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What is alkaline ion? Benefits of an alkaline ion with health

27/06/2019 0 Comment

What is alkaline ion? What are the benefits of alkaline ion for health? Let's go to Viet An to find out through the article below.

Modern life today with the development of science and technology, improving people's life, economic development but at the same time accompanied by environmental pollution, air pollution and especially water pollution. It motivates people to choose green foods, natural drinking water and safe, beneficial to health and beauty. Let's learn about natural drinks to help the body healthy has been present in Vietnam, it called alkali ion water.

What is alkaline ionized drinking water?

Alkaline ionized water is also known in English as Alkaline ionized water (Electrolyte water alkaline), according to Japanese is Kangen (reconstituted water) is used to refer to a type of water produced by electrolyte technology similar to water exist in living organisms has characteristic properties such as rich in minerals, alkaline, rich in antioxidants and composed of subdivided water molecules.

Water is produced based on advanced electrolysis technology, containing alkaline iodine components useful for health.

Alkaline ionized water is popular in Japan, then spread to other developed countries such as Russia, the USA, Korea, ... After 30 years, ion drinking water filter system is available in most hotels "5 stars", luxury restaurants, hospitals, schools, households. Currently, alkaline ionized water purifiers are available in Vietnam.

Benefits of alkaline ionized water for health

  1. Alkaline ionized water is an antioxidant active substance

Antioxidants help our bodies get rid of free radicals, which cause diseases. When the immune system is affected, the symptoms of health and diseases will appear more and more. The body needs antioxidants to counteract the effects of free radicals in the body. One of the good antioxidants for the body is alkaline ionized water.

In other words, drinking alkaline ionized water every day can help the body avoid disease, making our health worse. In fact, alkaline ionized water is a drinking water that can replace the water we drink every day, the easiest way to protect our health.

  1. Alkaline ionized water balances the pH in the body extremely effectively

The body always tends to balance the amount of acid/alkaline in the blood to a neutral level. But when the body has passed the acid level, the body's systems will be difficult to control the pH back to equilibrium. At that time, this amount of acid can interfere with activities in the body.

Alkaline ionized water can help balance this index in the body. Although alkaline ionized water is considered as a way to prevent good acids, those who have the disease, alkaline ionized water can increase their ability to recover faster.

  1. Alkaline ionized water promotes water retention for the body

Alkaline ionized water has a small atomic content that makes it easier for the body to absorb it. The human body can hold water better by drinking daily alkaline ionized water in the right amount. Alkaline ionized water contains many natural minerals that help circulate blood more effectively and help the body's parts work to the maximum effect.

  1. Alkaline ionized water detoxifies the body

A practical benefit that alkaline ionized water provides is the ability to remove toxins that can cause disease in the human body. Drinking alkaline ionized water is a healthy habit. The mechanism of detoxification in the body is very much related to drinking water. Eating healthy, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is also important, but drinking 8 glasses of water per day is the basic foundation for detoxifying the body.

  1. Alkaline ionized water strengthens the immune system

Maintaining a slightly alkaline body will increase the immune system to work more effectively. This consequence can cause free radicals to neutralize and release the body from toxic substances. In general, using alkaline ionized water regularly will help improve the immune system, protect health.

  1. Alkaline ionized water prevents cancer

Simply thinking, cancer cells do not live in neutral or alkaline environments, they live in acidic environments. Body pH balance is an important factor to prevent this disease. Human foods absorbed into the body are capable of increasing the amount of acid in the body. Alkaline ionized water is very beneficial because it neutralizes this acidity. For a healthy body, the pH ranges only from 7.3 to 7.45. Drinking alkaline ionized water will maintain this balance.

In general, alkaline ionized water is good for human health, drinking 2 litres of electrolyte water every day to purify the body, strengthen the immune system, and especially to prevent and prevent cancer diseases. Use electrolyte water filtration system to protect the health of your whole family as well as cultivate the future generation with the best health.

Hệ thống lọc nước điện giải vaiad 1200 lít
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If you want to buy alkaline ionized water filter system to ensure safety and hygiene as well as health for your family, please contact us by phone: 0949.41.41.41 today. Viet An Company is pleased to serve and welcome you!

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