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Which ice making machine is good

31/05/2019 0 Comment

In restaurants, hotels, diner, cafes, milk tea shop, food processing industrial parks, ice cubes making machines are no stranger but gradually become more popular. The demand for using clean ice cubes is getting higher and higher, especially when the hot summer comes. This is also the premise to motivate business investors to install ice making machines to earn profits.


Máy làm đá viên

Due to the increasing demand for installation, there are many manufacturers of ice making machines that appear rampant in the market, both models and types. This is also what makes customers anxious, worried about whether to buy the best ice making machine. Below, Viet An would like to share useful information for those who are considering choosing a reputable ice maker.

Select the best ice making machine?

Before choosing to buy an enterprise ice cube machine, it is necessary to identify the factors

  • Determine the type of ice maker that needs to be purchased or based on the intended use to select the appropriate model.
  • Determining how much is ice making capacity in the day, then choosing ice making machine with suitable capacity.
  • Choose genuine products, accessories for making ice machines: should choose imported products because of higher quality, good warranty. With this factor, you need to check the anti-counterfeit stamp and only the accessories attached.
  • Determining prices: should refer to many price comparison places for the best choice
  • Cleaning the ice cube maker after using is a regular and necessary job to ensure health safety, and directly affect the quality of ice. It is simple design not only makes it easier to use but also clean and hygienic. It will be difficult if you clean the machine in the tangled state of the parts, making cleaning difficult to achieve the best results. Therefore, you should buy an easy-to-remove machine, scrub the ice tray or water containers.

There are many types of ice making machine, but it is not easy for many businesses to choose a quality ice machine. Not to mention the situation of buying fake goods of inferior quality will lead to serious consequences of stone quality that are not as good as they are but also discredit the enterprise. So to choose a good ice making machine, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Easy operation
  • Durable. Low maintenance and maintenance costs.
  • Energy saving.
  • Complete and easy-to-find replacement equipment.
  • The machine runs smoothly without noise.
  • Machine Using materials that are not corroded by oxidation or rust from the weather influences. Suitable use in extreme weather in Vietnam.
  • Cooling methods reach international standards. Directly imported equipment ensures the safety for the health of people using ice cubes products in daily life and eating.
  • Extremely good silencer system with small noise, so less affected and does not disturb people around.
  • The design of the machine is compact, industrial but still has high aesthetic and usability. It makes the installation of ice making machine simple. Machine suitable for continuous use without worrying about damage.
  • The automatic electrical system makes the machine easy to operate, automatically disconnects when an incident occurs or adjusts the time to make the width of the most suitable ice cubes.
  • Water filtration system meets quality standards to ensure hygiene.

s Viet An the number 1 reputable ice maker?

If you have not selected a suitable ice cube maker, Viet An would like to introduce to you our ice making machine products to ensure the full range of features and advantages that an ice maker needs. Many different capacities, depending on the production needs of the business, our staff will advise you on the right choice.

With 20 years of experience in the field of import and distribution of industrial stone machines, RO pure water purifiers, filling machines ... we always put our customers' benefits at 1. To ensure customers Products will have access to the latest, most modern and advanced products

Great advantages of Viet An Inox ice making machine

- Thanks to the casing system: the first is made of stainless steel, the second is made of composite which will make the product durable - can withstand the oxidation process


- Simple control buttons, very easy to use - you can customize the size of ice cubes, the type of stone made is "old" or "young".

- The speed of making ice cubes is always faster than other products with the same capacity thanks to the modern and advanced cooling system and technology imported from developed countries.

- With a good silencer system, when operating - the device will not affect users.

- Because VA ice maker products have been purchased for copyright, when operating - electricity consumption increases will be reduced to the maximum compared to the ice machines currently on the market - thereby reducing costs 1 year up to hundreds of millions VND.

- The price of pure ice tablet making machine is reasonable, with a listed price on the market.

With the above information, if you are intending to trade in ice cubes and shopping for yourself a tablet ice maker, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for support and advice. Best! Hope that the article will share with you useful information

Việt An sees you again in other articles. Best wishes!

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