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Bottled water filter line

07/05/2019 0 Comment

Human-being is always active in work as well as in fun activities, entertainment, ... sweating body is the main cause of losing body water. To compensate for the lost water, we need to replenish regularly as using bottled drinking water. Meeting the growing demand for drinking water market in Vietnam, Viet An Company is proud to be the leading company in the water treatment industry, water purification, we would like to introduce to customers the bottled water filter line ensures safety, hygienic and best quality.

Principle of operation of the bottled water filter line

Depending on the water source (well water, tap water, etc.) we process through different stages and filter columns.

The most basic water treatment is about the standard of domestic water (tap water) before put into the main processing line.


dây chuyền lọc nước đóng bình

Bottled water filter line

- Multi-function filter system

The system is arranged from top to bottom filter materials layers with a ratio calculated based on the quality of the input water.

The purpose of this system is to minimize the suspended matter, suspensions in water and pH stability.

- The activated carbon filter system

The activated carbon filter system is very important for water treatment before entering the RO membrane.

With special features, activated carbon has the effect of reducing colour, deodorizing caused by organic compounds. Especially eliminating the amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is a dangerous agent for RO membranes.

- Water softening system

In water contain high hardness, it will quickly cause dirty dregs for the RO membrane. The longtime will make RO membrane clogged and gradually lose the filtering ability.

The water softening system is calculated most accurately based on the input water quality. Depending on the water quality, the calculation is different in each case.

- Reverse osmosis system (Reverse Osmosis)

This is the most important system in the whole filtration process of the bottled water filter line.

RO membrane is capable of removing bacteria, viruses, toxic substances, ... up to 99% to bring purity to drinking water before entering the body.

Water quality after filtering through the RO membrane is almost pure. Only through the disinfection step to remove bacteria is usable for drinking.

- Sterilization equipment

Currently, Ozone kills bacteria faster and stronger than Clorin. Ozone does not exist stable in water, it decomposes quickly an oxygen atom when exposed to bacteria, the only remaining by-product of ozone in water is pure oxygen.

Ultraviolet (UV) lamps produce electromagnetic currents with radiation levels of 2,537 angstroms (A) that kill spores, cysts of bacteria that cannot grow into cells. Using UV technology to treat bacteria in water without changing water quality.

- Bottling filling system

After drinking water is sterilized through the ozone system and UV lamp will be put through the bottle filling system.

Notes when using the water filtration system of Viet An

In order for the system to operate stably and increase the life expectancy, you should pay attention to checking before operating.

You should check that the close and open valves are in the correct position after the test is complete and turn on the pump switch to see if the pump is working normally or not. You check the amount of water supplied to the tank to ensure it is sufficient

If you hear the problem pump sound or the amount of water pumped is insufficient, then check in again.

You should pay attention to the water flow through the filter columns, if it is a line of drinking water treatment lines using mechanical valves, it is necessary to adjust the 3-door valve to wash the filter column. Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the finished product as well as the life of the filter line.

With the above-mentioned bottled water filter line, we are confident to provide our customers with a modern water treatment system and meet the technological process as well as the best product quality required by the consumers.

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