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Viet An exported the ice making machine contract to Mr Ly

04/02/2020 0 Comment

Viet An has become a prominent brand in the field of manufacturing ice making machine with the most modern technology not only in Vietnam but also highly appreciated in ASEAN countries. This achievement is thanks to the relentless efforts of all Viet An employees. The trust of customers is also the pride of our development.

Viet An prepares to produce ice making machine for Mr Ly

Not only providing customers with high-quality products, the most modern technology, saving a lot of costs, Viet An is also appreciated for after-sales service, thoughtful after-sales service. On May 6, 2019, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company proceeded to export ice machine according to the contract signed MĐ2019VP 098 IVA3T with Mr Ly, the size of ice that he chose was 34 * 40mm.

The main equipment of IVA3T ice making machine is 3 tons

Ice making machine includes two main types of equipment, compressors and condensers (condensers).

Compressor: is a device that draws the refrigerant from the evaporator and also keeps the pressure needed for evaporation at low temperatures.

Condensers: Condenser holds the task of condensing the overheated gas behind the compressor to form a liquid refrigerant.

The main device has the function of making the heat transfer system more efficient, thereby quickly generating cold water to make ice cubes. Therefore, it is necessary to add 2 more major equipment support parts including:

Cooling towers are responsible for lowering the temperature of the water and cooling the ice.

The second part is the cooling pump.

In addition, two additional systems are needed to support the evaporation system and the throttle system that contributes to the creation of the ice cubes.

Auxiliary equipment of ice machine

- Oil separator: Change the way the solvent is moved in the direction and the speed is the oil separator. The process depends on the density of the solvent, in addition to the oil dust here. Thereby, the direction and movement speed of the medium is changed differently.

- Container: The container holds the task of containing the fluid in it, most of the medium contained in this tank is a liquid medium with high pressure. Yes, this medium is often called the refrigerant (which is gas).

- Liquid separator: has the function of providing and maintaining the flood level in the evaporation system. Moreover, the bottle also has the task of separating the steam to attract the compressor. Use a liquid separator (level keeping bottle) to supply liquid to the indoor unit.

- Heat recovery: jar is responsible for receiving refrigerant from the evaporation system. Then, the heat exchanger exchanges heat upstream between the two refrigerants and the liquid in the spiral tube.

When using ice cube machines or any kind of machinery, we need to know the structure of the machine, which will help us to understand the operating process as well as the process of use will become easier.

The components that come with the ice cube making machine are delivered to Mr Ly

12m3 cold storage: this is the equipment that should be available to ensure there is still ice used in the case of maintenance of ice making machine 3 tons, power outages, or used to store excess ice when not used up. Using white foam material covered with two layers of thick sheet, also known as the Panel, the safety locking system ensures a stable ice storage temperature between -4 and -9 degrees Celsius, with this temperature so I don't get sticky when delivering to customers.

G3 packing system: Produced by stainless steel at Viet An's factory, the system supports Mr Ly's business unit to operate quickly, neatly and efficiently in packing ice into bags and big bags for distribution for customers.

VAMĐ400 water filtration line: Mr Ly uses pure water filtration line based on RO technology to make ice cubes, giving water quality up to the standards of direct drinking water of the Ministry of Health, ensuring the water source is clean and not Contains bacteria, toxic substances for health.

Not only Mr Ly but many customers have chosen the right product for their needs when coming to Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company - So what are you waiting for without picking up the phone and contacting us now via the hotline: 0949 41 41 41. For advice and fastest support.

Thank Mr Ly for trusting and choosing Viet An as a reliable partner, surely with this 3 ton ice cube making machine, his ice production facility will develop strength and bring effective profit for his family.

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