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Máy chiết rót bia VABGF2500

VABGF2500 330 ml Glass Bottle beer Filling Machine


300ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF2500 with a capacity of 2500 bottles 300ml / h

  • Model: VABGF2500
  • Capacity: 2500 Bottles / h
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Maintenance: Long-term
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Free shipping-installation nationwide

Category: Beer VABGF

Product code: VABGF2500

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Product details

Beer - the favourite drink of Vietnamese people. 330 ml glass bottle beer filling machine with 2500 bottles / h capacity with 3 automatic stages to supply the market with quality beer bottles.

330ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF2500 is produced at Viet An's factory or imported directly from the US, Italy, Taiwan, China.

ảnh tập thể Việt An
Collective photo of Viet An company

Model VABGF2500 is a deluxe 3-in-1 automatic ml glass bottle beer filling machine of Viet An. Machine application of the most modern beer filling technology of the United States. Rapid filling speed reaches 2500 bottles of 330ml per hour.

Sophisticated design, modern design, ISO 9001:2015 production standards

Chứng nhận thương hiệu VA- Tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001
Certificate of VA brand - ISO 9001:2015 standard

330ml Automatic glass bottle beer filling machine 3 in 1 VABGF2500

VABGF2500 is considered an effective aid for glass bottling beer factories at home and abroad today.

With the ability to wash, fill and swirl the caps automatically, VABGF2500 has been chosen by many beer enterprises.

Another special feature that makes the VABGF2500 beer bottle filling machine attractive is the ability to integrate other automatic stages while still running stably and efficiently.

3 automatic stages of 300ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF2500

  • High-tech equipment used to pour beer
  • The process of washing, filling, swirling caps is fully automated with high capacity
  • The latest technology pressure filling of the US
  • The process of filling does not foam, minimize beer outflow, so save absolute beer raw materials
  • Modern design, neat high aesthetics
  • The machine operates stably, with durability over 15 years
  • Provided by Viet An company - the No. 1 brand in Vietnam on supplying genuine cheap filling machines.
  • VABGF2500 is made mostly of high quality 304 stainless steel with corrosion resistance, resistant to wet, shiny environments, easy to clean.
  • The machine is designed to run continuously, saving electricity, saving labour costs
  • The simple way of transport, easy to use

3 in 1 beer filling machine 1- VABGF2500

Máy chiết rót bia chai thủy tinh VABGF2500-3-in-1

Unlike other types of beer filling machines on the market only suitable for PET bottles. VABGF2500 beer filling machine provided by Viet An is specially designed for glass bottles with a capacity of 330ml

In the face of the harmful effects that plastic bottles bring to the environment, to human health, the replacement of PET bottles with glass bottles is the wise choice of today's beverage manufacturers.


VABGF2500 beer filling machine is designed with 3 automatic stages such as:

Stage 1: Automatic bottle rinse

With the design of 18 wash heads, it is possible to spray rinse water with glass bottles in bulk. Especially, the ability to spray water up to the bottom of the glass bottle makes the bottle cleaner than other washing machines on the market.

The principle of intelligent operation, when the glass bottle is brought to the rinsing part through the star wheels, then the 18 crabs pincers will clamp the neck of the glass bottle and then rotate the glass bottle 180 degrees to place the bottle on the rinse heads. Pure water from the rinse heads will automatically spray up to the bottom of the bottle to remove all dirt in the bottle.

With the design of continuous rotating operation, after finishing 1 round the rinsed bottles will be transferred to the beer filling section and rinsed new bottles.

With 18 fully automatic washing heads, it helps to save labour cost. Each month, the company will save 7 million VND for hiring labour for washing these bottles

Stage 2: Automatic bottle beer filling

The machine is designed with the principle of isotropic filling principle to pour beer into glass bottles with an accuracy of 99.9%. With 18 filling heads, it is possible to extract at the same time 18 bottles of beer. Therefore, the extraction efficiency is as high as 2500 bottles per hour.

VABGF2500 beer extraction machine adopts the latest technology of the United States "High-pressure foaming and a vacuum-assisted environment" to reduce the amount of oxygen in the beer. Keep beer flavour longer than other conventional technologies.

The 18 filling heads are designed in a circular manner and operate continuously. Especially in each filling head has an intelligent induction system, which will stop extracting when no bottle.

With the ability to extract beer into high-speed, automatic and accurate glass bottles, the brewing process ensures hygiene and safety, saving the cost of hiring 1 labour.

Stage 3: Automatic close the bottle

Model VABGF2500 is designed with 6 close capping heads. 6 vortex heads are made of stainless steel plating with a grade of 304 stainless steel with high durability.

6 screw caps heads use compressed air pressure to close the cap on the glass bottle with enough force to help put the cap tightly on the bottle, do not break the glass bottle, do not deform the bottle cap.

Capping speed is fast up to 2500 caps per hour

Its fast, automatic capping capability eliminates the need for labour. So you can save 1 labour for this capping process

For fully automatic operation with 3 stages of washing, filling and capping, the VABGF2500 model is designed with an extremely modern control system. A PLC touch screen helps display all the settings and operation of the machine. Control buttons are off and on. Speed ​​control button. This control system is mounted on the body.

