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6,043 USD

Inox VA0.4T 400KG ice making machine has a capacity of 400kg / day

  • Model: inox VA0.4T
  • High quality: inox 304
  • Capacity: 400kg / day
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Origin: Viet An
  • Durability: 15 years


Product code: INOX VA 0,4T 400KG

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Product details

The Inox VA0.4T 400KG ice making machine provided by Viet An, it has been trusted and received by customers in 2018, it has created a new step in the domestic industry. It is expected that in 2019, Inox VA ice cubes machine will be developed and bring more real value to customers in all regions of the country.

Máy làm đá viên iNox VA0.4T 400KG

Viet An Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in importing, supplying and manufacturing all kinds of pure ice making machine USApec-VA, Inox VA and other domestic water machines. The company's products are always trusted and received by the companies, factories as well as the people, as along as the ability to take care of the customers, making Viet An become the first choice in providing ice cube machine products, water purifiers, filling machines ... and many other machines.

Operating procedure of inox VA0.4T ice cube making machine 400kg

The Inox VA0.4T ice making machine 400kg will undergo a quickly, energy-saving ice making process with a capacity of 400kg per day. This is an impressive number that the machine can create for business units to save costs compare having to buy ice outside is not guaranteed.

  • Water through the process of being filtered into pure water will be directed into the reservoir below the ice mortar.
  • The pump will pump water from the lower reservoir - onto the upper reservoir, then the water will be fed through the condenser to transform into a mist form.
  • Then the mist is guided into the ice pipes in the ice mortar, together with the compressor to help these ice pipes reach a negative level of 25 degrees C - from which the steam will gradually condense into crystals ice - stick to the wall of the tube.
  • After a period of 35 to 45 minutes - ice cubes will be formed.
  • The next step is to remove the ice from the tube: At this time the compressor will be reversed, switch from a cold pump to a hot air pump (the temperature of this steam is up to 80 degrees C). Next use this heat, to make the ice columns inside the ice tube melt and fall to the sieve surface below.
  • When the ice column falls, the knife will be cut ice into pieces with the present size.
  • Finally transporting ice out - with an automatic packaging system.

Advantages of inox VA0.4T ice making machine of Viet An

  • The ice making machine inox VA0.4T is made 100% from stainless steel, products always guaranteed in the process of operating the purest quality ice cubes.
  • The intelligent control system is easy to operate for all users
  • Produced on modern technology lines, with superior preeminent features that make the machine work well without losing electricity, thus saving quite a lot of energy-saving operating costs.
  • Exquisite design with machine size: (LxRxH) 1000x800x2000mm, Weight reaches 850KG. so it does not occupy an area as convenient for transportation and installation.
  • The time of ice melting is 2 times higher than that of ordinary ice cubes. With the same size, it is not sticky when taking the ice to use. The transparent ice cubes do not leave any sediment or turbidity when dissolved, which is very suitable for mixing drinks.
  • With a good silencer system, when operating the device will not affect the user.
  • Stable performance, the machine can operate continuously for hours. Power consumption is 3-phase 380V power.
  • The inox VA0.4T ice making machine product has been purchased for copyright, so when operating - electricity consumption will use 60% compared to ice making machines currently in the market - it helps establishments to reduce spending 1-year fee up to hundreds of million VND.

Customer care service of Viet An when customers buy inox VA0.4T ice cube making machine 400kg.

- When buying Viet An products, customers will experience professional, dedicated and thoughtful care consultants.

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