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UF water filtration line

10/05/2019 0 Comment

What is UF water purification technology? Why is UF water filter line more and more popular? ... This is probably a question many users find out about this device in the market. The following, Viet An would like to share with you some useful information, which will help you get the more necessary knowledge

Advantages of UF water filtration line

UF (Ultra Filtration) technology will help remove the waste of relatively large size from the water source by a membrane called low-pressure membrane.

dây chuyền lọc nước UF

UF water filtration line

Currently, more and more UF water purifiers machine, as well as many water filtration systems, they are used because of the advantages that this technology possesses such as:

UF water purification technology has a small amount of electricity consumed thanks to filtering, it uses low temperature and pressure. Therefore, the cost of operating this UF technology is not significant. With the current economic conditions in Vietnam, this is extremely meaningful.

Besides, the system of equipment for the operation of this UF technology has a small size (due to the structure is not complicated) so the ground for installation is very small, neat and ensure aesthetic for UF water filtration line installation space.

UF water purification technology has not wasted money for hiring operator’s worker to maintain and operate because UF technology is simple (operating process) so the number of workers does not need much (mean is not need).

The water product obtained from the UF filtration system still ensures the natural nature of the water source because UF technology has a mechanical filtration method with technology as well as a completely homogeneous filtration structure.

Many people are concerned, whether materials (as filters) affect water resources (safety of water sources). The answer here is completely unaffected. During the process of water purification through UF water purifier, insoluble membrane material, mixed in the water source, so its purity is guaranteed.

Operation principle of the membrane in UF water filtration line

Ultrafiltration filter membrane has 2 operating principles as follows:

  + Principle of external-internal operation: The membrane is inside and the filter layer is outside. It is thought that the water flow (identified as) polluted through the filter membrane (pushed from the outside). The filtration process has been carried out here, the last clean water source is located inside the filter membrane.

  + Principle of internal-external operation: The outer membrane also has a filter layer inside. Water flow (which has been identified) is polluted from the inside out, the last clean water source is located outside of the device.

Advantages of dual filtering principle in UF water filtration line

 + With UF water purification technology, the filter membrane is flexible constitute (internal - external, external-internal), double filter layer, its use is easy, suitable for many different situations and conditions. So it is used (and applied) in many water purification works, water purification systems or water purifiers.

 + Double layer filter structure ensures extremely high water safety. If unfortunately a filter layer is broken, the remaining layer still ensures the absolute safety of the filtered water. However, you also need to check the filter regularly to promptly detect this case because filtering with 1 membrane, although still effective if left too long, the remaining filter will be overloaded and it will be fast broken. When it breaks down without knowing it, it will lead to unsafe water use.

Water filter machine, water purification system using UF water filtration technology by researchers use fibre has shape, thickness and uniformity with good material, safe and homogeneous, so it has stability, copper times also have extremely high safety. No cases have been discovered that the membrane-soluble material is filtered and is dangerous to humans.

The UF filter membrane in the UF water filter line does not need any force during the filtration because the voids are called finger-shaped voids on the inside of the membrane. These gaps will automatically create easy, natural flows that help to filter continuously, without interruption.

UF filter in UF water purification technology also has a support layer, this support layer has an internal skeleton system and it has a very high homogeneity to help the film have extremely high durability and flexibility. When using a UF filter you will easily find it much more durable (if you used through many types of filters).

With the information we shared above, hope that you will have more useful information and understand more about UF water filtration line.

See you in the next share article!

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