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Viet An installed a 5-ton ice cube maker for Mr Thuan in Lang Son

19/06/2019 0 Comment

With the quality of ice cubes tending to become more and more serious, due to the heavy pollution of ice making water, come to 5-ton ice making machine - IVA5T of Viet An. Currently, our products have been on the market for nearly 10 years - 99.99% of customers have used them, giving positive feedback on this product.

On January 28, 2019, Viet An Commercial Joint Stock Company installed and handed over the IVA5T ice making machine to Mr Bu Duc Thuan in Lang So under the contract No. 240/2018 signed.

Hình ảnh bàn giao HĐ 240 máy đá 5 tấn cho anh Thuận - Lạng Sơn
Picture of handing over the contract No. 240 5 tons ice making machine to Mr Thuan - Lang Son

The advantages of 5 ton Viet An ice making machine

The durability of the device can be up to nearly 10 years.

The price of Viet An's products is always lower than that of other stone-selling companies by about 14 per cent due to the optimization of ice making processes.

Low power consumption.

The 5-ton ice cube making machine is made of 304 stainless steel which is resistant to oxidation.

Although it is an ice making machine, however, in order to help finished products, always achieve good quality, Viet An company also installs 1 more water treatment system with a closed process - automatic, can clean all water source.

Viet An can use R22 refrigerant as a catalyst, these refrigerants are absolutely safe to the human body (all approved by the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Department).

Another advantage of the product is the large stone storage system with perfect cooling capacity, which helps preserve the ice before use.

Water treatment technology of ice making machine is 5 tons

Step 1: Use sand, stone and synthetic materials to filter water.

Step 2: Use the filter core with the main ingredient is activated carbon - has the function of reducing colour, deodorizing and chemical substances.

Step 3: Use RO reverse osmosis core, remove all contaminants and harmful substances.

Step 4: Use UV ultraviolet (ultraviolet) to kill bacteria. All bacteria will be filtered and discharged through the waste pipe.

Step 5: Use mineral-forming filters, add 1 essential mineral to the body like calcium and iron.

Summary of compressors of 5-ton stainless steel ice making machine

It can be said that this is one of the extremely important equipment, has a great influence on the stable operation of 5-ton stainless steel ice making machine. In addition, compressors have a close relationship with other components, as long as the compressor has trouble, the whole process will be deactivated immediately.

The duty of the compressor: continuously sucking the refrigerant into the gas body to compress it to high pressure and pushing it into the condensing system. Therefore, compressors need to be large enough to ensure efficiency.


- Control the productivity and safety of the cooling system.

- Reducing power consumption, increasing the life of the device.

- Anti-noise, anti-vibration, with relatively high durability.

Viet An instructed Mr Thuan to use and install the ice maker properly

- Power source: Because this is a 5-ton ice cube machine with a relatively large capacity, the input power source must be good and suitable, the plug must be sure, made from an insulating material, good insulation.

- Regarding water sources: Mr Thuan has used water from water filtration line to make ice. You can combine with Viet An's modern RO water purifier, then the water source is used for pure ice making machine to ensure and safe for users' health - when retaining the minerals for the body, remove harmful impurities, bacteria, environmentally friendly.

- Location of machine installation: Where to place the machine is very important because if the machine is installed in humid places, the temperature is too high, there is direct sunlight in the area as well as the narrow, rough areas, rapids - it will affect product performance.

Mr Thuan should periodically check the maintenance, cleaning and cleaning of parts of the machine, replacing the components of the equipment according to the time prescribed by the manufacturer.

With a device that applies modern and advanced technology such as a 5 ton Viet An ice cube machine, there is no reason for you to hesitate to buy them for your business. Please contact Viet An immediately to be able to own this quality ice maker. Above are some sharing of Viet An about handing over ice cubes machine installed at Mr Thuan's house in Lang Son. If you have any questions, please contact us via the hotline: 0949.41.41.41

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá Viet An installed a 5-ton ice cube maker for Mr Thuan in Lang Son


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