With most components constituting VABGF2500 beer filling machine made from high quality 304 stainless steel, the service life of the machine is up to 15 years.

Automatic stages purchase separately ( optional)

 Above is 3 automatic stages integrated into the glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF2500. In addition, you can invest to expand some other automatic stages below.


Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine

Máy tải và sắp chai btd VALS4000
Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine VALS4000


Machine function:

  • Automatic bottle loading
  • Automatic bottle arrangement


The machine adopts the latest technology of the United States of America, designed with 1 tray for bottle caps, 1 set of a bottle holder, 1 conveyor system and 1 conveyor motor.

The process of loading and arranging bottles takes place automatically.

How it works: You put the glass bottle in the tray of the bottle, connect the machine to a power source and turn on the machine. The conveyor motor will start and the glass bottles will be moved, arranged automatically into the bottle moulds and taken to the washing, filling and capping machine for 3 in 1 VABGF2500


Specifications of Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine



Machine capacity (BPH)


Bottle type - 2 moulds (ml)


Electrical capacity (kW / h)


Size (D * R * C mm)


Weight / (kg)



Plastic conveyor

Plastic conveyor system


Hệ thống băng tải plastic

To connect other automatic processes with a 3 in 1 VABGF2500 beer filling machine, the Plastic conveyor system is needed.

The function of the conveyor is to move bottles quickly, saving space, time and without hiring workers.

Specifications of Plastic conveyor

Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)


Price (USD)



Bottle blowing machine



Máy thổi khô chai

Designed with machine frame inside, the system of blowing heads is attached to the air ducts. Using heat creates heat blowing into the bottle, removing water sticking on the glass bottle body. Help the bottle dry to support the following stages.

VAD1000 dry blowing machine has a capacity of 4000-8000 bottles and weight is only about 190kg.




Capacity (bottle / h)


Power (kW / h)


Dimensions (D * R * C mm)


Weight / kg)


Price (VND)


The reason you should install 3 in 1 automatic beer filling machine VABGF2500 of Viet An


Increase productivity


Instead of using manual beer filling machine with limited capacity, and labour-intensive, now with this 3 in 1 automatic glass filling machine VABGF2500, you just need to program and install Where the machine is still the machine will operate automatically but highly effective. The capacity of the machine up to 2500 bottles 330 ml per hour.


Create professionalism for brewing


When using the 3-in-1 automatic beer filling machine VABGF2500 will help you create quality beer bottles that are well received by consumers, increasing competition.

Better beer preservation

In addition to creating high productivity, the VABGF2500 beer filling machine also helps production facilities meet strict requirements on food hygiene and safety in beer production. Minimize the participation of labour in beer production. Helps preserve beer better


Good price


Compared to investing in a completely automatic beer filling line, it takes several tens of billion VND while spend several hundred million VND to buy a 3 in 1 VABGF2500 beer filling machine is extremely reasonable. Quick payback time, initial investment costs are not too large but high labour efficiency.


Certificate of VA brand - ISO 9001:2015 standard

Viet An is a genuine automatic beer filling machine with cheap price


Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company - is the No. 1 unit providing and installing genuine filling machines, automatic bottle filling machines, cheap prices. Equitized from August 2009, with nearly 20 years of construction and development of Viet An has been affirming its No. 1 position in the hearts of consumers.

Constantly improving, updating technology, designs and models of automatic beer filling machines that Viet An has provided are always the latest technology applications, the best quality.

Each year, Viet An supplies to the domestic market and exports to ASEAN countries hundreds of automatic beer filling machines

Viet An beer filling machines are highly appreciated by customers

Viet An has affirmed its position through a series of awards and certifications

Viet An Committed to the quality of VABGF2500 automatic beer filling machine


Viet An always focuses on the quality of the product, saying no to fake and counterfeit goods. Over nearly 20 years of construction, Viet An has always committed to every customer about the quality of filling machines, water filtration lines and ice machines provided by Viet An.

Constantly improving new technology to meet the trends of the times, always bringing to market the most modern products with the best quality.

Besides, Viet An also constantly improves the quality of service to bring the most satisfaction to all customers

As a result of the branding process with the quality and trust of customers, in the past years, Viet An has received great achievements through awards and certificates such as:

Một số cup Việt An đã đạt được
Some cups that Viet An has achieved


Coming to Viet An, you will own genuine automatic beer filling machines with the most reasonable price. For further information, please contact Viet An at 0949 414141

See more article details

Specifications of 300ml Glass bottle beer filling machine 3 in 1 VABGF2500




Wash head


Extraction head


Head swirled


Machine capacity (330ml bottle / h)


Power capacity (kw/h)


Pressure (Mpa)


Bottle size (mm)


Bottle height


Electricity supply


3 in 1 size (D*R*Cmm)


Weight (Kg)


Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)


Price (USD)




Price (USD)

1. Bottle loading and arranging machine - VALS4000


2. Plastic conveyor


3. Bottle blowing machine - VAD10000



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