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Sell old ice making machine

15/06/2019 0 Comment

Viet An is an address to sell the old and new ice making machine No. 1 in Vietnam. Viet An welcomes customers, Many investors choose to buy used stone pellet making machine to serve their business because it is not enough. limited capacity or budget. However, not all companies that sell old clean ice machines are reputable and quality. So when choosing to buy old industrial ice making machine, there will be many risks if you are not technically savvy. In this article, Viet An will suggest to you the points be aware of when choosing to buy old ice cubes making machine.

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Hotline 24/24

Benefits of purchasing old ice cube making machines

  1. Choose to buy an old ice making machine

How is an old ice cube making machine? Those used ice machines for a certain period of time, and still capable of operating should be sold to those in need at much cheaper prices than the original purchase price.

The reason for choosing to buy old ice cube making machine is simple because the investor's cost is not enough to buy 100% new equipment. Besides, the other factor is because of the seasoned ice business unit, do not want to invest too much money in ice making machine, they want a product that can provide high output with cheap prices, or startups are not eligible to invest in a new ice making machine.

The most important thing when buying an old tablet ice making machine. You have to choose a place where you sell a reputable and branded old ice maker. Because the old ice cubes making machine made is not cheap either! If you buy an old tablet ice maker of an unreliable place! Or is the seller of the old tablet ice maker for you just a tablet business! They don't know the technique! If the machine is good, there is no problem but a few days it happened they didn't know the technique. Can't fix it for you! At that time, is money lost?

So. Please choose where to sell the reputable old ice cube maker. There is a clear warranty. If you buy without a warranty, there will be many problems

  1. Advantages of purchasing old ice cube making machines
  • Cheap initial investment: Buying an old ice making machine will definitely be cheaper when choosing to buy a new machine with a full warranty book. At this price, there will be more startups and small shops buying more ice making machines. You can even bargain and get a "bargain" price when buying new models liquidated by other units to upgrade technology or increase output.
  • Direct operation test: When purchasing old ice making machine, it is possible to directly verify the equipment's working ability and not wait for the transport and installation process to take a long time. Buying a new ice maker when you are not sure about the device may cause buyers to be upset because the machine capacity is not as expected. But if you are technically knowledgeable, even if you buy an old tablet ice maker, you can find good equipment.
  • Quick return on capital: Due to low initial investment costs, businesses are more confident about capital recovery ability and time. This point also helps business owners feel more comfortable and creative to create new business strategies.

However, besides the potential advantages, there are many risks that when buying an old tablet ice maker, customers need to understand technical information carefully and need accurate product testing to avoid money loss. Ask someone who has experience with a certified inspection machine before making a purchase.

Viet An Specializing in supplying and selling old ice cubes making machine with and new.

Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company is a prestigious address that can provide and sell to customers new and new quality ice cubes.

The cost of an old ice making machine is much cheaper than the new ice cube maker. Benefits of buying an old ice making machine sold by Viet An:

  • At Viet An General trading Joint Stock Company, providing you with a machine that you can use immediately when you buy it instead of having to perform complicated operations before putting the machine into official activities.
  • In particular, with small production facilities, the investment of old ice making machines will help you save investment costs, from which quickly recover capital.
  • Old ice making machine supplied by Viet An Joint Stock Company marketed as a machine with fast ice making capacity that can reach 80% - 90% compared to the new machine. The quality of the ice made is still clean and safe for users.
  • The performance of the machine works stably, the machine runs smoothly, the sound of the machine does not affect your other activities. Especially, the machine still ensures good durability. The device is in a new condition, not rusty, or corroded. The control system of the machine still works well, clearly showing the operating specifications.
  • In addition, other parts of the machine: cooling system, ice tray ... they are clean, good operation.

With products of old ice making machine, Viet An pledges to bring to customers:

  • Old ice making machine is sold by Viet An with good quality and smooth operation
  • Transparent capacity still ensures customer demand
  • Extremely reasonable cost. It can be said that the cheapest price in the market.
  • Install free shipping for customers
  • 1-year warranty

In addition to the products of old and new ice making machines, Viet An also provides other industrial machines such as Filling machine, pure water filtration line RO technology ... All our products are committed to being a clearly certified genuine product. So customers can be completely assured and confident.

Viet An only sold the prestigious and new quality ice cubes making machine in Vietnam.

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