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Máy chiết rót bia VABGF1500

VABGF1500 330 ml Glass Bottle beer Filling Machine


300ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF1500 with a capacity of 1500 bottles 300ml / h

  • Model: VABGF1500
  • Capacity: 1500 Bottles / h
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Maintenance: Long-term
  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Free shipping-installation nationwide

Category: Beer VABGF

Product code: VABGF1500

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Product details

Application of the most modern carbonated filling technology, Automatic glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF1500 with the capacity of 1500  bottles 300ml per hour is an essential product for today's bottled beer production facilities.

If you want to produce beer automatically, with high capacity, please use automatic beer filling machines genuine, the quality provided by Viet An.

ảnh tập thể Việt An
Collective photo of Viet An company

Model VABGF1500 applies automatic beer filling technology with the integration of 3 stages is washing, filling and capping to help you improve the productivity up to 1500 bottles 330ml per hour. You just install the device with very simple operations. Without labour, beer filling capacity is high. Ensuring hygiene safety with durability over 15 years.

3-in-1Automatic glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF1500 is manufactured at Viet An's factory or imported directly from the US Italy, Taiwan, China.

330ml Automatic glass bottle beer filling machine 3 in 1 VABGF1500

Belonging to the 3 in 1 automatic filling machine line VABGF1500 is similar to the VABGF500 designed specifically to quantify beer into glass bottles automatically.

With the perfect, synchronous integration of 3 stages from washing to filling and capping, VABGF1500 has created a process to bring beer into glass bottles automatically, with enough capacity and without wasting beer. Food safety and hygiene.

It is designed to run continuously 24/7 with durability over 15 years. When you use this VABGF1500 automatic brewing machine, you will save a lot of hiring costs which means it will help you increase your profit, increase your competitiveness than other competitors in the market.

3 automatic stages of 300ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABG1500


Máy chiết rót bia chai thủy tinh VABGF1500- 3 trong 1

Please refer to the 3 automatic stages of the VABGF1500 beer filling machine to see why you should use this glass bottle beer filling machine with capacity 1000 bottle / h


 Stage 1: Automatic bottle rinse


VABGF1500 is equipped with up to 14 bottle wash heads. These wash heads are all made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, do not worry about rusty, not afraid to react to beer ...

These 14 wash heads are connected to the pure water system through the plumbing. When the glass bottle shell is transported in and catch on these 14 wash heads, pure water will be pushed automatically through the wash heads and sprayed up to the bottom of the glass bottle.

To bring the bottle to the position of the washing heads and fix the bottle shell, the machine is equipped with 14 crabs pincers. Uses: clamp glass bottles and rotating the 180-degree bottle upside down catch to wash heads and then turn the bottle 180 degrees back to bring beer filling machine into glass bottles

The crab pincers are also made from stainless steel 304 stainless steel. They can clamp bottles quickly and accurately without scratching the glass bottle.


Stage 2: Automatic bottle beer filling


Beer is the most favourite carbonated drink today. The process of pouring beer into bottles must ensure accuracy and capacity, safety and hygiene

The VABGF1500 beer filling machine is designed with 12 filling heads. At the same time, 12 bottles of beer can be filling. Therefore, the beer extraction capacity is significantly improved up to 1000 bottles 330ml  per hour.

Because this is the filling machine suitable for all kinds of 330ml glass bottles, the whole operation process of the machine takes place with much higher accuracy than the line of filling machine for PET bottles.

Stage 3: Automatic close the bottle

Innovation in terms of technology, quantity and quality. The VABGF1500 is equipped with up to 4 close capping heads. These are made of high-quality stainless steel with a grade of 304 stainless steel

The capping unit uses air pressure to close the cap to the bottle so the capping force is sufficient, causing the bottle cap to stick to the bottle without deforming the cap as well as affecting the glass bottle.

Although there is only one cap, with a special design, the fast-closing speed is up to 500 bottles per hour.

The capping unit is connected to the bottle cap supplies system. At the same time, 4 close cappings heads can close 4 bottles

So the maximum capacity that the machine operates is 1500 bottles per hour

Control panel is the highlight and plays an extremely important role in the bottle filling machine with a capacity of 1500 bottles of VABGF1500.

