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Máy chiết rót bình tự động VAQGF1200

VAQGF1200 3 in 1 Automatic Bottle Filling Machine


3 in 1 Automatic bottle filling machine VAQGF1200

  • Capacity: 1200 bottles with 20 liters per hour
  • Standard: ISO 9001: 2015
  • Origin: Genuine
  • Warranty 12 months
  • Free shipping-installation nationwide


Product code: VAQGF 1200

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Product details

VAQGF 1200 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine for bottled purified drinking water business units is the best solution for pure water treatment as well as fast, quality water filling.


The machine is one of the products used for filling and bottling and has been selected by many bottled pure water producing units in Vietnam.

ảnh tập thể Việt An
Collective photos of Viet An company


As a unit of import and distribution as well as direct production, so that without having to go through an intermediary stage before the filling machine is delivered to consumers. Therefore, the price of automatic bottle filling machine provided by Viet An is much lower than that of other units. Depending on the capacity of the machine, there is a different price. With high durability, less repair, the payback period is quite fast, after just 1 year, customers can recover the initial capital you spent.

Water is an indispensable source of energy for human beings in particular as well as plants and animals in general. However, to ensure hygiene and safety, the bottled or bottled water needs to be carefully filtered and used the 3-in-1 VAQGF 1200 automatic bottle filling machine to fill so that it is a closed cycle. and be free from infections that meet the health department's requirements.

VAQGF 1200 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine

The system of automatic bottle filling machine 3 in 1 VAQGF 1200 is operated automatically with 3 stages such as:

  1. Automatic bottle rinse

Ensuring a clean, sterile 5G (20L) tank cover before filling and capping is essential. Because this will contribute to ensuring safety and hygiene for bottled water.

In this automatic bottle washing section, it is equipped with a system of balancing heads, a conveyor chain system, a conveyor motor and a 304 stainless steel head pressure pump system.

Bottles without covers will be taken to the system of jar holders. Conveyor motor works to pull the conveyor chain system away. At the same time, pure water and sterilized ozone will be sprayed to the bottom of the bottle to remove all dirt, bacteria from the bottle. The jar will be completely sterilized and taken to the filling heads

  1. Filling water into the bottle automatically

The 20L jars after being washed clean inside and out in stage 1 will be taken to the filling system. Model VAQGF1200 is equipped with up to 8 filling heads so it is possible to fill up to 8 water bottles at the same time. This contributes to an increase in productivity of the machine much higher than the previous 3 in 1 jar filling machine.

After being filled with water, the jar will be transferred to the top of the cap in step 3.


  1. Automatic close capping

The capping head of model VAQGF1200 is made of high quality 304 stainless steel. Works based on piston thrust. The cap of the bottle poured by workers in the lid tray will go into the cap duct and bring to the top of the capping head. The cap will be closed tightly on top of the jar. The bottle after closing the lid will be pushed out to the next stage

3 automatic stages are integrated into a machine, operated by the intelligent control system mounted on the body of the machine. On the control panel has a PLC touch screen showing the operating parameters of the machine. The buttons control the operating functions of the machine. You can adjust the operating speed of the machine easily by adjusting the buttons on the control panel. The maximum capacity of the machine is 1200 jars 20L per hour

With this VAQGF1200 automatic washing, filling and capping machine, you can save 7-10 labor workers with stable productivity. The machine adopts the most modern technology of the United States with high-class imported genuine components. Machine shelf life> 20 years


8 automatic stages can be integrated into VAQGF1200 bottle filling machine

  1. BG-1200 automatic cap decapping machine
Máy rút nắp bình tự động BG-1200

Currently, the use of pure water bottles has become extremely popular. Creating opportunities for bottled water manufacturers to invest heavily in production. After collecting the customer's shell, the manufacturer must re-clean for reuse. Before cleaning the jar, need to separate the cap from the jar.

The automatic decapping machine BG-1200 will help businesses remove the lid from the jar with a capacity of up to 1200 caps per hour.

The way to operate the machine is extremely simple. You only need to connect the device to a power source. Put the 20L jar shell to withdraw the cap into the machine's two ends. The machine will automatically remove the cap. The cap, after being drawn, will remain intact, so it can be reused.

Specifications of BG-1200 automatic decapping machine



Capacity (jar / h)


Wash head


Electricity supply

Use Air

Pressure (Mpa)


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Weight / kg)


Price (USD)



  1. ST-1200 Automatic outside bottle brushing machine

20L jar washing machine model ST-1200 is used in bottled drinking water production facilities. With the use to wash the dirty bottle before sending to the washing, filling and capping device 3 in 1 VAQGF1200.

The machine has up to 9 wash heads to be able to wash 9 bottles simultaneously, improving labor productivity without the need for labor.

Specifications of ST-1200 Automatic outside bottle brushing machine



Capacity (jar/h)


Wash head


Power (kw)


Pressure (Mpa)


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Weight / kg)


Price (USD)


  1. BL-1200 automatic bottle loading machine:

With the design of 8 loading heads, it is possible to load 8 jars shells at the same time into an automatic 3-in-1 machine to create an automatic bottle filling line with a capacity of up to 1200 jars 20L/h

Made from high quality 304 stainless steel, durable, easy to clean, absolutely safe

Specifications of BL-1200 automatic bottle loading machine:



Capacity (jar/h)


Wash head


Power (kw)


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Weight / kg)


Price (USD)


  1. Automatic cap loading machine CL-1200:


Máy tải nắp bình tự động CL1200

The bottle cap loading machine CL-1200 is born, which will help businesses producing and trading bottled water do not worry about the problem of the lid being inverted during production.

