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The price of ice making machine 9 tons

20/06/2019 0 Comment

Do you want to buy an ice cube making machine  9 tons? But are you still wondering because you have not chosen a suitable reputable establishment? Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company would like to introduce to you 9-tons ice making machine. Ice making machines are currently on the market of some unknown origin companies. Or import from China with poor quality. Makes people who want to buy machines do not know how to get a genuine industrial ice making machine, prestige, quality warranty and maintenance attached. Come to Viet An to get the ice making machine which you desire.


Customers can be assured when buying 9-ton ice making machine of Viet An

When customers choose Viet An to buy 9-ton ice cubes making machine, we will definitely not disappoint customers by:

- We, a team of professional engineers, with many years of experience, ensure always bring the most advanced and modern machinery.

  • Being assembled on US technology lines, strictly complying with ISO 9001: 2015 international standards, Viet An ensures the best and most modern products in Vietnam.
  • The ice making machine is applied cooling and cooling system between wind and water with R22 solvent imported from developed countries, so ice making speed will be much faster than before.
  • The process of making ice is completely automatic and self-contained, you will not take much time to perform manual operations, saving more time.
  • Extremely attractive price, cheaper than other brands. In addition, enthusiastic and professional consulting service of Viet An will help customers choose the products that are satisfied.
  • The 8-ton ice cube maker with 2000x1600x400 (mm) industrial design, the 3400kg weight is still very easy to install and optimize space.
  • Quiet operation, low noise. Also with smart circuit automatically disconnects when there is an electrical problem, self-adjusts ice making time, it will be very safe to use.
  • The components are made of high-quality stainless steel 304 material, which helps to prevent corrosion, enhance shelf life.

The price of 9-ton ice making machine in Vietnam has many different levels so customers need to determine the correct choice in accordance with the money bag as well as the most assured quality of machines.

In Viet An, there are 3 lines 9-ton, which are USApec 9 tons, Inox VA9 tons and iNox VA9 tons for export. Their prices range from over 400 million to over 500 million - Customers can choose suitable for their needs and funding as well as their businesses. Customers can also contact the phone number 0949 41 41 41 for advice quickly and accurately.

What experience to choose a suitable pure ice making machine?

Customers can follow the tips below to choose a suitable ice maker:

Determine the type of stone you need for your facility:

When choosing the type of ice cubes you need for your restaurant/facility, do you need to specify what type of Ice cubes you need for that purpose? For example, you often use ice for carbonated drinks, or for alcoholic beverages. In addition, do you use ice to keep salads, fresh foods? Or use it to chill beer and wine. Facilities such as hospitals, clinics or using ice to marinate in wounds or pain ...

Determine the number of ice cubes used in each day:

The size of the ice making machine is an important issue that you must keep in mind before deciding to buy an ice making machine. A basic rule is that you must determine the amount of ice needed for your facility to operate during a normal day. Please call us so we can help you identify the most suitable ice making machine

Choose between water-cooled and air-cooled models:

Determining an appropriate industrial ice maker depends on many factors, But the Log Machine part is an important factor that makes a difference. An ice machine that uses an air-cooled log will save you the cost of water compared to a water-cooled log, but a water-cooled logger helps you Minimize noise when operating and it will operate safer in case of high air temperature. However, our products have dual-air- and water-cooling technology and you don't have to worry about this option.

Identify the accessories included:

An ice machine will need an ice storage container or a storage compartment and dispense ice below it. You will need to have a water filtration system before you put it into an ice machine, with ice shovels, plugs and power outlets in the area you plan to place ...

When buying 8 tons of ice cubes of Viet An customers are also provided with packaging equipment to help the production process to be packed more quickly.

9-tons ice cube making machine Save 45%

The 9-ton ice cube maker adopts the latest US energy-saving technology that saves up to 45% of power consumption compared to other ice cubes on the market.

9-ton ice making machine has a completely self-contained ice making process, so the finished ice has a pure purity of Vietnam standard 6-1 / 2010 / BYT about food hygiene and safety FDA International standards of US should be qualified to export to ASEAN countries.

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