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Máy chiết rót bia VABGF4000- 3 in 1

VABGF4000 330 ml Glass Bottle beer Filling Machine


300ml glass bottle beer filling machine VABGF4000 with a capacity of 4000 bottles 300ml / h

  • Model: VABGF4000
  • Capacity: 4000 Bottles / h
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Maintenance: Long-term
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Free shipping-installation nationwide

Category: Beer VABGF

Product code: VABGF4000

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Product details

VABGF4000 beer filling machine with 3 automatic stages of the latest US technology.

The machine is manufactured at Viet An factory or imported directly from the USA, Italy, Taiwan, China.

ảnh tập thể Việt An
Collective photo of Viet An company

Beer consumption in Vietnam is leading the world and tends to increase. To meet the needs of consumers, manufacturers need to invest in installing modern and automatic machines to increase productivity and ensure safety.

In order to bring customers the products of genuine beer bottle filling machine automatically. Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has supplied to the market VABGF4000 3-in-1 glass bottle filling machine, helping customers save labour costs, lower production costs and increase competitiveness.

What are the uses of VABGF4000-3 in 1 glass bottle beer filling machine?


Model VABGF4000 is designed to filling and quantify beer into automatic, fuel-efficient glass bottles suitable for glass bottling brewing facilities.

The machine comes with 3 automatic stages of washing, filling and capping. In addition, it is possible to expand other automatic stages to create a completely automatic beer production process

VABGF4000 Beer Filling Machine applies the most modern beer filling technology of the United States with absolute precision. High capacity of up to 4000 bottles 330ml per hour.

The machine is designed for continuous, automatic operation without labour, so productivity is much higher than other conventional filling machines.

Applying modern technology of the United States, the filling machine with absolute accuracy, saving beer, not causing froth, preserving the flavour of beer for a long time. VABGF4000 beer filling machine has satisfied many customers in the beer industry with glass bottles at home and abroad.

Why is it called a 3 in 1 beer filling machine


Máy chiết rót bia VABGF4000- 3 in 1

With other conventional filling machines using classical technology, there will be three different components: automatic bottle rinsing, automatic bottle filling and automatic bottle capping.

However, the VABGF4000 filling machine provided by Viet An is completely different. This is considered a new technological breakthrough with the integration of 3 functions of washing, filling, capping in a single machine. This has created a synchronization, creating high productivity of the machine.

3 automatic stages of beer filling machine with 330ml glass bottle provided by Viet An


Stage 1: Automatic bottle rinse


Model VABGF4000 provided by Viet An is designed with 24 wash heads. These wash heads apply the most modern technology with the ability to spray extremely large water up to the bottom of the glass bottle. Under high water pressure of the nozzle, it will wash away all the dirt stuck in the bottle to make sure the bottle is clean, qualified for the beer filling process.

The water line for rinsing glass bottles is pure water flow that meets the 6-1: 2010 BYT standard. This purified water stream is created by RO water filtration system or other pure water filtration systems.

The reason for using pure water for rinsing bottles is because if using other water sources, it will not be possible to ensure food hygiene and safety factors for the beer production process.

To bring the bottle up and hold it in place for rinsing, a device is needed to hold it. Components are the crabs pincers. Model VABGF4000 is designed with 24 crabs pincers made of 304 stainless steel material. These 24 pincers have the function of clamping the neck of 24 glass bottles, turning the glass bottle 180 degrees to place it in 24 rinse taps.

The rinsing unit also has a star wheel system to hold the glass bottle body and move the glass bottle to the fastest filling stage.

The wash spout is designed with an induction system, it can identify whether or not bottle shells are available. If there is not the bottle shell, the tap will not spray water.

24 wash heads are designed in circles and run continuously 24/7

With 24 automatic rinsing heads, it will continuously replace 2 labour workers. Each month you will save 14 million labour costs for this bottle washing process.


Stage 2: Automatic bottle beer filling

VABGF4000 bottle filling machine is designed with 24 filling heads. Filling heads are imported directly from Italy with sensing capability, automatically filling when there is a bottle and automatically disconnecting when there is no bottle in front of the filling head.

The most modern pressure-filling principle of the United States helps to fill the bottle in the right proportion and the fastest way. Maximum extraction capacity is 4000 bottles / h.

With the ability to fully filling beer, helps ensure hygiene and safety, no labour required.

You will save 2 workers for this filling process.

Stage 3: Automatic close the bottle

For fast, accurate bottle capping at a speed of 4000, the VABGF4000 beer filling machine is designed with 8 close capping heads. Use pneumatic pressure to operate the cap swirl. Help close the cap properly, enough force

These 8 vortex heads are made of stainless steel plated with a high grade of 304 stainless steel with high durability.

With only 8 close capping heads, you can reach up to 4000 bottles per hour.

Because the machine is designed to be compatible with glass bottles, the force on the lid is very high.

The capping heads are connected to the cap ducting system, which automatically feeds the cap into the capping heads to close the lid into the bottle.

