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How does the bottled water filter line operate?

16/05/2019 0 Comment

There are many customers wondering or thinking about how the principle of water filtration system works? Today, Viet An will share about this so that customers are better to know, understanding how it works as well as its operation.

Water is always an important drink that plays a decisive role in maintaining human life and it is a necessary condition for the survival of all creatures on this planet. Water accounts for about 70% of our body's mass and it is an important component of metabolism, a solvent for many of the body's solutes. Humans need to drink 2.0 litres of water per day to be healthy and pay attention to drinking hygienic water such as drinking boiled water, drinking pure water, PET bottled water, ... Social is increasing development, life is becoming more and busier so boiling water consumes time and effort so now many families have turned to use bottled water for eating and drinking. Therefore, the industry of producing pure bottled pure drinking water has been strongly developed. In recent years, thousands of pure water production facilities have been open to serve us. However, compared to the demand, the supply is not sufficient, so the market for producing bottled water is still very "fertile".

What is a 20 litres bottle of water filter line?

It is the product of science and technology development in the field of pure water purification and treatment today. The structure consists of filter columns, filter membrane, filter materials, pumping systems, filling systems, frame systems, disinfection systems, tank systems, ...

With a fast operating capacity, an average is per hour, the production line can be produced from several dozen bottles of 20 litres to several hundred and several thousand bottles 20 litres

Dây chuyền sản xuất nước đóng bình

Bottle water filter line

The operation process of the bottled water filter line

A production line of bottled pure water has 4 systems: pre-treatment system; main system RO (short for Reverse Osmosis: reverse osmosis); disinfection and microbiological system; filling and bottling system.

- Pre-treatment system: it has the effect of filtering crude, removing organic impurities, heavy metals, softening hard water and protecting RO membrane.

- RO main filtration system: after passing through the intermediate tank, water will be put into the sediment filter column by a stainless steel head intermediate pump before being put into the RO filter system. The  RO filter membrane has small size about 0.0001 micro eliminates up to 99% of toxic substances, viruses and bacteria that live in the water. Thanks to this stage, it will produce pure water products that meet the standards of the Ministry of Health on drinking and living water sources.

- Disinfection and microbiological system: with the participation of 220V UV lamp and Ozone machine, which have the effect of safe, anti-microbial and antiseptic for water before bottling finished products, filtered again by microbiological membrane

- Bottled filling system has 3 stages: bottle washing, filling and capping, forming an automatic production transfer line that will help enterprises take the initiative in distributing production flow, saving investment costs in production lines.

Where to invest in bottled water business is reasonable, prestige and quality?

Through some above sharing about the production line of pure bottled water, we hope you can better understand the product and can choose for yourself the right capacity. When it comes to reputable businesses, it is the quality that determines the price. That is also the criterion of Viet An General Trading Joint Stock Company.

Benefits received when coming to Viet An

We bring to our customers the best quality products, the reasonable price, not only saving the maximum cost.

We have delivery service in 63 provinces and cities as soon as possible.

You will return the products if it is the manufacturer's fault.

We always update the price if there is a change.

We not only provide sales services but we also have a customer care service that is available to assist you in answering and consulting all your questions.

Each employee of our company is well-trained and professional, so we will understand the core values ​​of the company and commit to providing the best quality products.

If you are planning to invest in a water filtration line, do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will answer all your questions in the most enthusiastic and dedicated, with the willingness to support 24/7 with professional staffs. Let's go with Viet An to be invested appropriately with warranty and maintenance services.

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