has the effect of cooling bottles and bottles of finished products after blowing. Because if there is no cooling tower, after blowing, the bottle will be hot and stick to the mold. Make it difficult for customers to remove the bottle.

Viet An is committed to bringing businesses quality plastic bottle blowing machines - the latest technology:

  • The price of bottle blowing machines in Viet An is always the cheapest in the market.
  • The bottle blowing machine provided by Viet An has the lowest error rate! No other machine in the Vietnamese market today can guarantee such a low failure rate.
  • Bottle blowing machine uses the latest technology in Italy so extremely saving electricity. Reducing the cost of bottles, enabling you to compete extremely well with the market, without having to worry about price competition.
  • Bottle blowing machine is operated with computerized control system, extremely stable. Designed with safety lock, automatically disconnects when something goes wrong.
  • The bottle blowing machine provided by Viet An is the only machine on the market that can change the mechanism from blowing bottles to blowing jar. This will have to set a separate mold according to each customer's request.
  • During operation, the machine operates very smoothly. Less noise, not affecting people around.
  • The bottle blowing machine is also compact, does not take up space. Make your workshop space clean, airy and beautiful.
  • Bottle blowing machine has a long-term warranty of up to 12 months.
  • Very good after-sales service. Only available at Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

You have a need for the bottle blowing machine with the latest plastic bottle technology in 2019, please contact 0949.41.41.41 for the best advice! Thank you for your interest in our products!

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