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Warranty of 5-ton ice making machine for Mr Huan in An Giang

02/07/2019 0 Comment

Currently, the industrial ice making machines in general and the 5-tons ice cube making machine are gradually asserting themselves in the market of coffee service - refreshment or preserving food and pharmaceuticals, especially in summer.

Not only bringing customers high-quality products, the most modern technology, saving a lot of costs, Viet An is also highly appreciated for after-sales service, attentive after-sales service. On 23/2/2019, Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company sent technical staff to Mr Ly Cong Huan's house at Chau Doc - An Giang to warranty IVA5T machines - 5 tons under Contract No. 203/2018.


Bảo hành máy làm đá viên 5 tấn tại An Giang

Warranty 5-ton ice making machine in An Giang

The main equipment of an ice making machine 5 tons

Ice making machine consists of 2 main types of equipment: compressor and condenser (condenser).

Compressor: this is a device that is responsible for evaporating the refrigerant generated in the evaporator and also at the same time maintaining the necessary pressure for low-temperature evaporation.

Condensing device: The condenser keeps the condensed gas condensate on the back of the compressor forming a refrigerant in a liquid state.

The main device has the function of helping the system exchange heat more efficiently, thereby quickly creating cold water to make ice cubes. Therefore, it is necessary to have two more smooth main equipment support components including:

The cooling tower is responsible for reducing the temperature of the water down and cooling the ice.

The second part is the cooling pump.

In addition, two additional systems are needed to support the evaporation system and the throttle system that contribute to the formation of ice cubes.

Auxiliary equipment of ice making machine 5 tons

- Oil separator: Change the way the solvent moves to the direction and speed is the oil separator. This process depends on the density of the solvent, also based on the oil dust here. Thereby, the direction and movement speed of the medium is changed differently.

- Reservoir: The container holds the task of storing the medium in it, most of the substance contained in this container is a liquid with high pressure. Yes, this medium is often called refrigerant (which is when gas).

- Liquid separator: has the function of supplying, maintaining the fluid level always submerged in the evaporation system. Moreover, the bottle also has the task of separating the steam to suck back to the compressor. Use a liquid separator (level holder) to feed the indoor unit.

- Heat recovery device: The mission is to catch the refrigerant from the evaporation system. After that, heat recovery will exchange heat upstream between 2 refrigerant and liquid solvent in the spiral tube

The process of warranty for ice maker machine of Mr Huan

Warranty activities of Mr Huan's 5-ton ice cubes are similar to many other industrial ice making machines of Viet An which always follow strict procedures to accurately check all parts. of machines such as cooling fans, compressors, pumps, ice troughs, electronic circuit boards, throttle valves, condensers and some other parts. In addition, technical experts of Viet An will also consider the speed of defrosting, the old age of finished stone and check the quality of operation of IVA5T ice making machine of Mr Huan.

After checking all parts of the 5-ton ice cube machine, the technician will make necessary adjustments and repairs, if necessary, and clean the ice maker to ensure stability during operation machine.

Viet An is committed to bringing the most prestigious and quality products in Vietnam market. If you need to buy a 5-ton ice cube making machine, please contact us immediately.

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