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Viet An accepted of the 30-ton ice cube maker for guests in Laos

18/06/2019 0 Comment

After signing the contract of 274/2018 on the purchase of 30-ton ice making machine - IVA30T34 with Mr Nguyen Cong Hoan. On January 27, 2019, Ms Kaisonenaly Sothakhanthone joined her husband from Laos to Vietnam to take over the 30-tons ice making machine at Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

In recent years, Pakse province - Laos is a country with a relatively high economic growth rate, with many potentials for tourism development, so the demand for using pure ice cubes is increasing.

Hình ảnh nghiệm thu máy đá 30 tấn của chị Sothakhanthone
Photo of acceptance 30-ton ice making machine of Ms Sothakhanthone

Structure of 30-ton ice cubes making machine

The main equipment of the ice making machine includes compressor - condenser. Carrying out the main task is to exchange temperature and waste heat to the main cooling water pump system and cooling tower. There is also a throttle system that is an efficient evaporation system.

Additional equipment includes:

+ Oil separator: based on the principle of changing direction and flow rate of the substance. Based on the specific gravity of the medium for cooling.

+ High-pressure container: which contains the liquid in high pressure. The main purpose is to release the condenser exchange surface. At the same time, provide the amount of solvent for efficient throttle system.

+ Liquid separator: effective separation of oil, oil dust.

+ Heat recovery device: helps upstream heat exchange. Between the tube fluid liquid and the refrigerant from the evaporator to the heat recovery device.

Principle of operation of pure ice making machine 30 tons

Suction compressors in the form of low-pressure steam. High-temperature is passed through the oil separator. Help remove oil dust from the refrigerant. Return the condenser to the heat exchanger and waste heat in the compressor - condenser. Then reduce the pressure to the same temperature for evaporation. And the liquid will be put into the container with high pressure. At this point, the flow of the fluid is transferred through the throttle system. At the same time reduce the pressure to the extent that it can evaporate. The refrigerant on the evaporator receives evaporative ice temperature.

The reason Ms Kaisonenaly Sothakhanthone uses Viet An ice making machine

30-ton ice cube making machine has an intelligent control circuit, easy to operate when there is a problem.

The watch displays the total dissolved solids of pure water.

Automatic circuit breaker when pure water is full of tanks, or automatically power when input water is exhausted.

The circuit protects the entire system when a power failure, voltage drop, circuit shutdown, or voltage surge, sudden power stop.

Some characteristics of Viet An ice making machine

The process of ice formation takes place at normal magnetic temperatures and low pressure, so it consumes less power, significantly reducing operating costs.

The size of the pure ice cube making machine is small, the structure is simple, so it does not cost installation space, nor is it easier to transport.

No wastewater.

The process of operating 30-ton ice cubes is simple and does not require much labour.

Quick cooling time thanks to the good application of technology.

The casing construction is made of a stainless steel compound that enhances machine life.

Great power saving capability.

After taking over the 30-ton ice making machine of Viet An, Ms Sothakhanthone can be completely assured of the quality of the ice made as well as the post-sale services provided by Viet An. Viet An is always proud of being one of the best suppliers of products to domestic consumers and especially in Pakse - Laos.

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