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RO water filter line

11/05/2019 0 Comment

Water is the source of life, creatures, plants on the earth, without water we will not be able to live, study and work. However, with the development of industrialization and modernization is rapid today, natural water sources are increasingly polluted by toxic substances that directly threaten human health. So how can we use clean water, to protect our health? This article would like to introduce the RO water filtration line - water filtration product with the most modern technology today.

What is RO water filter line?

Pure water treatment with RO reverse osmosis technology is considered as one of the filtering technologies to produce the purest water source today.


Hệ thống lọc nước công nghiệp VA
VA industrial water filtration system

RO technology uses ultra-small sized filter membrane of only 0.0001 micrometres. With this size, only water molecules can pass, and other impurities will be retained on the behind of the filter membrane.

In particular, the system of pure water treatment by RO technology today is used by many organizations and individuals. This is the supply line of pure water to serve the needs of consumers. The production process of this system needs to be ensured according to the most strict and prestigious international standards.

The main component in RO water filtration line

  • RO high-pressure pump and motor

The task of a high-pressure pump is to increase the pressure of the water source through the RO membrane and make pure finished water, the excess water will flow through the sewage line. This high-pressure pump can provide pressure on RO membrane up to 200 - 220 PSI.

In addition, for higher requirements about removing impurities, bacteria and strange thing, therefore the pump must be made of special materials such as stainless steel. If high-pressure pumps used in conditions without water it will quickly damage the pump. Therefore, to minimize this situation, the device will be fitted with a pressure control valve and automatically disconnect the pump at the suction line to ensure the pump can only operate when sufficient pressure.

  • Filtration equipment

Composite filter column: Composite filter column helps supply water and process industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical petrochemical, food and industrial wastewater and other industry. In addition, it also helps soften and filter water applied to ships, factories, ...

Stainless steel filter column: Stainless steel filter column helps treat alum water sources and substances such as Fe, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonium, Arsenic (arsenic); neutralize pH, soften water, filter sediments, impurities, deodorize, improve transparency. Stainless steel filters are often used in water treatment systems.

Water filter core: Water filter core has many types and depending on the needs that users should choose which core type. However, the most basic use of water filter cores is to remove residues, impurities and some bacteria, improve water clarity ... Water filter core includes some types such as activated carbon filter, heavy metal filter cores, ...

  • RO filter membrane

RO filter membrane is the most important equipment in the entire RO water filtration line. Based on the principle of reverse osmosis, water flowing here will move from a low mineral concentration to a higher concentration through a permeable membrane to balance. In reverse osmosis equipment, mineral water will be pumped by forced high pressure through the permeable membrane so the dissolved chemical will be excreted by the sewage line. Purified water will be created, depending on the capacity and requirements of the investor that the pure water treatment system can be equipped with one or more RO filters membrane.

RO filter membrane helps remove inorganic impurities that are insoluble in water such as salts, heavy metals and chemicals and organic matter, including bacteria, toxins or pathogenic viruses. The RO filter can remove most of the above components from the water source

Polyamide material is used to make RO membranes, which have very thin semi-permeable properties and being tightly wrapped around the collector tube with high permeability. Along with that, the coil design will help increase the surface area exposed to water and reduce membrane size.

The quality of pure water depends on the treatment of RO membrane. Inside, the temperature and pH concentration of water after flowing through pre-treatment equipment in RO water filtration line have a great influence. If the water source is too cold, it will reduce the permeability of the membrane and reduce the capacity of the pure water filter line. If the pH level in the water is too low, it will increase the ability to stick salt compounds on the membrane surface. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance of filters should be conducted regularly and regularly to avoid clogging the membrane, affecting the effectiveness and growth of bacteria.

The above article has just shared information about RO water filtration line. Hopefully, the above information will be useful to you!

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