The control panel is attached to the body of the machine. Includes 1 PLC touch screen, buttons to adjust, adjust parameters, turn off, turn on.

You can easily change the capacity, set the working time for the machine. You want to review the settings before booting the machine, you just look at the PLC screen.


Automatic stages purchase separately ( optional)


Above are 3 automatic stages integrated into the glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF1500. In addition, you can invest to expand some other automatic stages below.


Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine

Máy tải và sắp chai btd VALS4000
Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine VALS4000


Designed with the special use of automatic bottle loading and bottle alignment in the right direction

Therefore, the loading and bottling machine is designed with 1 tray containing glass bottles, 1 set of moulds to hold and arrange bottles, 1 conveyor, 1 conveyor motor

You need to put the glass bottle into the tray containing the bottle of the loader and bottling machine, The glass bottles will be delivered to the location of the 3 in 1 beer filling machine automatically, absolutely accurate in a short time.


Specifications of Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine



Machine capacity (BPH)


Bottle type - 2 moulds (ml)


Electrical capacity (kW / h)


Size (D * R * C mm)


Weight / (kg)


Price (USD)



Plastic conveyor

Hệ thống băng tải plastic
Plastic conveyor system


Plastic conveyors are a part that connects the automatic stages to each other. At the same time, it also helps to move bottles automatically without wasting time, without labour involved


Specifications of Plastic conveyor

Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)


Price (USD)



Beer production is the hot business today


Beer is a carbonated drink most people choose to use. The beer appears at every party, meeting, restaurant. With large beer consumption has opened opportunities for businesses and investors to focus on expanding the scale, increasing the beer productivity today.

Because PET plastic bottles cannot retain the flavour of the beer, they pollute the environment. Currently, the movement to limit plastic waste is spreading, requiring production facilities to use other types of material bottles to ensure safety for users and keep the flavour of the beer.

Glass bottles are the perfect choice for brewing businesses. It does not react with beer, it is safe for humans, and does not cause environmental pollution.

Increasing demand requires a big supply. In order to meet the demand for beer consumption as high as it is now, the beer industry is a very hot industry in the market.

Benefits of installing VABGF1500 glass bottle filling machine in Viet An

  • You will have a robot in the brewing process.
  • Save labour rental costs due to VABGF1500 filling machine designed with 3 automatic stages
  • The whole process of pouring beer into bottles ensures technical standards
  • The machine is designed to operate continuously for a long time, so you will save a lot of costs when you do not have to stop production, do not have to repair much
  • Application of energy-saving technology. When using the beer filling supplied by Viet An, you will save the maximum power consumption compared to other extractors on the market.
  • Do not worry about machine quality. Because this is the line of machines with ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • The machine operates stably and smoothly, its shelf life is over 15 years
  • Free shipping and installation nationwide
  • Long-term warranty and maintenance policies for the scope of application nationwide
Chứng nhận thương hiệu VA- Tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001
Certificate of VA brand - ISO 9001:2015 standard

Viet An is a genuine automatic beer filling machine with cheap price


Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company - is the No. 1 unit providing and installing genuine filling machines, automatic bottle filling machines, cheap prices. Equitized from August 2009, with nearly 20 years of construction and development of Viet An has been affirming its No. 1 position in the hearts of consumers.

Constantly improving, updating technology, designs and models of automatic beer filling machines that Viet An has provided are always the latest technology applications, the best quality.

Each year, Viet An supplies to the domestic market and exports to ASEAN countries hundreds of automatic beer filling machines

Viet An beer filling machines are highly appreciated by customers

Viet An has affirmed its position through a series of awards and certifications

Một số cup Việt An đã đạt được
Some cups that Viet An has achieved


If you want to own the automatic and genuine beer filling machine, please contact Viet An at 0949 414141. Viet An is committed to serving you in the fastest and best way.

See more article details

Specifications of 300ml Glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF1500





Wash head


Extraction head


Head swirled


Machine capacity (330ml bottle / h)


Power capacity (kw/h)


Pressure (Mpa)


Bottle size (mm)


Bottle height


Electricity supply


3 in 1 size (D*R*Cmm)


Weight (Kg)


Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)







Price (USD)

1. Bottle loading and arranging machine - VALS4000



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