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Method of treating iron in the water

23/05/2019 0 Comment

Water contaminated with iron is a social problem because of its significant impact on people's health and dangerous diseases. How to handle iron in the water, please join us to find a solution!

The dangers that  iron water status causes

The water is not guaranteed to seriously affect human health, causing some typical diseases such as enteritis, typhoid, cholera, amoeba, bacilli dysentery, helminths, cancer, ...

Symptoms such as fatigue, frequent nausea, memory loss, darkening of the skin, hair loss, poor eyesight, decreased white blood cells, and the most severe heart rhythm, etc., are cancer as a result of using water resources. Long-term pollution caused.


Dangerous diseases such as diarrhea, eye pain, polio, helminths, fungal limbs or encephalitis, ... because of using unclean water.

If you continue to use it, the rate of people with acute and chronic diseases such as diarrhea, conjunctivitis or cancer will still increase.

Especially if using water infect iron, it is not only the circulatory system poisoned but the risk of skin cancer is also increased.

Method of treating iron in the water

Reverse osmosis technology RO is a method of water filtration through RO reverse osmosis membrane with the size of micro-membrane gap 0.0001 micrometres, the membrane only allows pure water to pass while the ions of water-soluble salt are retained and gone. follow the sewage road to go out. To filter the water through this membrane must create excess pressure in the opposite direction to the osmotic water movement, which means creating excess pressure in the source water above the osmotic pressure of the water through the membrane so that the water is filtered. The membrane does not return to the saline solution due to the osmosis process. This method overcomes all the disadvantages of previous technologies.

Step 1: The untreated water will be directed into the tank through the piping to the pre-filter column 1 and 2. Here, the raw filter columns contain multi-purpose filtration devices together with activated carbon will be removed. Completely impurities, heavy metals and decontamination, deodorizing create a sweet taste for water.

Next, the water source will be transferred to the crystal filter column to remove limestone, magnesium and convert from hard to soft to achieve the best water quality.

Step 2: Water source will be passed through the RO filter system to completely eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

Step 3: To prevent the return of harmful bacteria, the system designs ultraviolet water disinfection function.

Step 4: Add once to dehydrate with an Ozone system. After that, the system will proceed to discharge the first water source and a few hours later, it can be directly used.

Process of installing iron-contaminated water treatment system of Viet An

Step 1: Receive customer requests

Step 2: Actual survey (Completely free)

Viet An's technical team will go directly to the customer's home to check the status of the water source to be treated and the location of the domestic iron treatment system.

Step 3: Consult and give solutions

After completing step 2, we will offer the most optimal solution for customers with the most effective and economical motto.

Step 4: Installation

Viet An's installation team will transport and install water purifiers to customers in accordance with the signed contract.

Step 5: Maintenance and warranty at home for 12 months

All of our products are committed to technical standards and provide the most effective results.

Viet An is an address of prestigious quality

Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company is one of the pioneering units in the application of models of industrial wastewater treatment, pure water filtration, domestic and hospital wastewater treatment, ... All systems This system is applied advanced technology of countries around the world.

In addition, the systems applied in Viet An are the most modern water treatment technologies, so we can be ready to commit to the effectiveness of the model as well as the utility for the projects. after that, Viet An Company has many years of experience in the field of consultancy, installation of well water treatment systems, bottled water production lines with the best prices in Vietnam.

If you are interested in domestic iron treatment method and want to install it most effectively, do not hesitate to contact us at the hotline number: 0949.41.41.41

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