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What is RO water filtration technology?

25/05/2019 0 Comment

In all current water filtration and treatment technologies, RO filtration technology is considered as one of the most modern water filtration technologies today, RO water filtration technology is also known as reverse osmosis technology. Many applications in the field of filtration, pure water treatment, drinking water today. So what is RO technology? What are the advantages and disadvantages? and why should this water purification technology be used? Please companion Viet An to answer the above questions through the content of the article below.

RO water filtration technology

It is a water purification technology that uses RO filter membrane with a filter size of only about 0.0001micron to remove large molecules, impurities, toxins, bacteria and water to create a pure water source to serve a demand for human use.

This technology was invented and studied since the 50s of the last century and developed completely in the 1970s.

Operation mechanism of RO filtration technology

ith a special water filtration mechanism, different from other technologies, water filtration technology with RO membrane filter works according to reverse osmosis principle.


Công nghệ lọc nước ro với màng lọc RO

Reverse osmosis is a way of moving solvents from high concentrations to low concentrations separated by a semi-permeable membrane to prevent dissolved mineral salts from balancing the concentration. Semi-permeable membranes do not allow solutes to move through the membrane but allow solvents to pass through. The tendency of solvents to flow through cell membranes can be expressed as "osmotic pressure" since it is similar to the flow caused by a difference between pressure. Osmosis located in the passive transport process of diffusion includes osmosis, dialysis and selection.

Quá trình xử lý nước của công nghệ lọc nước ro

While conventional osmotic filtering mechanisms rely on the gravity of the earth so that water molecules penetrate the capillaries of the filter core, water molecules rely on the compressive pressure of the RO membrane. High-pressure pump to create a strong flow that pushes chemical components, heavy metals, impurities .. in water to move strongly, splashes into low-pressure areas or flows out of the water according to a sewage line. At the same time, water molecules pass through filter eyes of 0.0001 microns in excess pressure. It can be affirmed that with this micro-filtered eye size, most metallic chemical components, bacteria cannot penetrate RO membranes but only water molecules can pass. That's why it is not wrong to say that RO water purification technology removes up to 99.9% of toxins and impurities in the water to produce pure water.

These RO membranes are used in water filtration systems, they are considered the heart of the entire system, is the most important part determining the quality of finished water.

What areas is RO water filtration technology applied?

Producing bottled and PET bottled pure water

Currently, the water used is no longer as safe as before, the pollution of living water is becoming more and more complicated, which has significantly affected the psychology of most people. Whereas water plays an important role in human health, every day we need to load into the body from 1.5-3 litres of water. So bottled pure, bottled drinking water is considered a solution to protect human health today.

RO water filtration technology with many outstanding advantages, they are used in most water purifiers, production lines of bottled pure water and bottled water from 300 litres/ h to 70,000 litres/ h.

Dây chuyền lọc nước công nghệ RO

The use of RO water filtration lines has provided facilities with a pure water source to meet the 6-1-2010 / BYT standards of the Ministry of Health, meeting the requirements of users. water meets food hygiene and safety standards.

The production line of pure water using RO filtration technology makes it easy to filter river water, rainwater, brackish water, well water into pure water thanks to a system of components, filter materials, RO membranes, systems. UV sterilization and ozone machine combined with bacteriostatic filtration system, filling machine to ensure the process of filling water into bottles and PET bottles to ensure hygiene.

Seawater treatment

Seawater desalination is a reverse osmosis RO membrane desalination process that has been used commercially since the early 1970s. The process of seawater treatment is as follows:

Pre-treatment -> High pressure pump -> Diaphragm assembly -> Membrane preservation chemicals and pH adjustment -> Sterilization -> Control panel

What types of RO membranes are currently popular?

Currently widely used in pure industrial water filtration systems that are RO filters such as RO PROTEC Membrane, RO CSM Membrane, FILMTEC RO Membrane

To know the prices of RO filters, you can contact 0949 414141 or visit the website: locnuocvietan.vn for reference.


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