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Treat alum contaminated water

20/05/2019 0 Comment

Water contaminated with alum is a common situation in many localities. This situation has a significant impact on the lives of people, not only because of the fishy smell of the water but also because the toxic ingredients in alum-contaminated water adversely affect health. How to treat alum water? Let's go to Viet An to find out!

Hệ thống xử lý nước vacc 750
VACC treatment water system

What is alum water?

Sources of well water contaminated with alum are high water sources of Fe and Mn. When water is in the ground it exists in the form of Fe2 + and Mn2 + ions. After being pumped up and used, this content is exposed to air and oxidized, creating precipitation so we often see alum-contaminated water is usually opaque yellow, sour and fishy smell due to alum-contaminated water. High acid (low pH), the acidity of sulfuric acid when FeS2 is exposed to air.

Well-water in delta areas is often affected by alum due to the soil properties. The process of soil alum is happening faster and faster due to the high rate of exploitation and the use of land for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Why use the alum water filter system?

Researchers have affirmed that using alum-contaminated water for living and production will cause many harms to human health and to the environment.

Water contaminated with alum makes the water source is opaque yellow, causing loss of aesthetic appearance, smelly and fishy smell, sour taste.

It makes tarnish, deposition and corrode all water containers, plumbing, household appliances; Industrial machinery and equipment in production cause economic losses.

Alum water is alkaline, if you bathed, it will dry hair, break the hair, dry skin, inflate skin and peeling skin, especially when used to cook drinking water will affect the digestive system especially intestinal tract, long-term use will accumulate toxic substances in the body that can cause cancer, directly affecting human health.

Therefore, alum-well water filtration systems are becoming increasingly necessary to treat alum-contaminated water.

The process of treating water in an alum filter system

  • Truss system rainwater to handle raw alum contaminated water

Crude treatment of alum contaminated water using rain rigs. Water is pumped from the well and emanating from the shower on the rig like rain. Then, oxygen in the air will react with Fe in water to oxidize iron and alum. The amount of sediment is partially subtracted, the rest will be stored in the tank to continue filtration.

  • RO water filtration system

Next, the pump draws the source water from the tank to the filter system, starting the water purification process.

The water will pass through the watershed filter device, which eliminates deposits of size greater than 5 microns.

Then the water flows through the multi-substance removal device. This device is used to treat iron, manganese, arsenic and some water-soluble substances.

Next, the water passing through the primary filtration device is activated carbon to absorb and remove harmful substances in the water such as pesticide poisons, organic impurities and other toxins that prehistory. The reason has not been removed.

After this period, the source of water contaminated with alum was filtered by the alum water filter system, water was put through a water softener to reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium, ... You can use water to use for activities such as bathing, washing, etc., without longer has to worry about alum substances in the water.

However, if used for drinking purposes, we need to go through another step, which is filtering through the RO membrane.

Water flows through an RO membrane which is pumped with high pressure. RO membrane can filter fine particles to remove particles of 1-micrometre size. Water flows continuously on the surface of the RO membrane and only allows water molecules to pass through the filter holes. Impurities will be trapped and washed away by wastewater.

Thus, from the source of toxic alum water, through the alum water treatment system, you have the right source of pure clean water that can be drunk directly.

Viet An Company is a long-time and reputable construction contractor in the field of water treatment. If you are in need of installing the alum water filter system, please contact us immediately for direct advice.

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