3 automatic stages are integrated in one machine, controlled by an intelligent control panel system that automatically shuts off when something goes wrong. The control panel has a PLC touch screen, 1 start and stop button, and a speed control button. You can easily adjust and review the settings through the PLC screen mounted on the body.

When using this washing machine, filling, capping beer bottle automatic glass VABGF4000 you will save a lot of labour costs. Contribute to increasing competitiveness, ensuring safety for the process of quantifying beer into bottles.


Automatic stages purchase separately ( optional)


With extremely intelligent design, the VABGF4000 model can integrate additional automated stages to create a fully automated production line.

Here are some suggestions that Viet An gives you


Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine

Máy tải và sắp chai btd VALS4000
Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine VALS4000


Applying the most modern loading and arranging technology of the United States. The structure consists of the frame, tray containing glass bottles, glass bottles mould... made from high quality 304 stainless steel. The machine has high aesthetics, high load efficiency and bottle alignment. Every hour can download and upcoming 4000 glass bottles

The process of loading and arranging bottles takes place automatically.

How it works: You put the glass bottle in the tray of the bottle, connect the machine to a power source and turn on the machine. The conveyor motor will start and the glass bottles will be moved, arranged automatically into the bottle moulds and taken to the washing, filling and capping machine for 3 in 1


Specifications of Bottle loading and bottles arrange machine



Machine capacity (BPH)


Bottle type - 2 molds (ml)


Electrical capacity (kw / h)


Size (D * R * Cmm)


Weight / (kg)


Price (USD)



Plastic conveyor

Hệ thống băng tải plastic
Plastic conveyor system


With low cost, high durability can connect the automatic stages together and move the bottle quickly, does not take much work.

Specifications of Plastic conveyor

Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)


Price (USD)



Dry Bottle blowing machine



Máy thổi khô chai

In the process of rinsing, filling and capping glass beer bottles, it should be conducted at temperatures below 6 degrees C. So after being capped, water particles will appear on the surface of the bottles,It is necessary to remove the water particles from the bottle walls to serve smooth and fast labeling process. Therefore, Viet An recommends that customers should invest in additional VAD10000 bottle blowing machine

Blower frame, blowing heads are made of high-grade stainless steel with high durability up to 15 years.

Technical parameters of bottle dry blowing machine



Capacity (bottle / h)


Power (kW / h)


Dimensions (D * R * C mm)


Weight / kg)


Price (VND)



What do you get when installing VABGF4000 3 in 1 automatic glass bottle filling machine in Viet An?


Modern technology


Model VABGF4000 belongs to high-class automatic beer filling machine for glass bottles

With the application of the most modern filling technology of the United States, businesses can increase productivity, save time and cost for production activities.


International standard

Chứng nhận thương hiệu VA- Tiêu chuẩn ISO 9001
Certificate of VA brand - ISO 9001:2015 standard


This is a line of beer filling machines manufactured on modern technology lines with the most rigorous ISO 9001:2015 standard today. VABGF4000 3 in 1 beer filling machine since its inception has been highly appreciated by customers at home and abroad.


Professional after-sales service


Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company always focuses on improving the quality of after-sales service. We always accompany you throughout the process of using the 3 in 1 automatic glass bottle beer filling machine.

With customer service centre operating 24/7 and 365 days/year, always listen to your suggestions. When you have a problem that needs support, the customer service centre of Viet An will contact and arrange a technician to handle for you in the fastest time.


The most reasonable price


Viet An is proud to be the No. 1 unit in importing, distributing and manufacturing all kinds of automatic filling machines, including 3-in-1 glass bottle beer filling capacity of VABGF4000 4000 bottles / h.

When choosing to buy all kinds of beer extracting machines in Viet An, you will save 10-20% of the cost compared to buying other types of extracting machines on the market.

Viet An - the No. 1 supplier of automatic beer filling machines in Vietnam


Being equitized since August 2009, after nearly 20 years of construction and development, constantly improving product quality, updating the latest and most advanced technology to market quality products. Best with the most reasonable price.

Branding by the quality and trust of our customers. Over the years Viet An has achieved great achievements, receiving a series of certificates and awards from the state and consumers.


Một số cup Việt An đã đạt được
Some cups that Viet An has achieved


If you are already in need of installing beer filling machine with the high-capacity automatic glass bottle, please contact Viet An at 0949 414141.

We are committed to the best quality, the most reasonable price

See more article details

Specifications of 300ml Glass bottle beer filling machine 3 in 1 VABGF4000




Wash head


Extraction head


Head swirled


Machine capacity (330ml bottle / h)


Power capacity (kw/h)


Pressure (Mpa)


Bottle size (mm)


Bottle height


Electricity supply


3 in 1 size (D*R*Cmm)


Weight (Kg)


Plastic conveyor (D*R*Cmm)


Price (USD)




Price (USD)

1. Bottle loading and arranging machine - VALS4000


2. Plastic conveyor


3. Bottle blowing machine - VAD10000



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