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Viet An brings optimal water treatment solutions to consumers

24/05/2019 0 Comment

Water supply and drainage is one of the key sectors in Vietnam's growth and sustainable development with the set objectives such as 70% of urban areas have drainage systems, 20% - 50% of water waste collected and treated and reduced the rate of clean water in urban areas below 15% by 2025 continues to be implemented. Accordingly, the Vietnamese water sector is also rapidly innovating technology, equipment and effective management plans.

Viet An is a leading brand in the water industry, producing ice cubes with smart technology, automation, user-friendliness and environment. With nearly 20 years of construction and growth with a crowded team of leading experts in the field of water filtration and treatment. Viet An brings optimal water treatment solutions to consumers.

Viet An gave the optimal solution for pure water treatment for consumers

Viet An's water treatment system uses the most advanced water filtration technology in the United States so it can filter most of the current water sources such as river water, rain water, well water, alum water, .... with the following benefits:


Hệ thống lọc nước tinh khiết việt an

Quality ISO 9001: 2015

Pure water treatment line is produced by modern technology, all components of filter materials are imported from the US, UK, Netherlands, Korea, Japan, ... Water filtration process closed, automatic, quality water products to meet 6-1-2010 / BYT standards of the Ministry of Health and FDA of the United States. This is a water filter product rated No. 1 in Vietnam, qualified to export to Asian countries and the world.

Filter many water sources

With the latest technology application in the filtration, water treatment. The water filtration equipment that Viet An provides to the market is capable of handling many types of source water such as groundwater, tap water, rainwater, ... into pure water to ensure standards.

The most reasonable price

Currently, Viet An is providing pure water filtration products to the market at extremely preferential prices. This price is the cheapest price for a genuine product, which can handle 150 - 70,000 litres of dirty water into pure water every hour. Viet An's products are exclusively distributed by USApec brand, VA brand in Vietnam so that when you buy products directly in Viet An, you will get 10 - 15% lower price than buying products at other units.

Smart water filter

The process of filtration and water treatment takes place completely automatically with the smart control panel automatically disconnecting when there is a problem. Automatic valve system, self-adjusting filter column to ensure the stability of sweetness of the water. Finished water can be drunk directly without having to take another step. The quality of finished water meets the standard 6-1-2010 / BYT and meets the FDA standard of US. The production line of pure water using RO water filtration technology can filter many types of water from well water, groundwater, tap water, pond water, ... into pure water beside the chain also has a system of supplementing minerals to ensure the retention of the most essential minerals in the country to protect human health.

Giải pháp xử lý nước tinh khiết hiệu quả

Easy transport installation

Designed with modern industrial design, compact, even though it is an industrial water filter, the volume of water filtration line is not so heavy that it is easy to transport. Besides, the water treatment system has a compact design so it does not take up much installation area. Water filter products use composite filter columns, stainless steel mechanical valves and automatic valves for easy cleaning and preservation.


Energy saving

As a product manufactured in the US with the application of maximum energy saving technology, when you own Viet An water filter, you can save up to 30% on electricity consumption compared to water purification products applies old technologies. This has contributed to creating favourable conditions for production facilities to lower production costs to be able to compete with other production units and still achieve high profit

Hỏi đáp & đánh giá Viet An brings optimal water treatment solutions to consumers


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