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Viet An export contract ice cube making machine for Mr Tao

04/02/2020 0 Comment

If you are a clean ice business with a large production scale, you are in need of business expansion - look for ice cube machine products of Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company. We are currently the No. 1 unit in the production and manufacture of industrial ice making machines in Vietnam. The product has now received the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.

With Viet An ice making machine with diverse capacity from 1 ton to 100 tons, it is possible to create ice such as versatile ice (with a diameter of 34-38mm ice cubes), coffee ice (size ranges from 18-23mm). , beer ice (diameter is 44-47mm). If you do sell any ice, you can order and choose ice pipes of adequate size.

Viet An exported IVA7T ice making machine for Mr Tao

Seeing the development potential of Viet An ice cube making machine, Mr Tao decided to sign the contract of MĐ2019BN 009 IVA7T - 7 tons exported iNox ice machine with the size of ice that he chose 18x30mm.

The production process of ice cube machine of Viet An ice cube making machine

Not only Mr Tao, but many customers who come to Viet An also are interested in the production process of an ice making machine, understand the ice making process will help you operate the machine more easily than ever.

Step 1: Pump water into the container, located below the ice mortar.

Step 2: Use the water pump system to transfer water from the lower tank to the upper tank, then to let the water through the condenser system or evaporative condensing device (the task of the condenser system This capacitor is to convert water from a liquid form into a vapour form)

Step 3: lead steam into the stone pipes inside the millstone (below the water tank above and the condenser).

Step 4: The compressor will start operating, combined with the refrigerant in the ice making machine - to transfer the cold air into the ice tube (the temperature is now about minus 20 degrees Celsius), the water vapor in the pipe will The crystallization gradually turns into a ice and sticks to the inside of the tube wall.

Step 5: After a period of 45 minutes, ice cubes have been formed, the compressor system will reverse to pump hot air into the stone mortar, helping the ice to separate with the tube.

Step 6: After the ice leaves the tube, the knife system will be cut below the ice mortar, cutting the ice into a cube with pre-set size.

Above is the whole process of creating ice of IVA 7Ton ice cube making machine.

Good features of Viet An ice making machine

IVA 7 tons ice making machine has a capacity of up to 7 tons a day.

Because this is a product line designed with INOX 304, Mr Tao can be completely assured about the usage time - on average, this machine can use well with a time of up to 20 years.

Thanks to the copyright purchase the Viet An brand ice machine - so the IVA 7-ton ice machine has the ability to save up to 45% compared to other conventional machines - calculated for 1 year you can save up to hundreds of millions of operating costs.

The price of 7-ton ice machine is extremely preferential - you can refer to 7-ton ice machine Viet An compared to other products with the same capacity on the market to see the price that our given is extremely reasonable.

The control panel system is versatile, easy to use - even for customers who have never experienced refrigeration.

By combining well with cooling tower, ice making time is greatly shortened.

The solvents for making ice are both R22 and R404A - these substances are completely safe for users and the surrounding environment.

See more: Water filtration line for pure ice making machine


Attractive incentives for Mr. Tao when buying ice making machine of Viet An

  • Commit to 100% completely clean ice cubes
  • Viet An offers a 12-month warranty on IVA 7 Ton ice making machine and lifetime maintenance.
  • 100% refund if providing fake ice machine - the quality of making ice is not as committed.
  • Free shipping and installation policy.
  • Card discount deals - worth tens of millions - if Mr Tao introduced acquaintances to buy the company's products.
  • The forms of payment for pure ice making machine products range from bank transfer to direct receipt.
  • Free packaging system when buying ice cube machine in Viet An.

Viet An Vietnam General Trading Joint Stock Company is proud to be the first company to produce an automatic clean ice machine for public health. Each ice making machine made by Viet An Company is a message that the company wants to send to customers and businesses: Please respect your health more, listen to the voice of the body - by how to use clean ice from Viet An ice making machine.

Viet An ice making machine is one of the quality and stable performance products imported from the US with technology specially designed for hygiene. Each time a new batch of ice is removed, the old water is removed, cleaned and refilled with purified water.

All problems related to the price of each type of ice machine, performance and operation please contact us via phone number 0949 41 41 41. Viet An is pleased to welcome the customer.

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