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Warranty of an ice making machine 8 ton in Lao Cai

29/06/2019 0 Comment

Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company is currently the number 1 unit in production and manufacturing industrial ice machines in Vietnam. The 8-ton ice making machine product has now received ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification. In addition to quality products, Viet An also provides after-sale services that make many customers satisfied.

On February 16, 2019, Viet An sent technical staff to Mr Dang Van Thang's house in Lao Cai to warrant 8-ton ice cubes making machine according to the signed Contract 005/2019.

Bảo hành máy làm đá viên 8 tấn

The basic structure of an ice making machine is 8 tons

- Evaporator: Heat exchange equipment between two environments is cold and the environment needs cooling.

- Compressor: 2-phase screw type, which acts to cool air and gas.

- Condensing tank: Condensing the gas to be treated at the compressor and then transformed into liquid form.

- Refrigerant: R22 / R404A refrigerant for good heat transfer and cooling performance, imported from Japan.

- Cooling tower: Cooling system with water and blower.

- Ice mortar: Water cooling according to ice mould.

- Water pump: Function of circulating water to make ice.

- Valve system: Electromagnetic defrost valve, block condenser manual valve, ...

The ice production process of ice making machine of 8 tons

After finishing the warranty for Mr Thang, technical staff will let the test machine run. The ice production process includes:

Step 1: Pump water into the container, located below the ice mortar.

Step 2: Use the water pump system to transfer the water from the under reservoir to the upper reservoir, followed by the water passing through the condensing system or evaporative condensing device (The task of this condensing system is to transfer water from a liquid into vapor)

Step 3: Lead this steam into the ice tubes inside the ice mortar (located below the water reservoir and the upper the condenser).

Step 4: The compressor will start working, combined with the refrigerant in the 8-ton ice cube making machine - to transfer cold air into the ice tube (the temperature is now about minus 20 degrees Celsius), the steam inside The tube will gradually crystallize into an ice form and stick to the inside of the tube wall.

Step 5: After a period of 45 minutes, the ice cubes have been formed, the compressor system will reverse to pump hot air into the ice mortar, helping the ice cubes to be separated out of the tube.

Step 6: After ice cubes separated out of the tube, the cutting knife system will be placed under the ice mortar, cutting ice into cubes with available sizes.

Features of IVA8T ice making machine

- Possessing strong capacity, fast ice making speed with the most modern filter to help make the ice without impurities affecting health, ensuring the safest for users.

- Designed reasonably with modern size, saving space where installation and easier transportation.

- 8-ton ice cube making machine to ensure genuine, exclusive sole distribution in Viet An with the best price and cheapest price.

- Closed operation process, automating all stages, using very simple.

- The machine operates smoothly, does not cause big noise affecting the surrounding environment.

- Wind and water cooling systems help increase heat transfer efficiency and save energy compared to other ice making machines on the market.

Researching about the evaporator of clean ice cubes making machine

Principle of operation:

After leaving the capillary tubes, due to sudden pressure drop, a part of liquid gas will be vaporized, the rest remains in liquid form, these two parts combine to form a slightly liquid mixture with low temperature corresponding to Low pressure is then transferred to the evaporator.


Evaporator has a lot of designs and sizes to use depending on each line of IVA8T ice making machine, depending on the machine capacity and demand. Here are some common classifications:

- According to the environment needs cooling:

+ Evaporation flask: cooling liquid such as water, salt water, glycol etc.

+ Air cold truss: used for cooling air.

+ Plate-type cold truss: used in cooling gases, liquids, ...

+ Liquid chiller truss: fishbone cold truss, the panel in ice block machine, etc.

- According to the level of fluid contained in the cold truss: The cold truss flooded liquid or not flooded liquid.

For detailed advice and quotation for 8-ton ice making machine, pure water filtration line, please contact our Hotline: 1900.6013 or visit our branch system in Hanoi and Ho Chi. Minh, Da Nang, Buon Ma Thuot, Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company are very pleased to serve and welcome!

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