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The RO technology bottled water production line is the latest in 2019

07/05/2019 0 Comment

As society develops, people's living is improved, the demand for bottled water is increasing. Because of such high demand, many drinking water production facilities have open quickly, especially in big provinces and cities to meet that demand. Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company has supplied the market with the latest RO technology bottled water production line in 2019 automatically replacing the semi-automatic machine to serve the needs of the production facilities industrial production.

Hệ thống lọc nước công nghiệp VA

The detailed operation process of the bottled water production line

Water source: Can be used well water, groundwater, clean water, ...

- The source water is stored in a large tank, pumped by a booster pump through a de-iron and heavy metal. At the iron removal device, under the effect of the filter material, it is possible to remove impurities and suspended sediment while handling part of iron and Mn content stay in the source water. In here, thanks to the special feature of Cozoset seed will create a taste for water. Then production of purified water continues to be put into deodorizing equipment (filter by activated carbon).

- Deodorizing equipment, carbon processing equipment:

When the water has been filtered through an iron de-ionizer, water is delivered to the deodorizer, In here, the device takes place the process of absorbing toxic substances in the water while removing colour, odour, taste and remove oxidants. Chemical, organic matter in water is a pre-treatment device to protect materials for serial devices behind.

- Water softening equipment in the bottled water production line:

Water after passing the activated carbon treatment device is taken to soft treatment equipment. In here, the water-hardening components such as Ca, Mg, ... being retained at the same time some other cations are also retained. The material processed after an operation cycle is saturated and restored to its original state by reverting by an automatic valve. Water after softening hardness <17 mg/litres is the basis for operating reverse osmosis water filter (RO).

- Reverse osmosis equipment:

Water is delivered to the reverse osmosis device, which is the most important device that determines the quality of the finished water. Here, under the effect of osmotic pressure (created by a high-pressure pump) the reverse osmosis membrane removes metal ions present in the water while treating up to 95% of the bacteria in the water. Making water has high purity. RO membranes only operate efficiently and have the highest quality when the water passing through the membrane must meet the following requirements:

 + The process of producing water has as little hardness as possible (<17 mg / l).

 + No oxidizing matters.

 + Bottled water production line gives pure water with great clarity and limits bacteria on the membrane because when using the water treatment system with large time, these bacteria will damage the membrane.

- Water after passing the RO membrane is put into the finished water tank and treated sterilized before bottling to market.

 + Level 1 disinfection treatment: Water after passing the RO membrane ensures complete physical and chemical aspects of Ozone treated water. Under the effect of Ozone, it is possible to completely remove the remaining bacteria in the water to ensure absolute sterilization for finished water.

+ Level 2 pasteurization equipment: using UV technology to process bacteria in pure water production without changing the water quality.


 How to do bottled water production line in the right process?

In order to ensure the above-mentioned water production processes, the production and business units should purchase the most advanced technology-based pure water production line manufactured in the United States. Because only those production lines ensure stable operation, strictly follow the process of producing pure water to ensure food safety quality standards that other technology application lines do not have.

With the production process of modern and closed bottled water completely, Viet An is the right choice to ensure your health safety. This is an advanced and modern production line of bottled water, so the water source always ensures quality and safety for users.

Please contact Viet An immediately to own bottled water production line of the latest RO technology in 2019 with the best quality and reasonable price. Viet An is pleased to cooperate with you!

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