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Viet An exported 5-ton ice making machine and a 1000-litre-hour water filtration line in Nha Trang

08/06/2019 0 Comment

We are proud to be the supplier of the 5-ton ice cube machine and the 1st 1000 litre water filter line in Vietnam and 4th place in Southeast Asia. Recently, on January 19, Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company exported IVA5T47 ice making machine - 5 tons and VACA1000 water filter line - capacity of 1000 litres/ hour and accessories for Mr Nguyen Thanh Son in Nha Trang according to the contract 007/2019.


When the demand for ice, pure water for refreshment in Nha Trang is increasing, it is also the time to the ice cubes with drinking water that does not meet the standards of hygiene and food safety was discussed. The implications of the use of ice and dirty water as human health go down, which is that many people suffer from mild gastrointestinal diseases, then people buy medicine for self-treatment or heavy treatment go to the hospital. There has been a lot of information to guide people to use clean ice, pure water has a clear origin but sometimes for personal benefit, people ignore those recommendations. That is the reason why Mr. Son invested in ice cubes making and pure bottled water.

Mr Son chooses 5-ton ice making machine and 1000-litre/ hour water filtration line of Viet An

5-ton ice cube making machine - IVA5T47 of Viet An is superior to Chinese ice making machine, even ice making machine of Taiwan, because:

IVA5T stainless steel ice making machine has a fully closed and automatic operation mechanism, during the ice making process, the machine does not need any human impact. Moreover, the machine is equipped with the most advanced and intelligent water filtration system to remove all impurities and bacteria from the ice making water source, so the quality of commercial stone always meets pure standards and ensures security. full hygiene.

The components of pipe, mortar and thermos of 5-ton ice cubes production machine are made of high-quality stainless steel. That said, it can be understood that Viet An tablet ice maker is extremely durable and has a life expectancy of at least 20 years. Thanks to stainless steel material, the machine is not corroded by oxidation, adapted to many types of climate from temperate to tropical in Vietnam. Thanks to this structure, the cleaning of an ice making machine is extremely simple to help ensure food safety and hygiene.

IVA5T safe, clean and hygienic stainless steel 5-ton ice cube making machine With air cooling method, using R22 solvent imported from India to meet international standards to ensure safety for human health.

Especially thanks to the application of the latest advanced energy-saving technology of the US, IVA5T Viet An ice cubes can save maximum power compared to other types of industrial ice making machines which are widely sold in the market.

Compact size but outstanding ice-making capacity. So Mr Son can be assured that the device does not waste installation area.

Purification process, pure water treatment of water filtration system VACA1000

Water filtration line of 1000 litres/ hour is produced on modern US production line imported and distributed exclusively by VA An Joint Stock Company under the brand name VA, USApec, ... capacity water filtration line 1000 L / h is operated automatically, creating quality products that people believe to use.

The source water that needs to be treated will be pumped by the pump system to the pre-filter system, then through the heavy metal filter system, detoxification filter, the smell colour to the water softening system, to the water filtration system safely, With the support of booster pump, it will bring water after passing the above stages to the RO membrane filtration system thereby creating a pure water source of standard. After that, pure water will be passed through the UV sterilization system and Ozone machine to completely remove 100% of bacteria, the bacterial filtration system before being taken to the tank waiting for filling. Here are details of the utility of each filtration stage:

Source pump system: It is used to create pressure to bring water flowing through the crude filtration system, washing filter materials and reconstituting.

Pre-filter system: Helping operators know the time to wash the filter, check the safety of the entire water filtration line.

Heavy metal filter system: Using quartz and manganese materials to treat debris in the water helps to remove the 1 micrometres of dirt, dust, mud, helping to protect and prolong the life of Next filters.

Detoxification filter system: Use Dutch activated carbon to detoxify, decolourize, deodorize and create a sweet taste for water.

Softening water filtration system: mainly eliminates limestone and magnesium in water, bringing hard water to soft water to create the best water quality for RO membrane, protect the membrane and increase the life of the membrane.

Safe filter system: Used to protect RO filters from clogging in the case of filter materials passing through the sieve out of the pipeline.

Booster pump system: Create the highest pressure to push through the RO filter membrane.

RO membrane system: Create pure bottled water standardized according to 6-1-2010 / BYT standards. With extremely advanced technology from the United States, water through RO water filtration system has been tested by international reputable organizations.

Ultraviolet water disinfection system: To remove infection back to the water.

Ozone system: Used to disinfect water before filling. Bacterial filtration system: To remove bacteria in the water.

Auxiliary equipment of 5-ton ice making machine and water filtration line of 1000 litres/hour

Viet An VAMCRTH Filling Machine is a semi-automatic filling product manufactured by Viet An. The whole frame and roller of the machine are made of high quality 304 stainless steel material with aesthetics, safety, high durability. The machine is manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2015 standard and has the ability to both extract and extract the whole bottle. The filling head system of the general filling machine manufactured by Viet An is imported directly from Italy with high durability.

The combination of 5-ton ice making machine and 1000-liter / hour water filtration line helps output ice and pure drinking water to be bottled, bottled 100% to ensure the "food hygiene and safety" standard of the Ministry of Health. With a team of skilled technicians, Viet An is committed to bringing Mr Son the best product and will transfer the whole technology to him when he has finished installing the machines.

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