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Diagram of ice cube making machine system

08/05/2019 0 Comment

Diagram of ice cube machine system detail. When society develops human demand is increasing, the hot weather along with the trend of ice cubes for refreshments, preserving food ... also is increases. Understanding the market demand, many businesses have thought a plan to buy pure ice cubes making machine. But the installation of an ice making machine system is something that many people care about, through the article below, Viet An will give a specific diagram ice making machine system for customers to refer.

Máy làm đá viên
Ice making machine of Viet An


The diagram of the ice cube machine system must be arranged and installed appropriately


Chú thích điện
Diagram of ice cube machine system

 Notes: The compressor has an electrical protection system when any problem related to electricity can burn the coil, the system will automatically disconnect to protect the coil. The system imported from Germany so minimize the problem related to fire and explosion.

Ice making process of ice making machine Viet An

 Ice cube maker is used to produce ice cubes cylindrical, mid hollow ice, flake ice, ... use in daily life. The ice making machine structure of brands have different points, but the essence - the general principle is the same. The working process of the machine is divided into 2 stages: the first stage is frozen, and the second phase is melt.

  • The structure is like a standing tube condenser consists of a jar, inside has many tubes, above layout containing water tray, water from the tray flowing inside the tube and cooled and freezing to the inner surface of the tube.
  • Over time, the ice layer thickness is increased. Excess water is caught by barrel placed below and continue to pump on the above water supply tray to continue freezing. When the ice cubes thickness reaches 10-15mm, finish the freezing process and switch to the ice melting process.
  • In order to facilitate the ice melting process is easily and remove ice from the ice forming tube (ice mortar), the tubes must have a smooth, flat inner surface. To melt the ice, users use hot gas to enter the liquid tank in the bottle into the recovery container and melt a thin layer of the ice and ice cubes secede and drop in the tube.
  • When falling below it, the knife is cut into short segments as required. Then the freezing process continues. During ice melt process, the pump stops working.
  • The ice making time of ice machine depends on the thickness of the ice, the evaporation temperature. The time of ice melting is about 2 minutes and the thickness of ice melting is 0.5mm.

Auxiliary equipment in the ice cube making machine system

  • Automatic electrical system: Helps the machine to operate the entire ice making process, automatically disconnects when there are electrical problems, automatically adjusts ice making time to have satisfied hollow ice.
  • Cooling method: Ice making machine exports of Viet An using cooling methods according to international standards with R22 solvent imported directly from India, ensuring safety for human health thanks to the good quality of the finished ice.
  • Silencer system: Thanks to the silencer system, ice making machine of Viet An has small noise, less affecting the surrounding.
  • Water purification system: Customers can use sterilized water purification system according to Nano-technology or RO water purification system to make ice cubes because these two systems all meet the water quality standards drink directly from the Ministry of Health.
  • Packing system: Manufactured in stainless steel at Viet An's factory, the system supports users to operate quickly, neatly and effectively in packing into bags to distribute to customers.
  • Cold storage: Using white porous material covered with two layers of thick corrugated iron, it is also called the best panel, safety lock system ensures stable ice storage temperature from -4 to -9 degrees C, With this temperature, the ice becomes loose, not sticky when delivered to customers.

Some characteristics of Viet An ice making machine

  • The body and shell machine has a delicate, compact design that is easy to transport. Especially, the whole machine has a structure of high-quality stainless steel - not afraid to install the machine in humid environments, improve the life of an ice making machine.
  • The product has an automatic control panel; the machine operation is very easy.
  • Ice cube making machine can be combined with auxiliary equipment such as filling machine, automatic packing machine, in order to improve productivity as well as minimize operating personnel.
  • With the diagram of Viet An ice cube making machine system, the operating capacity ensures stable, good operation 24/7.
  • Viet An ice making machine, you can save up to 15% electricity compared to other products have the same capacity as other brands.

Essential elements in the process when opening ice cubes workshop

  • Applying for the food safety certificate needed for the process of opening a factory
  • Having a large enough space, convenient for production, avoiding the possibility of contaminating water sources for ice and ice water.
  • Electrical and water systems ensure safety and compliance with the production process. Water for ice production and water used to make ice cubes mould must be clean water as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Absolutely do not use antibiotics, chemicals banned for use in ice production
  • Means of transporting ice water must have a suitable structure, easy to clean, made of hard, durable, stainless, non-toxic materials that can contaminate products.

Above is a diagram of an ice cube machine system. Along with necessary information researched by Viet An Gentra Joint Stock Company into designing on a real model. If you want to buy any of our products, please contact 0949.41.41.41. Sincerely thank!

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