With a modern design, including a conveyor motor system, a conveyor system, a tray that holds the cap, an air blowing system and a magic eye sensor.

The machine will perform the cap load function, automatically supply the lid when it is lacking, and stop the cap supply when there is enough cap at the close capping heads.

Specifications of CL-1200 Automatic cap loading machine



Capacity (lid / h)


Power (kw)


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Weight / kg)


Price (USD)


5. Light inspection (DJ-100)

Máy soi dị vật bình

This is a light inspection with low investment cost but gives manufacturers peace of mind about the quality of their own water bottles production.

How to use the light inspection model DJ-100.

Used for random probability examination with the rate of 3-5% of water bottles produced.

After randomly selecting the bottles of water produced, go through the DJ-100 light inspection. With the light of the 2 projector lamps on the whole water jar, workers can easily observe and detect abnormal signs on the water jar. From there remove the non-standard bottles

Specifications of DJ-100 light inspection



Power (w)

3 x 20w

Dimensions (DxRxCmm)


Price (USD)


  1. SK-1200E heat bottle shrinking machine
Máy co màng bình bằng nhiệt

When you have invested in VAQGF900 automatic bottle filling machine with a capacity of 900 bottles of 20L per hour, we recommend that customers should invest in a heat shrink film machine with SK-1200E model.

With the principle of extremely smart operation, after the worker takes a polymer film into the whole body of the bottle, the bottle will go through the heat shrinking chamber of the machine. With the heat of electric heat, the film will adhere to the bottle without wrinkling.

Specifications of SK-1200 heat bottle shrinking machine



Capacity (jar / h)




Size (DxRxCmm)


Price (USD)



  1. Plastic conveyor for empty jars CSG-12.
Băng tải plastic cho bình rỗng

With a design size of 1.2 m and a width of 29 cm, the plastic conveyor helps to transport empty jars conveniently and easily.

Conveyors do not consume much energy during operation and are easy to repair when something goes wrong. Low investment costs.

High performance, the operation makes no noise. Saving installation space and transit time for jars.

Plastic conveyor used to connect the cap withdraw, washing outside-of-jars parts with a 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine VAQGF1200

Specifications of Plastic conveyor for empty jars CSG-12





Size (DxRxCmm)


Price (USD)


8. Stainless steel conveyor CSSG-11:

Băng tải inox

This conveyor is applied to the process of producing bottled pure drinking water. Used to transport fully filled 20L bottles

With large load, high durability

Conveyor works smoothly, does not make noise. The ability to transport jars in bulk, without the installation space

Specifications of CSSG-11 Stainless steel conveyor





Size (DxRxCmm)


Price (USD)


Advantages of 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine VAQGF 1200

VAQGF 1200 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine is manufactured using the most modern U.S. bottle filling technology.

Filling quickly with 3 stages fully automatic

Filling capacity up to 1200 bottles per hour

VAQGF 1200 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine is made of durable, beautiful 304 stainless steel and has a shelf life of up to 20 years

The smart panel automatically disconnects when has problem

The assembly process meets ISO 9001 - 2015 standard

Process of self-contained 3-in-1 automatic bottle filling machine VAQGF 1200 closed to ensure food hygiene and safety standards 6-1-2010 / BYT of the Ministry of Health

The machine is designed in a compact industrial design, does not take up an area

VAQGF 1200 automatic 3-in-1 bottle filling machine runs stably, saving maximum power consumption

Machine warranty 1 year and long-term maintenance

Introduction of Viet An TMTH Joint Stock Company, a provider of automatic 3-in-1 bottle filling and filling machine VAQGF 1200

Viet An Trade Joint Stock Company always put the interests of customers first, always focused on the quality of products and service quality. Therefore, for nearly 20 years of construction and growth, Viet An Company has received many noble awards: Gold Medal of high-quality Vietnamese goods in 2009. Golden Lotus Cup of Vietnamese high-quality goods in 2009 Leading brand in Vietnam in 2015. Representing 100 small and medium enterprises to meet President Truong Tan Sang in 2016. Viet An was voted to be in the top 10 best brands of 3 regions in 2017. Received Certification the brand enjoys extreme anti-counterfeiting, counterfeit and shoddy product movement of the VATAP Association. Representatives of 100 small and medium enterprises met with President Tran Dai Quang in 2017.

Một số cup Việt An đã đạt được
Một số cup Việt An đã đạt được

Some Viet An cups have been achieved

One of the products that are highly appreciated by customers, with a capacity of 1200 flasks per hour, has helped bottled drinking water business units overcome production limitations and help businesses achieve their standard for food safety and hygiene for bottled water is the automatic 3-in-1 bottle filling machine VAQGF 1200.

If you need to buy 3-in-1 automatic filling and filling machine, VAQGF 1200, do not hesitate to contact Viet An immediately, we will support and answer any questions from customers quickly and accurately, only Need to contact the hotline: 0949 41 41 41.

3 in 1 automatic bottle filling machine VAQGF 1200 is Quality Products - High Technology - The Cheapest Price!

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Specifications of 3 in 1 Automatic jar filling machine VAQGF1200




Extraction head


Head swirled


Power capacity (kw/h)


Pressure (Mpa)


size (D*R*Cmm)


Weight (Kg)



Water heating to 60 ° C

Price (USD)





Price (USD)

1. BG-1200 automatic cap decapping machine


2. ST-1200 Automatic bottle washing machine


3. BL-1200 Automatic jar loading machine


4. CL-1200 Automatic cap loading


5. DJ-100 light inspection


6. SK-1200E heat bottle shrinking machine


7. CSG-12 plastic conveyor


8. CSSG-11 Stainless steel conveyor for water tank containing



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