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How much capital is needed to open a bottled water production facility?

13/05/2019 0 Comment

The demand for clean water and purified water is increasing. Therefore, many investors are interested in opening a bottled water production facility. However, when starting to step into pure water business, many people do not know how much capital to open pure water production facilities? Please join Viet An to find out details in the article below!

Things to do to open a bottled water production facility

- The first thing to do when starting a business is the position of the business. You need to find a location to open a factory or workshop. You need to place your factory far from chemical plants, petroleum depots, ranches, cemeteries, waste disposal areas, ...

- Next step, you need to find water sources and build water towers and water supply systems. Select advanced technologies suitable for water sources, prepare suitable power sources for equipment. Prepare sources of consumable materials such as bottles, labels, ... Especially, you need to invest in the production line of pure water with the best quality in accordance with the investment capital as well as the scale of the business.

- To bring your product to market, you need to have a brand as well as a logo of the business. In addition, you need to prepare transportation, labour and investment capital to operate the plant for at least 6 months.

- The fact that you can't ignore that is business registration. You need to register a business of drinking water, bottled beverages and apply for a certificate of eligibility for food hygiene and safety.

Capital to open a bottled water production establishment

Depending on capital investment is more or less, the investor can build a production plant on different scales. Below is an example of  a small-scale water production business cost:

 + Site rental cost: with small scale, you need a space of between 60 and 100 m2. Rent rates depend on different locations.

 + Business registration fee: about 3-5 million VND.

 + Money for drilling wells: over 10 million VND.

 + Storage tank: about 20 million for 3 containers of 2,000 litres capacity.

 + Water filtration line: depending on the demand, investors can choose from several tens of millions to several billion.

 + Cost for designing logos and labels ranges from 10 to 20 million.

 + Fees for buying empty PET bottles and bottles are about 30 to 50 million VND.

Why need to install the quality water production line?

Currently, Viet An Company is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of water filtration lines in Vietnam, being trusted and used by customers. With nearly 20 years of experience in the water purifier industry, Viet An always updates the latest advanced water filtration technologies to bring customers 100% clean water.

All of Viet An's pure water filtration lines use RO filtration technology with modern reverse osmosis process to completely remove the substances as well as heavy metals that are harmful to human health.

Hệ thống lọc nước đóng bình

Water bottle filter system

Viet An produces a lot of water filtration products with different capacities suitable for the demand of each factory and industrial zone so customers can easily choose a suitable product for themselves.

The after-sales policy of Viet An is also highly appreciated with the motto of always stand side by side and solving the difficulties of customers.


Installation procedure and warranty of pure water filter line

- Warranty: Each bottled water production line of Viet An will have 1 year warranty period. Besides, Viet An will continue to support equipment maintenance for customers in the following years.

- Incentives: Viet An always wants to bring users a clean water source to use, so the company has a lot of promotions to customers from time to time, each region.

Installation process

+ Consultation: First, please leave your phone number, the care department will contact and advise the customer: suitable products, incentives customers receive, ...

+ Survey and design: After consulting, Viet An will send the technical department to the location where you want to open a bottled water production facility for the field survey, advice on the location of the installation line. filter the water to best suit. Guiding businesses to bring water quality testing samples, ... At the same time, give a detailed design of water filtration line suitable for businesses.

+ Installation: When completing the above stages, We will carry materials and equipment to your area and install water filtration lines in accordance with the agreement on the signed contract. The cost of installation and shipping is completely free for customers.

Through the article, if you want to open a bottled water production facility, you can answer what you need to do to start trading in PET bottled and bottled water. If you need to open pure water production facilities, please contact Viet An today for best advice and support!

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