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Nano water filter line

11/05/2019 0 Comment

In order to ensure human health, the demand for clean water is increasing, the pure purification by Nano water filter line is a solution that many people choose. So, the water purifier market is also very active.

Manufacturers are constantly launching new water purifier products that apply advanced water filtration technology to meet the increasing needs of people. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the systems with many advantages such as not using electricity, not producing wastewater, ...

When there are too many choices, users often fall into the situation of not knowing which type of water purifier is best as well as the price of those products? ... Viet An would like to share with you some information useful news regarding the issue you are interested in!

Lọc nước Nano
Nano water filter line

Operation mechanism of Nano water filtration line

In Vietnam, Nano water filtration technology is famous and most preferred mainly originating in Russia. Its operating mechanism consists of 5 filter levels as follows:

 + Filtering No. 1 (Nano-fibre core): The cotton fibres are pressed together into blocks with a diameter of 67 mm, 5 microns, with the main function is crude filtration, removing impurities of large size such as clay, mud.

 + Filter No. 2 (Nano-fibre core): The cotton fibres in the Nano water purifier are pressed together into blocks with a diameter of 65 mm, 5 microns, and filter modes such as mechanical filtration, absorbing filter, ion exchange or bactericidal Nano silver molecular.

 + Filter No. 3 (Coal bactericidal): Activated carbon is pressed together into a high-tech block, the outside is covered by a layer of silver-coated bactericidal fibre.

 + Filter No. 4 (Nano Silver membrane): Activated carbon is pressed together into blocks, covered with 1 layer of Nanosilver with thick nanometer structures to help eliminate pesticides or pollutants.

 + Filter No. 5 (Kation Core): Includes Kation particles and mineral ice with water pH balance function and water softening.

With 5 filter levels, pure water treatment system with Nano-technology ensures clean, pure, safe water quality for users.

Advantages of Nano water filtration line compared to other systems

Pure water treatment with Nano-technology has the advantage of not needing electricity. The mechanism of operation relies on the machine location to create pressure on the water source, thanks to the water pressure generated when the water goes down from above, then passes through the water pipe and enters the filter core to Filter out harmful impurities and bacteria. Thereby retaining the necessary minerals so that the machine does not use electricity, operating under a closed cycle, without wastewater but still able to produce clean water.

The Nano water filter line has a disadvantage that is very picky of the input water, so only use the recommended water sources from the manufacturer such as standardized water has been treated, the water from the wells has been through filtering tanks ...

Distinguish different types of Nano-technology water filtration systems

The current, water purifiers have relatively similar designs, with rectangular containers at the bottom and water intake taps mounted above.

Based on the container design, we can divide the Nano water purifier into two types: water purifier has bare core design and the machine has shell design.

 + With bare core design, the position is located in places where few people pay attention such as under the sink, under the cabinet.

 + With the outer shell design (most of them use high-quality stainless steel cover), it will be suitable for the visible position that can increase the aesthetics of the house such as kitchen, living room.

It can be seen that the Nano water filtration line is the most optimal water treatment technology today. Customers wish to purchase water treatment systems can go directly to Viet An's branches or call 0949.41.41.41 for more detailed advice.

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